Friday, November 01, 2013

Lynda Carter indulges Jenny McCarthy's love of "Wonder Woman" on "The View"

We've always liked Jenny McCarthy. We can't help ourselves. Ever since reviewing her quite-candid book "Jen-X" for The Detroit News way back when, BRB has had a lot of respect for this goofy sexpot. So we enjoyed it immensely when McCarthy celebrated her birthday on today's episode of ABC's "The View" by chatting with Lynda Carter of our beloved '70s "Wonder Woman" show.

McCarthy started the episode with a magical WW spin and really rocked out the WW outfit (!!! seriously, the chick doesn't age), then later, as Carter came onto the set, they chatted about that very outfit.

"I just felt so comfortable in that stupid thing!" Carter enthused."There's just such a thrill about being one of the first women to hold your own show." Then, joking about McCarthy's earlier comments on the show, "I heard you say it was a pushup bra. There was nooooo pushup bra."

The outfit evolved over the course of the show, as we know. "As a matter of fact, I asked them to take the belt out because it looked like too little -- can you believe it?" Carter said. "The sound guy, he thought it was a headband, it was the belt, he put it around his head. It was ridiculous."

Carter talked about her infamous helicopter stunt that got the show's execs peeved, and since Olivia Newton-John was also a guest on this "View" episode, a clip was shown of Carter guesting as WW on Newton-John's 1976 TV special. Precious.

"It's a phenomenon, and I love it," Carter said of the show and the icon. "It's great. I've always embraced the character. I would be miserable if I hadn't embrace her."

Carter gifted McCarthy with an authentic vintage 12" Mego Wonder Woman doll, in the box (the same doll this author still owns from her childhood! love it!).

Carter is guesting on an upcoming episode of "Two and a Half Men." "The writing is great, but boy, it was a little bit shocking to me what they wanted me to do on that show. I don't want to give it away, but there's a little cougar in there." The episode is slated to air next Thursday.

You can watch today's episode yourself on ABC's "The View" website.

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