Monday, November 24, 2014

Terrific TV Toys: Part 2 of the Scooby plush!

We're rolling through a three-part story arc on the Terrific TV Toys web series. Last week we showed you a bunch of Scooby-Doo plush toys liberated from claw machines and crane games and even carnivals and festivals around Metro Detroit. This week, we continue with Part 2, and it's even longer, even brighter, even Scoobier!! We've got the spotted Doos, toothy Doos, some Steel City Doos, even plain Doos!

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week, when we'll show you the four amazing talking Scoobies in the BRBTV collection!

And a very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Terrific TV Toys: Part 1 of the Scooby plush!

When somebody who is quite skilled starts collecting something, look out. The stuff starts to pile up. And this author is not talking about herself, but about the Mysterious Claw-Game Avenger Who Shall Remain Nameless. He's skilled at rescuing plush from coin-operated crane games / claw machines at stores, restaurants and bowling alleys everywhere, and you've seen the fruit of his labors in the holiday photos posted on this very blog. He specializes in superheroes and Scooby-Doo.

With a new three-part story arc on the Terrific TV Toys web series, you'll see the Scooby plush that's been piling up at BRBTV headquarters -- up-close and personal. At least the ones we have as of presstime, as the collection is constantly growing. In the first part, behold the checkered Doos, the fruity Doos, the Marley Doos and much more, all celebrating that lovable cartoon canine who first debuted in the late '60s ...

Look for Part 2 in the Scooby plush series next week. We're doing weekly episodes of the series until Christmastime (including a special Christmas episode!).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Terrific TV Toys: You are entering "The Twilight Zone" ...

A few years back, Bif Bang Pow! developed a line of figures celebrating the classic 1960s "Twilight Zone" show. When this author first came across them in lovely black-and-white at an Entertainment Earth booth at a comic con, it was love at first sight. There are two of them at BRBTV headquarters currently -- the Gremlin on the Wing and the Three-Eyed Venusian -- with hopefully more to come.

Sometimes the toys you see on the Terrific TV Toys web series are vintage toys, made many years ago. Sometimes the toys are newer ones that are what we call "of a vintage nature," that is, celebrating a vintage TV show. The latest episode of the series definitely falls into the latter category ...

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Hollywood Show in January offers up a "Dynasty" reunion

The popular Hollywood Show has been known to reassemble casts of great classic TV shows, and thanks to Brian for the heads-up on this one. The show that happens in L.A. in January will feature these great "Dynasty" stars meeting and greeting fans:
  • Joan Collins ("Alexis Colby")
  • Gordon Thomson ("Adam Carrington")
  • Kathleen Beller ("Kirby Aynders")
  • Leann Hunley ("Dana Waring")

Besides that, Jane Sibbett, whom we know as Jane Wilson on "Santa Barbara," will be there, as well as Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, David Lander and Eddie Mekka of "Laverne and Shirley" and so many more.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

"The Love Boat" cast talks old times, celebrates 50 years of Princess Cruises

A year ago, we showed you a glimpse of an interview Fox's Channel 2 in Detroit did with "Love Boat" veteran Gavin MacLeod when he released his book. Well, Fox 2 has done it again, yesterday assembling the whole cast of the beloved classic TV show for a live interview from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The cast was celebrating 50 years of Princess Cruises and inaugurating a brand-new luxury cruise ship.

"When we started cruising, this was a luxury," Jill ("Vicki") Whelan said, also joined by her other female castmate, Lauren ("Julie") Tewes. "This wasn't something everybody could do. It's an incredible opportunity that's available to everybody."

"I'm probably married to the woman I've been married to for 28 years because of  'The Love Boat,'" Fred ("Gopher") Grandy told Fox 2's Jason Carr from the breezy platform, the newest cruise ship, the Regal Princess, sitting in the background. "Catherine Mann, who was on 'Entertainment Tonight,' was a talk-show host in Detroit, came to interview me, and the first picture of us is sitting on the coping of the Lido deck, and that's actually how we met. So though I wasn't married on the ship, I was married because of the ship. So thank-you, Detroit, for giving me my wife."

Ted ("Isaac") Lange quipped, "That's a 'Love Boat' story. That means you can find love anywhere!"

When Carr asked him about his work on "Get Smart," Bernie (Dr. Bricker) Kopell said, "One of the things I loved so much about 'Get Smart' was we were on a submarine chasing the sixth fleet, and they were dropping death bombs, and the men were getting very, very nervous. And I said to them, 'You will not panic until I give the order to panic!' And one death bomb came very close, and everybody was like this," (shaking) "and I said, 'Prepaaaaaaare to panic!!!' Great fun."

Gavin ("Captain Stubing") MacLeod reminisced about the legacy "The Love Boat" has left. "This is a dream. This hasn't happened to actors. We're the first that this has ever happened to. To have a show go 10 years, all over the world, 90 countries, and we're Goodwill Ambassadors for the United States. And we're going to be the godparents of this incredible ship in back of us. This is just a blessing that none of us expected. We went to work wanting to have a good show. Three other guys had made the pilot twice before. Then they finally did it with Cindy and myself. And praise God, it sold. And here we are. We're just sitting here because it sold. And people loved it."

Grandy added, "You have to understand, it also stimulated the entire cruise industry. What you see behind us wouldn't have ever existed without 'The Love Boat.' This is 18 ships later, after the original Pacific Princess, and this is four times the size of the Pacific Princess. There's an entire industry. You want to talk about a stimulus program -- that's what this was."