Monday, July 17, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: "Alf" magazine, key chain, poster

Last season on Terrific TV Toys, Andrea Melchiori of Michigan showed you some cool goodies that she had collected from her love of the 1980s TV show "Alf." (It was episode 67, in case you're wondering!) She follows up that episode now with a few more things -- a fan club magazine, a key chain, and a very large poster of the lovable furry guy! Tune in and check it out ...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Patrick Duffy will meet-and-greet at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in September

It's a great autograph show that BRBTV has taken in for the past couple years -- you'll see all kinds of stars of classic TV shows and movies there, in a nice hotel setting that's not a complete mob scene like the bigger cons. But this year, here's a name we are seeing for the first time at a show like this ... Mr. Patrick Duffy of "Dallas." He's even joined by "Dallas" castmates Morgan Fairchild and Barbara Carrera. So cool. Then there's Cindy Williams, Shirley Jones and a bunch of other great stars.

Do you remember that live-action, Saturday-morning, half-hour TV show called "The Ghost Busters," in the 1970s before the movie "Ghostbusters" ever came out? Larry Storch, one of the stars of that kids' show, will be there, too! That alone makes it worth the trip.

The show is in September in Hunt Valley, Maryland. See more at the Facebook page or website.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: Daphne of "Scooby-Doo" figure by Figures Toy Co.

Figures Toy Co. is heading into Mystery Inc. territory now with a new line of figures in their wonderful Mego-repro-style. There's the gang -- Fred, Daphne, Shaggy and even the Clown Ghost in the first series. And this week on Terrific TV Toys, we take a look at the Daphne figure.

(So do you think the second series will include Scooby????)

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Meet Jeb Stuart Duke in Ohio this September

It's a great day in the "Dukes of Hazzard" world when you can meet yet another Duke boy. And we've got one surfacing, after all these years, into the "Dukes" fan community to meet and greet. This is Chris Hensel, known to us as Jeb Stuart Duke in the episode "Along Came a Duke," originally airing on February 13, 1981. He's a cousin to Bo, Luke and Daisy, making only that one appearance, all fun-and-fast on his motorbike as he rides into town to help his cousins solve a case and right a wrong.

Now Hensel is making the rounds of fan events, and we're excited to meet him at an event coming up in September, hosted by that amazing stunt team the Northeast Ohio Dukes. As you recall, the NEOD came to Detroit and did a thoroughly wow-ing jump of a General Lee downtown to kick off the Autorama event, so we know these guys put on a great show!

It happens on September 3 at the Morrow County Fairgrounds in Mount Gilead, Ohio. See the map on the NEOD site. And see Hensel's own site,, or his Facebook page.

So there's another signature on your trunk lid, or on your dashboard, ya know? We'll be there!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: Batgirl Barbie by Mattel

Let's check back in, shall we, with our yearlong 50th anniversary celebration for the Barbara Gordon Batgirl character. Last month on the Terrific TV Toys series, we showed you a neat Barbie-seeming doll by Hasbro in the likeness of the Batgirl character of the 1990s animated series, "The New Batman Adventures." This time, we take a look at another doll celebrating that same TV series, but an actual Barbie! She's lovely and she's got all the trademark Barbie touches, and a cool black leotard and yellow accoutrements to boot (so to speak).

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Catch the latest episode of "Fantastic Forum" and join the debate: Broadcast vs. pay TV?

Another episode of the Washington, D.C.-based "Fantastic Forum" TV show has just hit the bricks and is available for viewing online, if ya didn't get to catch its original airing on the East Coast:

This time around, host Patrick Michael Strange and panelists Billie Rae Bates, Maurice James and Zachary Wineland debate the merits of regular broadcast television versus paid services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The way that we are watching TV has definitely been changing in the past decade, as BRB points out in this episode -- which method of TV viewing do you prefer? This episode, like other recent ones, was recorded at Awesome Con!

As always, if you're on the East Coast you've got many ways to catch this great geeky TV show:
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York, NY; Time Warner Cable MNN Lifestyle channel 2
  • PhillyCam,  Philadelphia, PA; Comcast channel 66/966; Verizon FiOS channel 29/30.
  • MCM  Montgomery County, MD; Comcast channel 21; RCN channel 21; Verizon FiOS channel 21.
  • Arlington Independent Media (AIM), Arlington County, VA; Comcast channel 69; Verizon FiOS channel 38.
  • FPA-TV,  Fairfax County, VA; Cox channel 10.
  • DCTV, Washington, DC; Comcast channel 95; RCN channel 10; Verizon FiOS channel 10.
  • Prince George’s Community Television (CTV), Prince George’s County, MD; COMCAST channel 76; Verizon FiOS channel 42.
  • Community Media of Baltimore City (CMBC), Baltimore, MD; Comcast channel 75.
  • Herndon Community Television, Cox channel 23, Verizon FIOS channel 28.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: "Price is Right" games and memorabilia

Well, we certainly branch out in this week's episode of the Terrific TV Toys series, venturing into game-show territory. It's "The Price is Right," that beloved old game show that's been on the air so many decades. Andrea Melchiori has always loved the show, and she got the opportunity to actually be in the audience for a taping a few years back.

She reminisces about that trip, shows us her actual nametag and ticket and other goodies from that experience, and also shows us some very cool "Price is Right" games she has snagged at garage sales and secondhand stores over the years. We have played at least the oldest one of the three games you'll see, when we could talk our friend Cousin Don into playing it!!!! He's not fond of this "Price is Right" game, more tending toward Scattergories or UNO or the other games we play. So it's a running joke with us, and that's why we dedicate this episode to him ...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ever wonder what happened to the Colbys? One viewer offers this resolution ....

Yea, yea, that whole UFO thing went down in soap opera history, for sure, but besides all that, did you ever wonder what really happened to the characters of "Dynasty" spinoff "The Colbys" after its bow-out at just a season and a half?

Christopher Stiles of the U.K., who says he just finished watching both "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" on DVD, ties up loose ends -- and those typical soap cliffhanger endings -- with this narrative. Enjoy!

"One fact that did leave me slightly unsatisfied was that the stories of a number of characters, mostly 'The Colbys' characters, were not given a proper resolution," Christopher says. "Therefore, I've put together a short Colbys 'Epilogue,' which is designed to stay close to what we see on screen but also to fill in the gaps and complete the canon."


Epilogue (after season 2 of The Colbys)

The story of Jeff and Fallon is continued in the eighth season of Dynasty. For the other characters, read on…

* Francesca survived the accident but needed several months to recover from her injuries. Jason took her to Europe to recover as far away as possible from the Colby mansion and its unhappy memories.

* Sable, following Jason’s desertion, became even closer to her twin children, Miles and Monica. Miles was devastated by Channing’s abortion, and Monica made the painful decision to send Scott back to the family that had raised him. The three of them coped with their losses by throwing their energies into their roles on the board of Colby Enterprises. The business therefore thrived despite Jason’s absence.

* Whilst her cousin Alexis was busy campaigning for the governorship of Colorado, Sable had an eye on a possible takeover target: Alexis’s ColbyCo business in Denver, which had been founded by Alexis’ late husband and Jason’s brother, Cecil Colby.

* Alexis discovered and put a stop to this manoeuvre. She had never liked her cousin and decided to exact her revenge by visiting Jason (with whom she’d once had a brief fling) and telling him a secret Sable had confided in her many years before: he might not be the father of Sable’s twins.

* Jason refused to believe it but Alexis was prepared for that and showed him letters (actually forgeries commissioned by Alexis herself) “proving” that Sable had had an affair with one of Jason’s business associates in the early years of their marriage. Jason felt all his previous bitterness towards Sable return, and he refused to have anything more to do with her or with the twins, focusing instead on his new life with Frankie.

* What Alexis didn’t know, and didn’t tell Jason, was that Sable had not had a consensual relationship but had been raped. Sable, shocked at Jason’s behaviour and treatment of the twins, kept this secret to herself.

* Bliss and Kolya lived happily ever after in New York and had four children, all of whom turned out to be good dancers.

* Zach Powers died in suspicious circumstances. It transpired that his former wife’s fortune derived from her involvement with an organised crime syndicate. Zach had persuaded her to double-cross the syndicate, which had led to her death. Zach had saved himself by keeping quiet after Caress Morell was set up by the syndicate as the scapegoat for the murder, but as he now was planning to reveal the truth, there was a price on his head.

* Philip Colby was never seen or heard of again. His fate remains a mystery.

(Continuity note: the story of Sable and Monica continues in the final season of "Dynasty." The following events occur between the end of that season and the "Dynasty Reunion.")

* Having learned the truth from her mother, Monica told Jason that Sable had not been unfaithful to him. A DNA test established that he was the twins’ father after all. Jason begged his family to forgive him.

* They did, but the family was never as close as it had once been Miles and Monica returned to Los Angeles to run Colby Enterprises, and Jason and Frankie remained in Europe.

* Sable, having given birth to Dex Dexter’s child but lost Dex himself to a tragic accident at the Carlton Hotel in Denver, decided to start a new life with her baby back in England. She therefore returned to her birthplace. Her English relatives viewed her return with mixed feelings... as in LA and Denver, Sable would never escape family drama...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

There's even some classic television at the Smithsonian

Wow, what a great weekend it was. This author and her good bud Andrea not only did Awesome Con at the convention center in downtown D.C. (see yesterday's post) but we also did some sightseeing around our fair capitol of Washington. It had been a long time since Andrea had been to these sights, and it was just so much fun. We logged 8.5 miles walking in the blazin', throttlin' heat (the kind that closes right around you when you step outside) -- how's that for an Iron Woman Challenge??? Lunch at Hard Rock Café, the monuments including the World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial, and a couple Smithsonians. A great day.

And can you believe, we found items at the Smithsonian related to some great classic TV shows???? It made the day even better! Here are some shots from Sunday, starting off with the authentic model of the Starship Enterprise used on the original "Star Trek," at the National Air and Space Museum ...

Next, here's what we found at the Museum of American History ...

Archie and Edith Bunker's chairs were there, of course, but Fonzie's jacket must be in storage. And where's that Farrah exhibit I've been so anxious to see???? Ryan O'Neal donated several items from Farrah Fawcett's belongings a few years ago -- including the famous red one-piece swimsuit from the poster -- and I've never been able to see them on display! Pleeeeezzzz, Smithsonian!

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some sights and sounds from Awesome Con!

Another awesome year of Awesome Con D.C. It was packed, packed, packed on Saturday -- we waited in line an hour just to get in the door, badge in hand! Wow. We found all kinds of fun stuff, and some of it of a TV nature! From purple Yvonne Craig-inspired Batpurses, to lots of Wonder Woman everywhere, to Shazam and more, here's a tour in photos ...

Velma and Daphne -- second stop in a world tour (first was the Motor City show), aka Andrea and BRB.

Kudos to this Shazam cosplayer -- we posted this one on the SHAZAM ! // ISIS TV SHOW GROUP on Facebook.

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand

Monday, June 12, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: A dazzling "Dukes of Hazzard" room!

In an episode of Terrific TV Toys last month, you got to see the very artistic and detailed "Dukes of Hazzard" scale models hand-crafted by T.J. of Michigan. This time, we take you inside T.J.'s collection of "Dukes" memorabilia, and boy, is it a doozy. Take a deep breath, then take it all in ...

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Fleetwood Country Cruize-In: Dropping in on a couple "Dukes" cast members

This past weekend, the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In event at the Steve Plunkett estate near London, Ontario, Canada, served up another heapin' helpin' of "Dukes of Hazzard" fun. This author took in the show a couple years ago when it hosted several "Dukes" cast members for meet-and-greets, and this year was just as big and fun. I got to chat with Don Pedro Colley ("Sheriff Ed Little") again, first time I'd seen him in a couple years, as well as Sonny Shroyer. They were kind enough to sign some items for friends: a glovebox door for Jason, photos for Mike, and a jacket for T.J.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Terrific TV Toys: Batgirl doll by Hasbro, 1998

Sometimes an action figure is truly more of a doll, as is the case with this week's featured toy on the Terrific TV Toys series, as well as the first episode you'll see next month. It's a two-part series of sorts, a look at two dolls that seem quite a lot alike, since they both portray the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl as she appeared in "The New Batman Adventures" series first airing in 1996. This one is by Hasbro, and was part of a series for that show.

Stay tuned, because next month you'll see a Mattel tribute to Batgirl, in our continuing 50th anniversary celebration for this beloved character, but for next week, we return to Hazzard County!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some more photos of the "Dynasty" dollhouse

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, here are some more photos inside the handmade "Dynasty" dollhouse and Carrington foyer replica, which avid "Dynasty" fan Bjørn jokes cost more than his car, and for which a single bannister ornament was eight dollars alone ...

One of the photos above is during construction of the dollhouse, as is this contrasting shot:

Photos courtesy of Bjørn Erik; please do not copy without permission.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A video peek inside a dazzling "Dynasty" mansion model

In the October 25, 2014 post of this blog, you saw some photos of an absolutely exquisite model replica of the Carrington mansion of "Dynasty." What better time to have another look at such models than now, as a "Dynasty" TV reboot looms on the fall horizon for the CW.  Bjørn, who shared with us some other "Dynasty" goodies he owns in the May 24, 2014 and September 20, 2013 posts, now sends us what you see below ... a video tour of sorts inside another handmade "Dynasty" replica he owns -- a miniature of the Carrington mansion that is different from what you saw in October 2014 because it's an interior view. This is a roombox of the Carrington mansion foyer, on a 1:12 scale ...


"One of the best dollhouse-makers in the world built it on my commission," Bjørn says of this fantastic peace of workmanship. "Others have done the furniture. Krystle is made by one of the best dollmakers. This thing costs more than my car!" he jokes.

Tune in tomorrow for a whole bunch of great pics from this amazing dollhouse!

Video and image courtesy of Bjørn Erik; please do not copy without permission.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Motor City Comic Con: Joseph Gatt talks "Z Nation" and more

Joseph Gatt has had the chance to work on blockbusters such as "Thor" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness," but you might know him as The Man / Emile Hunter on "Z Nation." He's also appeared on "Game of Thrones" and "The 100." The London-born and very buff actor has a distinctive look about him that translates well for certain roles.

Gatt talked with Cousin Don at last weekend's Motor City Comic Con about the differences between working on those movie and TV projects, as well as what has been his biggest challenge so far, as an actor. Hear what he has to say in the latest video on the BRBTV channel ...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Motor City Comic Con: Shannon Elizabeth is on a mission

Shannon Elizabeth is a woman with a cause, and that cause is our four-legged friends. The actress, known for the "American Pie" movies and "That '70s Show," is involved in Animal Avengers, a dog and cat rescue that has turned its efforts more toward broader animal conservation. She chats with Don and BRB about her work on- and off-screen, what has been her most rewarding role, the benefit event coming up in the New York City this week, and why you should never buy a pet ...

Many thanks to Ms. Elizabeth for talking with us, and special thanks to Andrea for the assist with the camera! Stay tuned for another great MCCC interview in the next couple days.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Motor City Comic Con rolls out the geeky fun

Wowzers, another great Motor City Comic Con is still going on right now at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. This author has had two great days at the con, Friday and Saturday, with yesterday being every bit the splash and fanfare of previous years. This show still seems to get  bigger every year -- we're not done riding this comic-con popularity wave just yet, in our vast and varied pop culture!!! In fact, it looks like some more parking was added to the event this year, and an expansion of the venue is planned for next spring. But on to the show itself!

Oh, wow, the cosplay!!!! So many creative ideas, all around us. We saw a Gilligan (a different Gilligan from three or four years ago, the only other time we've seen this character cosplayed). But let's first see the one that we vote best-of-show ...

Yes, that's "Planet of the Apes," and before you ask (in case you're a really hard-core Apes fan), he's from the movies, not the short-lived TV show of the early 1970s that I've been really digging on MeTV in recent months. This guy rocked!!!! Good job with that costume!!!

Andrea LOVES Minions, so she got this cool photo opp with one!

It was 10 years ago this weekend, at this very event, when I first met my bud Andrea, and possibly Don, too (though we can't remember for sure). At any rate, it was 10 years ago this weekend that we all first hung out together, so we decided to mark the milestone with a little Scooby cosplay!

OK, can I designate two best-in-show awards for cosplay???? Because seriously, this classic "Twilight Zone" homage right ranks up there for best cosplay ever! At least until I get that Aunt Esther costume together ("Sanford and Son," if you were wondering).

Nothing like a 1966 Green Hornet -- and a very big and tall Kato!!! Had to love it!

We certainly saw a lot of Wonder Women -- the movie version in particular -- along with an abundance of all manner of superhero. (And there were a lot of "Walking Dead" Negans there, complete with Lucille -- what's up with that???)

The shopping was fabulous, as usual! Picked up a couple Christmas gifts, and found a few other items almost too tempting ...

A friggin' Freddie Mercury action figure????? Who knew??? Not me, until I then looked it up online. Again, just wow ...

This is just the beginning! Look for more coverage of the 2017 Motor City Comic Con on this very blog this week, with three very cool celeb interviews, including the very nice gentleman below (he's not as gruesome as you saw on this classic TV show!!!!) ...

Photos by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
except for the Scooby trio photo, courtesy of Don Covell Jr.