Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from BRBTV!!!

The mysterious crane avenger has been at it again, liberating poor hapless stuffed critters from claw machines all over southeast Michigan. Scoobies are his specialties, and you can see the fruit of his rescue missions above. My, how the Doo family has grown since our Halloween, Christmas and even Valentine's Day photos.

So to give each Doo his (or her) due ...

Middle (Easter!) row, from left: Sweety-Doo, Scooby-Boo, Grampa-Doo in front and Snotty-Doo behind him, then the recently rescued Delivery-Doo, with Pinky-Doo and Apple-Doo in front of him, then in the center it's Bunn-Ana-Doo with Bunny-Doo and Hoppy-Doo, with Squirty-Doo in front in the basket, Bucky-Doo in back and Spotty-Doo in the basket, his sister Dottie-Doo behind, Scrappy-Doo in front (yep, we've got one of those, too), Smiley-Doo in the back, then Hearty-Doo and Lovey-Doo.

Bottom row: Limey-Doo, Justice-Doo, Blue-Doo, My Big Boy, Papa Marley and his two boys, Marley-Doo and Doobie-Doo, Courage-Doo and Valor-Doo.

Top row, the Christmas Doos: Candy-Doo, Antler-Doo, Santa-Doo, Santa-Too, Rudy-Doo, and Candy-Too.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catch Byron Cherry and Don Pedro Colley in Ohio on July 4

The Northeast Ohio Dukes are serving up a stunt show and lots of fun on July 4 and 5, and that will even include Byron ("Coy Duke") Cherry and Don Pedro ("Sheriff Little") Colley of "The Dukes of Hazzard."

What a way to celebrate the birthday of the good ole U.S. of A.! Yeeeee-haaaaa!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spotted: Diahann Carroll

She's so glam and young and luscious, and this is several years before she took on the formidable Alexis Colby as Dominique Deveraux on our beloved "Dynasty." This is a first-season episode of "The Love Boat," and this is the lovely Diahann Carroll, playing true to form as a famous songstress.

Roxy Blue is her name, and she saunters onto the cruise (standing up Bob Hope, no less) to have a little get-away in this 1977 episode, which was the fifth in the show's inaugural season. That get-away involves a little get-down with Isaac the bartender, who becomes even more enamored with the singer (he was a big fan before, but even more so now). Isaac develops feelings for Roxy, but Roxy brushes it off as a fling. By the time she gets off the boat, though, you know she is going to miss Isaac dearly.

Carroll is sophisticated and accomplished but a little flirtier than our Dominique. She drinks her Kahlua on the rocks and thinks about life a little bit. And she's got a few nice '70s fashions in this episode, too.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kate O'Mara dead at age 74

For the second time in just a few days, BRBTV learns sad news about one of the stars of the beloved TV shows we cover ... Ms. Kate O'Mara, whom we know as Caress Morell of "Dynasty," passed away on Sunday. She was 74.

O'Mara had a short illness, it's been reported (see the People story), and we have to say we are surprised, because O'Mara was out and about meeting and greeting fans at an autograph show just a few months ago. It was a hopeful sign to us that we might see her at more shows like this.

On "Dynasty" she was called in to be an evil challenge for her on-screen oh-so-evil sis, Alexis Morell-Carrington-Colby-Dexter-Rowan-whatever ... And sure enough, she had Alexis all nervous, with the threat of publishing a tell-all book about her (shades of Joan Collins' real-life sister Jackie Collins -- boy, do we miss those '80s). O'Mara was British-accented and elegant enough, despite the fact that her character had just been sprung from prison. She got her fair share of glorious gowns and bubbling baubles on the glittery primetime soap, and we enjoyed her performance. May she rest in peace, and thanks to Brian for the heads-up on this one.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tom Wopat has tons of shows coming up this spring and summer

From the web crew of Tom ("Luke Duke") Wopat ...

Tom's up to a lot lately with a huge lineup of shows coming this spring and summer! Take a look below and see if he's coming to a town near you!  We also wanted to share this video of Tom rehearsing Frank Sinatra's classic, "I Fall In Love Too Easily," at Rockwell Table and Stage during sound check. Click HERE to watch and enjoy!
Apr 12 - Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts- Orange Park, FL
Apr 19 - Curtis Theatre - Brea, CA 
Apr 24 - Apr 26 – Universiry of Wisconsin Varsity Band – Madison, WI
May 2 - The Van Dyck (Early Show) - Schenectady, NY
May 2 - The Van Dyck (Late Show) - Schenectady, NY
May 9 - The Stage at Rockwells (Early Show) - Pelham, NY 
May 9 - The Stage at Rockwells (Late Show) - Pelham, NY 
May 17 - Ram's Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD - NEW SHOW! 
May 24 - Jonathan’s - Ogunquit, ME
July 9-10 - Crossroads Music Series - Nashville, TN

Jul 11 - Iridium (Early Show) - New York, NY 
Jul 11 - Iridium (Late Show) - New York, NY 
Jul 12 - Iridium (Early Show) - New York, NY
Jul 12 - Iridium (Late Show) - New York, NY
Jul 26 - Grand Marshall of Baraboo Circus Parade - Baraboo, WI
*Click the venue name for tickets or more information

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dane Witherspoon dead at age 56

A Martinez has evidently broken the news on his Facebook page that nobody else out there has, that Dane Witherspoon, his "Santa Barbara" costar, has died. BRBTV offers condolences to Witherspoon's family and friends.

We loved him as the original Joe Perkins from the moment the show launched in July 1984, that blessed summer we were pinned to the TV to catch this new soap amid the summer Olympics where Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis reigned.

Martinez, who played Cruz Castillo to much acclaim on the soap, offered these words, which he kindly allows BRBTV to post:

"Dane passed this morning. People who watched Santa Barbara in its earliest days will remember him as Joe Perkins, a character to which he brought a quiet grace and deep, bittersweet sense of soul. He was a singular, standup guy, loved and admired by many. My first thought, upon meeting him in 1984: 'This is the most beautiful man I've ever seen.' That beauty went all the way to his core."

Witherspoon was born in December 1957 in Texas, as Richard Dane Witherspoon, according to the IMDb. He appeared on "The Waltons" and "Eight is Enough" before his "SB" days, and he kept a pretty low profile afterward. What a shame; we thought he was a natural talent and so wonderfully handsome.

He was married to his "SB" costar Robin Wright from 1986 to 1988, and yes, we saw those sparks in the Kelly and Joe storyline. They were just electric together; we were so bummed when Witherspoon was off the show.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Morgan Fairchild, John O'Hurley to appear in "Christian Mingle"

Corbin Bernsen making Christian films? Yes, the longtime actor who we've enjoyed on both "Psych" and "General Hospital" (Carly's dad, was it? and the other Carly, not this one ... oh, never mind!!!) Is not only making a Christian movie, but he's partnering with a well-known Christian dating service to do it.

Bernsen's Home Theater Films has planned "Christian Mingle" for release later this year, and yes, the movie does involve the online community in its plot, which centers around a 30-something female looking for love. Delightfully enough, the movie will include Morgan Fairchild, whom we know as the original Jenna Wade on the just-as-original "Dallas," and John O'Hurley, our own Stephen Slade of "Santa Barbara."

Read the movie's press release on PR Newswire. And read more about this budding moviemaker's other projects at and Beliefnet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sheree J. Wilson has a new flick, Facebook fan page and more

It's got young blondes in skimpy clothes and other typical slasher flare. And a few zombies thrown in. Heck, it's even got William Shockley -- that's a plus in our book. It's "Dug Up," a recent project featuring Sheree J. Wilson, whom we know as April Stevens Ewing of "Dallas."

And trust us -- that Shockley thing is goooooooodddd. He was the only thing we could watch in every one of his scenes on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and he's really in his element in this movie's trailer. He looks great. Wilson looks great, too.

Wilson also has had a role on our favorite web series, "DeVanity," and a new project called "Jail Wagon," shot in Texas and scheduled for release this year.

You can try to keep up with Wilson at her official website, and she's also got a new fan page on Facebook.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Next up for Jack Coleman: "Salvation"

Our own second Steven Carrington of "Dynasty," Jack Coleman, is set to appear in a pilot for a new series for NBC. Called "Salvation," the drama centers around the church culture in Texas. Ashley Judd will play the matriarch of the church family. Unfortunately, looks like Coleman has the role of Judd's husband, who dies. Rats. Still, we'll be curious to see how the series, if picked up, treats the ministry world.

Read more at ...
Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John Schneider's wife auditions for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

TMZ has posted an audition video made by John ("Bo Duke") Schneider of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and his wife, Elly Schneider. Elly's interested in filling a slot on the popular reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." As of this post, the votes from TMZ viewers were 72 percent "no" on whether or not Elly's video makes the cut.

That's just all we'll say, frankly. Thanks to Brian for the heads-up!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

John Wesley Shipp will be "Flash"-ing once again, but as who?

OK, we have it on good authority that Mr. John Wesley Shipp, whom we know as Martin Ellis on "Santa Barbara" and who we talked to at an event in Nashville a couple years back will be appearing on the new "Flash" series. We have it on the same good authority that the pilot for said new "Flash," series, which will air on the CW network, possibly in the fall if it's picked up (which, really, it should be picked up), is being shot right now, as we type.

Sure enough, Shipp is credited for the pilot episode of the series, for a role not yet named. You can get a little more at TV Guide. Our good authority thinks it may be the main character's dad. That would be a fine tribute to Shipp's work on the original "Flash" series, which sadly only lasted a season but was good enough to go longer!

Grant Gustin plays the title character in the new series. He originated the role on the CW's "Arrow." See a photo of Shipp on the set with Gustin at

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spotted: Ted Shackelford

What do you get when you cross Daisy Duke with Gary Ewing? Well, from the "Young and the Restless" perspective, you get the character of Chelsea!. And while we've been enjoying watching Catherine Bach in her rather flamboyant role as Chelsea's mom Anita on the daytime soap (she's had more airdates since Christmas, with everything that's been going on in Chelsea's life lately), we were tickled earlier today to see Ted Shackelford sweep in as dear old Dad.

It wasn't so dear a reunion, really. He raided the closet of Chelsea's husband Adam (assumed dead right now, but they're hinting at a typical soaps return from the dead for this one), and in his dapper suit he just couldn't stop talking about his shortcomings as a father. Shackelford is handsome and rather stately in the role, though there's a touch of the down-and-out about him. Still, we're signed on. Bring on more! And while you're at it, Ted, come back to the new "Dallas"! Like all the other originals, you're just fab there.

And speaking of the return of the classics ... Donna Mills popping up today on "General Hospital" as Silas' former wife's mom? Seriously. That magic soaps lighting strikes again! Will these people age, already????

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Charlene Tilton talks about her time in the foster system

She went from a little girl in foster homes to a young actress hanging out at Southfork, and that's what Charlene Tilton, our own little Lucy Ewing of "Dallas," will talk about at a prayer breakfast next week.

"I am honored to be the keynote speaker with my talk "From Foster Home to Southfork," Tilton says on her Facebook fan page. Her daughter, singer Cherish Lee, will perform at the event, which happens March 13 in Glendale, California.

The actress also just did an interview with MyFoxLA on her time in foster care.

Tilton is returning to the new "Dallas" on TNT, by the way, for a wedding in the March 17 episode.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Get ready to get your bourbon, J.R. style

You watched Sue Ellen grab the bottle in the final episode of Season 2 of TNT's "Dallas," and you watched J.R drink from it earlier. Now you can own it. Or something a whole lot like it. It's that fab square bottle of bourbon engraved with J.R. Ewing's name, so stately on his bar, next to glasses also so engraved, and about to be so stately on your own bar.

The J.R. Ewing Bourbon "private reserve" whiskey hails from Kentucky and will be coming around the South and Midwest (yay) by the end of this month, with other regions to follow. Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group are producing the licensed product with Southfork Bottling Co. and Glazer’s Inc., says official press release. We can't help but adore it.

See more at the Dallas News and Dallas Culture Map.

Photo from PRWeb

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Dallas" takes viewers back in time -- in more ways than one

TNT pulled out all the stops to trumpet last night's Season 3 premiere of "Dallas." In Manhattan, drivers were treated to $1.98-a-gallon gas from Ewing Energies. See the story on Good Morning America / Yahoo.

It's certainly a tribute to the original "Dallas" episode where J.R. Ewing undercut the competition with low gas prices at his own stations. "Some might call it predatory pricing," the GMA story said of yesterday's gas stunt. "I just call it good business," the fictional oil baron John Ross Ewing said in a news release. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile, as you celebrate the return of the series, you can catch Entertainment Weekly, Chron, the Examiner and Zap 2 It all weighing in on what this season will hold. We're seeing our little John Ross coming along nicely as the replacement J.R. (Of course, we were in his corner from the beginning, just loving the casting choice for both the boys.)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from BRBTV!

In honor of Valentine's Day, and as a follow-up to our Halloween and Christmas posts, the Doos of BRBTV headquarters have convened once again for a photo. And you can see the Doo family continues to grow! An unnamed crane game crusader has been very busy rescuing these pooches from crane games all over Michigan.

Front and center, it's Apple-Doo and Sweety-Doo, the latter of which is a special Valentine Doo released just this year. They're joined by Justice-Doo, the latest arrival, who was rescued from a truck stop in Dexter, along with Dottie-Doo. In the back row, from left: Rudy-Doo, Candy-Doo, Santa-Doo,  Blue-Doo, with Pinky-Doo in front of him, then Scooby-Boo, Squirty-Doo, My Big Boy, Smiley-Doo, with Grampa-Doo in front, then Limey-Doo, Santa-Too, Candy-Too, and Antler-Doo.

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand

Monday, February 10, 2014

Spotted: Andrew Stevens, Mary Crosby, Joanna Cassidy, Steve Forrest, K Callan!

OK, sooooo .....picture yourself as a television miniseries at the height of the popularity of the television miniseries, the 1980s. You're based on a book by the sister of a "Dynasty" star. You're produced by the producers of "Dynasty." Your costumes are even designed by the costume designer of "Dynasty." So naturally, your cast features no less than five stars from ... "Dallas"?

Yea, we were a little thrown off by that, too, as we gleefully viewed 1985's "Hollywood Wives," a juicy, glittery tale of life inside Tinseltown. Whether it just be fun happenstance or some kind of subvergent casting sabotage, here's what it is ...

  • Andrew Stevens, who we know as young, rather cocky Casey Denault on "Dallas," takes center stage in the miniseries, and in a dual role. He's Buddy, an aspiring, struggling actor, but he's also (with scruffy hair and long beard) the off-kilter Deke. Deke sets off on a long arduous journey across the country to L.A., with his long, lumbering, bow-legged sort of limp (no, he doesn't walk the whole way, but it's almost that bad, spanning across several hours of the miniseries). And we won't reveal any more than that!
  • Mary Crosby, who frankly shot J.R., is the young, vivacious, incorrigible Karen Lancaster. Karen's not really into acting; she just likes speeding around town in her sportscar and spending her award-winning-actor-father's cash. And she wears slinky dresses and lets her wavy locks flow long, much like Kristin.
  • Joanna Cassidy, who was the put-upon Sally Bullock in early "Dallas," is the even more put-upon ex-wife of a successful movie producer played by Anthony Hopkins. She insecurely moons over her ex and wonders what she did wrong. Yea, yea, blah-blah-blah, adds nothing to the plot, let's move on ...
  • Steve Forrest, who was Wes Parmalee and Ben Stivers on "Dallas" (which includes the idea that he was the possible non-dead Jock Ewing!), is one of the lead characters here, a philandering, aging actor trying to regain his youth. He, of course, sleeps with a younger woman, namely Mary Crosby's character.
  • K Callan, who was Amy Stevens on "Dallas," shows up rather briefly as Catherine, a woman involved in the shady "adoption" of Andrew Stevens' character(s).
  • And we'll even mention Vernon Weddle, who was John Carter on "Dallas" and actually had a couple bit parts on "Dynasty." He shows up here, too.
OK! Well, apparently members of the "Dynasty" cast were booked at the time! Nevertheless, the miniseries is lots of fun!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

A "Dallas" pickup and a hot Archie car jump off the toy shelves at us

OK, we knew about the Archie cars from a toy show we recently took in, but we have to admit to doing a little "Whaaaaattttt?????" as we wandered the toy aisle last night. The Hot Wheels / Matchbox section is not one we tend to spend a lot of time in (action figures and Barbs -- that's us), but what delight it was to come across this "Dallas" treasure. This is a 1970 Chevrolet C-10 blue pickup truck with white cab. It's by Greenlight Collectibles Hollywood and is a tribute to the original series, not the more recent TNT one. It says it's part of Series 6.

And the Archie car is a 1940 Ford Coupe by Hot Wheels with the hot gals on the door. You know the ones. C'mon now, Archie, where's the Cheryl car? Make it red, pleeezzzz.

It seems to be part of a recent trend, in the past couple years or so, of tons of TV show-themed toy cars. I mean, when you've got cars from "The Rockford Files" (we love you and your Camaro, James Garner), that's big.

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand

Friday, January 31, 2014

Spotted: Pamela Bellwood

This author has booked a cruise for April (no, not on that cruise line, thankfully), so she's celebrating by indulging in the first season of "The Love Boat." And who does she spot?

It was a few years before she stepped onto the "Dynasty" set, in this 1977 episode of "The Love Boat," so no wonder there was that crack about whether or not she's finished high school! She's cute as a button, Ms. Pamela Bellwood, who we know as Claudia Blaisdel Carrington Carrington (and maybe one or two more). And her on-screen boyfriend-then-fiance in the episode is Robert Reed, official "Brady" dad. How fun.

In the action, Bellwood is the "other woman" as a divorced couple comes to terms -- so to speak -- with the tension and passion between them. Reed's counterpart in the mess is Loretta Swit of "M*A*S*H," while Richard Mulligan is Swit's new husband (and former divorce lawyer). Are ya into it? Well, throw in an adorable little Scott Baio and Kristy McNichol -- and we mean little; this was 1977 -- in a horribly awkward kid love story, and you're sure to be into it.

Oh, and we loved seeing Hermione Baddeley, whom we enjoyed immensely in her "Wonder Woman" episode. This was the third episode of the inaugural season of this classic series, and the storylines are sloooooowly improving from the stinky quality of the pilot, so we're avidly on to episode 4!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Spotted: Ray Wise

He's debonair, he's as handsome as ever, and he looks wonderful under that magic soaps lighting. He just popped up yesterday as the much-hyped Ian Ward character on CBS' "The Young and the Restless." We wondered who we would see in that role! With all the build-up for this charismatic and powerful former cult leader, we knew they would have to cast big. So there he was, Mr. Ray Wise, whom we know so fondly from "Twin Peaks" and even as Blair Sullivan on "Dallas" and Spiro Koralis on "The Colbys." We are not disappointed! Don't drink this guy's Kool-Aid!

We've been oh-so intrigued for several months now with "Y&R"'s storyline of Nikki Newman's long-lost child. When her child was revealed to be existing character Dylan McAvoy, it seemed a bit inexpensive, for sure. But Dylan is played by Steve Burton, the former Jason Morgan of "General Hospital," so, um, yum! We're digging that part of it. We got to meet Burton many years ago, at an appearance at a Sears store in Michigan, of all things.

Now, in this new role of Dylan's long-lost father, Wise is commanding, powerful, soooo intimidating. All with his trademark smile. Still ... we relish the potential of a confrontation between this new Ian Ward and Nikki's husband Victor Newman (played by Eric Braeden, whom we saw as a young-un on a couple "Wonder Woman" episodes, and who has seriously owned this "Y&R" role for so many decades). Our ole Victor might just squash Ian like a bug! Smash!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ben Jones speaks out about new "Party Down South" reality show

Ben ("Cooter Davenport") Jones of "The Dukes of Hazzard" has never been afraid to speak out on stuff he feels strongly about over the years, such as the 2005 movie treatment of "The Dukes" and Warner Bros.' rumored plans to remove the Confederate flag from "Dukes" merchandise a couple years back. Now, he's got a viewpoint to share about the new reality TV show "Party Down South," currently being promoted by CMT and premiering last night. Here's his statement, reprinted with permission ...


It seems to me that by relentlessly promoting the sleazy “Party Down South” during commercial breaks for the family-friendly “Dukes of Hazzard” that CMT is cynically insulting the sensibilities, the values, and the intelligence of our audience. Any sensible viewer would have to ask “why?” and the answer, unfortunately, lies in the tastes and sensibilities of the folks in Santa Monica, California where CMT program decisions are made, and in New York City, where CMT’s corporate ownership Viacom is located. The idea of these folks making decisions about country music programming, heartland values, and the ways of Southern and rural Americans is ludicrous at best. But their decisions demean our heartland’s culture and debase our traditions.

When the unacceptable becomes acceptable, when the bar is continually being lowered, what then is unacceptable? Unfortunately, we already have the answer: not much.

I am offended that CMT is insensitive to their obvious and blatant insult. I guess these folks are just too immersed in their own lifestyles to understand their audience. And according to their press releases, the network has bought a number of these so-called “reality” series. They are counting on shows like “Party Down South” (previously named “The Dirty South”) to pay the freight for what was once a great Country Music and Americana network. Hopefully, this foul and dreadful show will meet an early demise, and be replaced by upbeat, positive Nashville entertainment.

 Anyhow, I am always amazed at the good hearts and moral tenacity of our fans. I guess we all learned a little bit about right and wrong somewhere along the way. Thanks for your clear message to CMT. They really need to hear it. Spread the word, y’all.

Personally, I am sick and tired of having my native Southland portrayed in the national media by shows like “Party Down South” aka “The Dirty South”. Shame on these people. "Dukes Of Hazzard" fans can leave comments for CMT on this page:

 Ben Jones aka “Cooter”

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Russell Johnson gone at age 89

Condolences to the family and friends of Russell Johnson, who we remember fondly as Sheriff Wyatt Mansfield on "Dallas," Earl Thompson on "Dynasty," and Roger Wainwright on "Santa Barbara." He even starred on an episode of "Wonder Woman" -- "Disco Devil." Oh yes, and then there was "Gilligan's Island," where this author always considered him the hot one. (See, geekiness could be hot, even way back then.) He was handsome, and he was good at what he did.

Johnson was an accomplished actor whose career did not stop when the castaways got rescued. He kept doing great roles for years and years. And even before he made his name on "Gilligan's Island," his resume was robust and varied. He was on a lot of our favorites: "The Outer Limits," "Twilight Zone," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and so much more. He started this whole thing back in 1950.

Read more about Johnson's career at the IMDb and Hollywood Reporter.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Artist takes his love of "Dynasty" to the canvas

Wow, we sure talk to some creative folks in the process of writing about the classic TV shows we love. Just in the past few months, we've talked to a couple "Dukes" fans who've created wonderful art inspired by the show, and we've talked to a "Dynasty" fan who has a splendid collection of costumes and other items from the show. Now we're talking to a talented artist who creates works inspired by "Dynasty" ...

Meet Jeffrey Trull, who has created the simply lovely paintings below, which you can purchase prints of at Society6.

"I first saw 'Dynasty' as a very young child in 1981," he tells BRBTV. "I was up past my bedtime when I went into the living room to find a great commotion on the TV screen. There, in a courtroom full of shocked faces, sat Nancy Drew, Audra Barkley from 'The Big Valley,' and Charlie himself from 'Charlie’s Angels.' But who was this mysterious, veiled woman sweeping melodramatically onto the scene? We would have to wait an entire summer to find out. I was officially hooked on a glamorous rollercoaster that would not only run for a decade, but would shape the very future of television history."

He continues: "Flash forward to 2000 when I created the fan site 'Dynasty: The Collection,' basing it on my own personal collection of 'Dynasty' memorabilia. Running through 2004, it featured a popular forum which I named The Carrington Colby Boardroom, where I was blessed to meet countless 'Dynasty' fans from all over the world. I made some close friendships, many of which continue today."

But Jeffrey hasn't just gotten the chance to meet fans of the show. He's met cast members, too!

"I was beyond thrilled to meet both Linda Evans and Joan Collins in 2007 during the tour of their play 'Legends.' Our encounters remain some of the most cherished highlights of my life and I am proud to say that my two original paintings that I presented them with, 'Heavenly Evans' and 'La Collins' respectively, are now housed in each of the ladies’ private collections. Prints of these are available in my online store via my website The signed ones are, of course, displayed lovingly in my home. I am currently at work on my 'Dynasty' art book, full of my illustrations, paintings and graphic design inspired by the most fabulous TV show of all time."

That's a shot of Jeffrey meeting Ms. Evans directly above. And above that, of course, are the "Heavenly Evans" and "La Collins" works he mentions. Beautiful! Learn more about Jeffrey and his work at He's available for commission!

Images courtesy of Jeffrey Trull; please do not copy without permission.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Spotted: Howard Keel

Howard Keel as Farrah Fawcett's dad? Yep, it happened, on a now-quite-obscure '90s sitcom called "Good Sports." Remember that one? Fawcett's obvious showcase with her honey Ryan O'Neal? Co-anchors on the all-sports channel of a cable network to rival Ted Turner's empire (and Turner is certainly referenced during the series, which only lasted a season)? Farrah and Ryan come dancing into the musical intro, all flirty and funlike, her little black dress so trademark '90s and matched to his tux? Yea, that one.

The episode we're talking here is "Bobby and Gayle Go on a Date" from June 1991. Keel, known to us "Dallas" fans as Clayton Farlow, guest-stars as Sonny Gordon, the rather commanding but kind father to Fawcett's Gayle. He observes the unrequited affection O'Neal's Bobby has for his daughter and convinces Gayle to go out with the poor schmuck. Well, OK, he doesn't't say it like that; he's in Bobby 's court, for sure.

Keel shows up in another episode of the series, the following month when Gayle's ex-boyfriend Nick -- played by William Katt of "The Greatest American Hero" --turns all demented and returns for revenge for their breakup.

Are we glad we watched the complete series on DVD (thanks, Tracy)? Well, yea, we really can't turn down Farrah any day of the week, even if the series doesn't age well. But Farrah sure did. Gayle is 40, and Fawcett is stunning at about that same age. And we loved that in one ep she is shown reading the book, "The Burning Bed," a nod to one of her biggest roles.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

An update on Tom Wopat's 2014 schedule

It's the latest from Tom (Luke Duke ) Wopat's website crew ...

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that the new year is starting off right!

In 2014, Tom is going to be focusing a lot on making more music and playing as many shows as possible! Check out the list of shows below and stay tuned for many more updates.

AND - we've been posting a few performances from his show with John Schneider in Niagara Falls last year. You can watch them on Youtube by clicking the song titles below, and you might just see some more collaborations between the two of them this year... Enjoy!

"Let It Roll"
"Luckenbach, Texas"
"Johnny It's Cold Outside"

Jan 7 - 54 Below - New York, NY
Jan 9 - Feinstein's at Hotel Nikko - San Francisco, CA
Jan 10 - Rockwell Table & Stage - Los Angeles, CA - NEW SHOW!
Jan 17 - Charlotte Performing Arts Center - Charlotte, MI
Jan 18 - River Raisin Centre - Monroe, MI
Mar 18 - Mar 22 - The Colony at Palm Beach - Palm Beach, FL
Apr 12 - Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts - Orange Park, FL
Apr 19 - Curtis Theatre - Brea, CA
May 17 - Ram's Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD - NEW SHOW