Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spotted: Jack Scalia

Is anyone else finding it ironic that, in this day and age, with each Christmas season becoming more and more commercialized, with retailers encouraging earlier and earlier shopping since the economy's been tanked, that the one holiday that's being pushed to the side -- all but becoming extinct, we're thinking -- is the holiday where we give thanks for what we've been given? Yea, that's the one we mean. Frankly, we here at BRBTV are going to keep both Thanksgiving and Black Friday sacred, so to speak -- we're going to celebrate each one on its true designated day! We shall not shop on Thanksgiving!!!! But enough of all that! What does that have to do with Jack Scalia?

We were so delighted to curl up with the 8 p.m. Eastern Hallmark Channel movie last night, because golly, somebody actually made a Thanksgiving movie. You just don't see that very often! And we adored it, really. We also adored the fact that Hallmark interrupted its regular schedule of Christmas movies to show it! Yes! There is another holiday mixed in there, between Halloween and Christmas!

This was called "The Thanksgiving House," and it's a brand-new movie. Boy, were there some goodies mixed in there. Bruce Boxleitner, a staple of Lifetime and Hallmark stuff. The onetime "Bionic Woman," Lindsay Wagner. Together those two were playing the parents of Justin Bruening of the short-lived "Knight Rider" reboot. Bruening was adorable and livelier than we'd ever seen him (including at the first-ever Knight Rider Fest in Vegas in 2009 -- see the videos on our YouTube channel). Perhaps he was just trying to make up for his costar Emily Rose, who was a stone. But then, nestled among that fab cast, was Jack Scalia, our own Nicholas Pearce / Joey-the-Mobster's-Kid of "Dallas."

Scalia was a seasoned dad in this one, most specifically, the reserved, suit-wearing, busy-exec-type dad of Rose's character, who's fighting to prevent her house from being designated a historic landmark (and a very significant one -- the site of the very first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts). There was a bit of Brooklyn in Scalia's speech (like the old days), and he was playing it detached -- rather estranged from his darling daughter. And of course, he looked great.

We've seen Scalia in a Syfy thing or two and here or there over the years. He's got another new project going on now, we see, "Becker's Farm." It was great to see him amid this fabulous cast!

"The Thanksgiving House" airs again on Hallmark this Saturday afternoon, if you want to catch it yourself.

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