Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Dukes of Hazzard" history inspires this artist and avid fan

We showed you in our March 29 post the talent of Canadian artist Jim Wilson, who paints up very nice "Dukes of Hazzard"-themed scenes. Well, consider today's post "part 2" of that, as we take a look at another talented artist out of Ontario. His medium is quite a bit more three-dimensional than the painted canvas. He's put together a beautiful diorama that chronicles an important event in "Dukes" history -- the recovery of the very first General Lee used for a jump in the TV series, from a home in Georgia many years after its 1979 debut. What's more, this artist, Jason Darling, is friends with Jim Wilson, and it's really their artistic collaboration that you see in the first photo below, with Jim's painting in the background.

If you recall the story, this famous Dodge Charger was found still wearing its blue, roughed-up "71" paint job from its appearance in the fourth episode of the show, "Repo Men," when it doubled as a Richard Petty car. It changed hands a few times after the recovery and has most recently been fully restored to the way it appeared as blazin'-orange, jumpin' "Lee 1" in the pilot episode.

"The idea for the diorama came when Jim and I were talking about it and he had started painting again," Jason says. "I, of course, had many spare Charger model kits so I started my project! I have always followed the 71 story and I was present when it was unveiled at Oxford College (near Covington, Georgia) at the 25th anniversary event by Mr. Bell and helped push it on and off the trailer."

He continues, "I have about 13-14 hours in building the model and have researched it for years. The gentleman who bought it from Travis even contacted me for facts about it before its restoration. I am strongly against 71 ever being restored; I think that was an atrocity."

"Jim Wilson and I pride ourselves in recreating 'Dukes' facts and pieces for each other's collections such as our HOGGOCO oil cans and my and Jim's gas pumps, to name a couple," Jason says. "If Jim and I put our collections together, we would have a very nice 'Dukes of Hazzard' museum."

As with a lot of "Dukes" fans out there, the show made a big impression on this creative fan that goes way beyond art. "My favorite character on the 'Dukes' while it aired will always be Bo Duke, and then Uncle Jesse. I live my life with Bo Duke in my back pocket, with Uncle Jesse's values."

That's part of Jason's collection below. "My favourite episode," he says, "is a tie with 'Happy Birthday, General Lee' and 'The Ghost of General Lee.' I loved the history behind the birthday episode and the emotion behind the ghost episode."

"Jim and I go every day finding new 'Dukes' things and keeping the show alive and honest; we are 'Dukes' cousins for sure," Jason says. "We have helped one another with our collections, and I've even gotten Jim started on some General Lee parts! LOL."

Jason, of course, has his own General. "I'm in the process of building my own second-unit version General Lee, going on five years now, but I'm proud of it. I have been extremely fortunate to attend many 'Dukes' events, and I've gotten to meet every living cast member, something I never would have thought I'd ever get to do four years ago, being that I live down in Canada. The cast of the show are amazing and friendly people."

Jason continues, "I met Jim through an ad on Kijiji looking for General Lee parts -- now we're best friends. Funny how 'Dukes' fans find each other."

Thanks to Jason for sharing his story and his fabulous art!

Photos courtesy of Jason Darling; please do not copy without permission.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Catch book signings with Gavin MacLeod, Stacy Keach and more

Thanks to James for passing along this listing of upcoming book signings and appearances with the stars, including some TV greats ...

J.J. Abrams, director of "Star Trek" and creator of "Lost", signing copies of S: A Novel  
  • 11/23/13 6:00 PM at Symphony Space - Braodway & 95th. New York, NY. 
Buzz Aldrin, 2nd man to walk on the Moon, signing copies of Mission To Mars
  • 12/2/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Edinger Avenue. Huntington Beach, CA.
Frank Beamer, head coach at Virgina Tech, signing copies of Let Me Be Frank
  • 11/19/13 7:00 PM at Gourmet Pantry - South Main Street. Blacksburg, VA.
  • 12/8/13 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Conston Avenue. Christianburg, VA.
LeRoy Butler, former Green Bay Packers star, signing copies of Packers Pride
  • 12/5/13 11:00 AM at Shopko - Bay Park Square. Green Bay, WI.
  • 12/12/13 6:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - South Oneida Street. Green Bay, WI. 
Bryan Cranston, Dean Norris, & Bob Odenkirk, stars of "Breaking Bad", will be signing copies of Breaking Bad: The Final Season
  • 11/25/13 9:30 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
Ken Dryden, former Montreal Canadiens star, signing copies of The Game
  • 12/1/13 3:00 PM at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ.
David Ellefson, founder of Megadeth, signing copies of My Life With Deth
  • 11/29/13 Noon at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ.
Julius "Dr. J, Erving, NBA Hall of Famer, signing copies of Dr. J
  • 12/19/13 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA. 
Peter Facinelli, star of "Twilight" and "Nurse Jackie", signing copies of Protocol Orphans
Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgandy), signing copies of Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life
  • 11/20/13 6:30 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA. 
Fannie Flagg, former "Match Game" regular, signing copies of The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion
  • 12/4/13 Noon at Costco - Palomar Airport Road. Carlsbad, CA.
  • 12/5/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Edinger Avenue. Huntington Beach, CA.
Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, signing copies of Breakout
  • 11/30/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Tamiami Trail. Naples, FL.
  • 12/17/13 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY. 
Bud Grant, former Minnesota Vikings head coach, signing copies of I Did It My Way
  • 12/14/13 1:00 PM in the Rotunda - Mall of America. Bloomington, MN.
Dallas Green, former Phillies, Yankees, and Mets manager, signing copies of The Mouth That Roared 
  • 11/23/13 11:00 AM at Barnes & Noble – Christiana Mall. Newark, DE.
  • 11/24/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Neshaminy Mall. Bensalem, PA.
  • 11/30/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Main Street. Exton, PA. 
Chris Hadfield, shuttle astronaut, signing copies of An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth
  • 11/23/13 1:00 PM at Degroots Nurseries Greenhouse - London Line. Sarnia, Ontario.
  • 11/27/13 7:00 PM at Indigo Books - McGill College Avenue. Montreal, Quebec.
  • 11/29/13 7:00 PM at Chapters Books - Chain Lake Drive. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
John Hannah, NFL Hall of Famer, signing copies of Offensive Conduct
  • 12/7/13 3:30 PM at Barnes & Noble – Providence Highway. Walpole, MA.
Mark Howe, former NHL star, signing copies of Gordie Howe's Son
  • 11/20/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Commerce Blvd. Fairless Hills, PA. 
  • 12/1/13 1:00 PM at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ.
  • 12/9/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - West Route 70. Marlton, NJ. 
Anjelica Huston, Oscar winning actress, will be signing copies of A Story Lately Told
  • 11/19/13 7:30 PM at Symphony Space - Braodway & 95th. New York, NY.
  • 11/21/13 Noon at the Philadekphia Free Library - Vine Street. Philadelphia, PA.
  • 11/25/13 7:30 at the Nourse Theater - Hayes Street. San Francisco, CA.   
Il Volo, Italian musical trio, signing copies of Buon Natale
  • 11/29/13 2:00 PM in the Rotunda - Mall of America. Bloomington, MN
Stacy Keach, star of "Mike Hammer" and "Up In Smoke", signing copies of All In All
  • 11/22/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Commons Way. Calabasas, CA. 
Artie Lange, fomer Howard Stern sidekick, signing copies of Crash and Burn
  • 11/19/13 7:00 PM at the Apple Store - Prince Street. New York, NY.
  • 11/21/13 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY.
  • 11/29/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Eton Chagrin Blvd. Woodmere, PA.
  • 12/7/13 1:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Settlers Ridge Center Drive. Pittsburgh, PA.
Kenny Loggins, rock & roller, signing copies of Frosty the Snowman
  • 11/19/13 6:30 PM at Books & Greetings – Livingston Street. Northvale, NJ.
  • 11/20/13 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY.
  • 11/25/13 6:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Third Street Promenade. Santa Monica, CA.
Demi Lovato, singer and actress, signing copies of Staying Strong
  • 11/19/13 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
Gavin MacLeod, star of "The Love Boat", signing copies of This Is Your Captain Speaking
  • 11/22/13 6:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Rosencrans Avenue. Manhattan Beach, CA.
Darren McCarty, former Detroit Red Wings star, signing copies of My Last Fight
  • 12/3/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Fairlane Drive. Allen Park, MI.
  • 12/4/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Washtenaw Avenue. Ann Arbor, MI.
  • 12/5/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Haggerty Road. Northville, MI.
  • 12/14/13 1:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - John R. Road. Troy, MI.
Joe Manganiello, star of "True Blood", signing copies of Evolution
  • 12/2/13 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY.
  • 12/3/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Union Square. New York, NY.
  • 12/6/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Old Orchard Center. Skokie, IL.
  • 12/7/13 4:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Settlers Ridge Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA.
Peter Max, Pop Art icon, signing copies of The Universe of Peter Max
  • 11/19/13 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY.
  • 12/3/13 7:00 PM at Bookends – East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ.
Stevie Nicks, member of Fleetwood Mac, signing copies of In Your Dreams    
  • 12/4/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
B.J. Novak, star of "The Office", signing copies of One More Thing
  • 2/7/14 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Union Square. New York, NY.
Bobby Orr, hockey legend, signing copies of Orr: My Story
  • 11/20/13 6:00 PM at the Harvard Coop - Massachusetts Avenue. Cambridge, MA.
  • 11/22/13 12:30 PM at Barnes & Noble - Northshore Mall. Peabody, MA.
Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, signing copies of Good Tidings and Great Joy
  • 11/19/13 10:30 AM at Costco - Dallas Parkway. Plano, TX.
  • 11/20/13 10:00 AM at Sam's Club - SW Loop 323. Tyler, TX.
  • 11/20/13 6:00 PM at Mardel Christian - South Boulevard Street. Edmond, OK.
  • 11/21/13 10:00 AM at Sam's Club - North Highway 112. Fayetteville, AR.
  • 11/21/13 6:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Oak Park Mall. Overland Park, KS.
  • 11/22/13 10:30 AM at Costco - West Dodge Road. Omaha, NE.
  • 11/22/13 6:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Mall of America. Bloomington, MN. 
Jane Pauley, former host of "Today", signing copies of Your Life Calling
  • 1/7/14 7:00 PM at Book Revue – New York Avenue. Huntington, NY.
Jerry Ross, space shuttle astronaut, signing copies of Spacewalker 
  • 12/6/13 11:00 AM at Annette's Emporium - East Main Street. League City, TX.  
John Stockton, NBA Hall of Famer, signing copies of Assisted
Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion, siging copies of Undisputed Truth
  • 11/26/13 7:30 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and Governor, signing copies of They Killed Our President
  • 11/22/13 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
Rob Zombie, rocker and director, signing copies of The Lords of Salem
  • 11/22/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Woodland Mall. Grand Rapids, MI.
  • 11/24/13 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Mallory Lane. Brentwood, TN.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spotted: Jack Scalia

Is anyone else finding it ironic that, in this day and age, with each Christmas season becoming more and more commercialized, with retailers encouraging earlier and earlier shopping since the economy's been tanked, that the one holiday that's being pushed to the side -- all but becoming extinct, we're thinking -- is the holiday where we give thanks for what we've been given? Yea, that's the one we mean. Frankly, we here at BRBTV are going to keep both Thanksgiving and Black Friday sacred, so to speak -- we're going to celebrate each one on its true designated day! We shall not shop on Thanksgiving!!!! But enough of all that! What does that have to do with Jack Scalia?

We were so delighted to curl up with the 8 p.m. Eastern Hallmark Channel movie last night, because golly, somebody actually made a Thanksgiving movie. You just don't see that very often! And we adored it, really. We also adored the fact that Hallmark interrupted its regular schedule of Christmas movies to show it! Yes! There is another holiday mixed in there, between Halloween and Christmas!

This was called "The Thanksgiving House," and it's a brand-new movie. Boy, were there some goodies mixed in there. Bruce Boxleitner, a staple of Lifetime and Hallmark stuff. The onetime "Bionic Woman," Lindsay Wagner. Together those two were playing the parents of Justin Bruening of the short-lived "Knight Rider" reboot. Bruening was adorable and livelier than we'd ever seen him (including at the first-ever Knight Rider Fest in Vegas in 2009 -- see the videos on our YouTube channel). Perhaps he was just trying to make up for his costar Emily Rose, who was a stone. But then, nestled among that fab cast, was Jack Scalia, our own Nicholas Pearce / Joey-the-Mobster's-Kid of "Dallas."

Scalia was a seasoned dad in this one, most specifically, the reserved, suit-wearing, busy-exec-type dad of Rose's character, who's fighting to prevent her house from being designated a historic landmark (and a very significant one -- the site of the very first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts). There was a bit of Brooklyn in Scalia's speech (like the old days), and he was playing it detached -- rather estranged from his darling daughter. And of course, he looked great.

We've seen Scalia in a Syfy thing or two and here or there over the years. He's got another new project going on now, we see, "Becker's Farm." It was great to see him amid this fabulous cast!

"The Thanksgiving House" airs again on Hallmark this Saturday afternoon, if you want to catch it yourself.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Lynda Carter indulges Jenny McCarthy's love of "Wonder Woman" on "The View"

We've always liked Jenny McCarthy. We can't help ourselves. Ever since reviewing her quite-candid book "Jen-X" for The Detroit News way back when, BRB has had a lot of respect for this goofy sexpot. So we enjoyed it immensely when McCarthy celebrated her birthday on today's episode of ABC's "The View" by chatting with Lynda Carter of our beloved '70s "Wonder Woman" show.

McCarthy started the episode with a magical WW spin and really rocked out the WW outfit (!!! seriously, the chick doesn't age), then later, as Carter came onto the set, they chatted about that very outfit.

"I just felt so comfortable in that stupid thing!" Carter enthused."There's just such a thrill about being one of the first women to hold your own show." Then, joking about McCarthy's earlier comments on the show, "I heard you say it was a pushup bra. There was nooooo pushup bra."

The outfit evolved over the course of the show, as we know. "As a matter of fact, I asked them to take the belt out because it looked like too little -- can you believe it?" Carter said. "The sound guy, he thought it was a headband, it was the belt, he put it around his head. It was ridiculous."

Carter talked about her infamous helicopter stunt that got the show's execs peeved, and since Olivia Newton-John was also a guest on this "View" episode, a clip was shown of Carter guesting as WW on Newton-John's 1976 TV special. Precious.

"It's a phenomenon, and I love it," Carter said of the show and the icon. "It's great. I've always embraced the character. I would be miserable if I hadn't embrace her."

Carter gifted McCarthy with an authentic vintage 12" Mego Wonder Woman doll, in the box (the same doll this author still owns from her childhood! love it!).

Carter is guesting on an upcoming episode of "Two and a Half Men." "The writing is great, but boy, it was a little bit shocking to me what they wanted me to do on that show. I don't want to give it away, but there's a little cougar in there." The episode is slated to air next Thursday.

You can watch today's episode yourself on ABC's "The View" website.