Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catherine Bach has a new movie project in "Chapman"; we talk to the producer, Doug Weiser

As she's been enjoying her gig on CBS' "The Young and the Restless," our own Daisy Duke of "The Dukes of Hazzard" has had another project in the works.

"Chapman" is a movie being supported by donations and investments, and sounds like it's for a great cause. The project is in partnership with a Colorado-based nonprofit called Mpower, which has been providing positive youth development programs for high school students. Mpower students have been crewing on the film, too.

We talked to producer Doug Weiser, who told us about the film and Bach's part in it.

"Basically, it's two best friends in love with the same girl in high school," Weiser tells BRBTV. "Tragedy ensues because of this love triangle. Years later, one of these young men comes back to the town he'd left trying to bring closure to what had happened. We understand how these people's lives were forever changed by that event."

He says, "The director-writer, Justin Owensby, was a high school student in this area about 11 years ago, and he was having some challenges and found this organization, Mpower. He got involved in that and felt it really changed his life and ultimately sent him on a track that led him to Hollywood where he is having success as a filmmaker. His family's still in this area, so he wanted to do something for this organization."

Thus, "Chapman" was born. So how did Catherine Bach come to be involved?

"This is a fairly serious dramatic piece with a few pieces of comic relief in it," Weiser says. "We were looking for good, recognizable talent for some of these supporting roles. Catherine is a close friend of a my stepmother-in-law. She liked the chance to get away in the summertime with her daughters. Even though it was a very small role she was happy to come and help."

Joining Bach in her scene is Dennis Haskins, whom fans may recall as Principal Richard Belding on "Saved by the Bell."

"He plays opposite her, as a middle-aged husband-and-wife couple," Weiser explains. "They're sort of ex-hippies going through a water birth in a hotel room. Catherine Bach is giving birth in a little kiddie pool. She was lovely to work with and to do it. It's not an X-rated scene, or R-rated for that matter. But it lent a little humor to the story."

He says about the scene, "Our lead character played by Jesse Johnson, who's a bit of a con man, he's also a locksmith. So he picks a lock, and he hears the commotion going on in this room and figures he's going to walk in on a lurid sex scene, and he's literally befuddled by what he sees."

Bach filmed her scene for the movie last July and August, Weiser says, and though he wasn't actually on set when Bach was taping, he heard rave reviews afterward.

"I've met her personally a couple times," Weiser tells BRBTV, "and I had to leave at that particular time -- my father passed away. I was in Miami that whole week. When I came back, she'd finished her scene already. Sadly, in this instance, I wasn't able to spend any time with her. My experience was through the others who were there. She was gracious to everybody. She was a professional. Everyone said how sweet she was. When I got back I couldn't believe what I'd heard."

"Chapman" marks a return to the business for Weiser, who has a cameo role in the film in addition to his work producing it. "Years ago I co-produced and co-wrote a movie called 'Midnight Crossing,'" he tells BRBTV. "That was in '88. Faye Dunaway and Kim Cattrall were in it. Daniel J. Travanti of 'Hill Street Blues' -- remember that show? The movie still shows now and then. For many years after 'Midnight Crossing,' I became involved in real estate. I left L.A. in '89, and moved to Aspen, Colorado, where I started a real estate company, met my wife, then went back in Florida to build a hotel, then moved back to Colorado in 2002. I've been writing screenplays and trying to get back into the production business."

And the movie certainly appears to be a labor of love for the Mpower organization. Weiser says about 20 percent of their budget has come from donations so far, with the remainder from investments. If the movie makes a profit, he says, the first half of a million dollars will go to Mpower. "That's how we were able to use the Mpower students as crew and support people for the shoot, so they had the experience of working on a feature film."

"Chapman" is in post-production right now. "We don't have a distributor yet," Weiser says. "We just began showing screener copies to a sales agent and one distributor who expressed an interest just by hearing about it. It's a very low-budget feature, and I don't know if it will receive a theatrical release. I'm learning my way aournd it again, since I've been away from it for so long."

You can view the teaser for "Chapman" at the movie's official site, and check out the IMDb page for more info, as well. BRBTV wishes Weiser and the crew the best -- it will be great to see Catherine on-screen in this one.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

James Best films Hallmark movie this summer

James ("Rosco P. Coltrane") Best of "The Dukes of Hazzard" lets his fans know through his latest e-newsletter of a new movie project he has coming up:

"Jimmie and Dorothy are excited about plans to travel to Romania in June," the newsletter says. "The trip is a movie shoot for the Hallmark Channel. In the movie, Jimmie will be playing an Irish/American baker!"

Best will be working again with his daughter Janeen and her husband, Michael Damian. The two wrote the script together, with Janeen will be producing and Michael directing.

"Watching Jimmie through some dough around sounds like a hoot -- but we can't wait to see all his antics and improvisations that come with that. Hopefully we get to see outtakes!"

The film is scheduled to air next summer.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sheree J. Wilson appears at White Bridle Society Luncheon

She's a horsewoman and a founding board member of the White Bridle Society, and she'll be serving as the celebrity hostess at the society's luncheon in May. Ms. Sheree J. Wilson, whom we know as April Stevens on "Dallas," won't be venturing far when she appears at the event, held at the Fellowship Bible Church Dallas in -- you guessed it -- Dallas.

The mission of the 501(c)3 group is "to serve our community through equine programs that enable people to live happier, more productive and rewarding lives." The luncheon is at noon on May 5. Read more at the Society's site.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Richard Hatch cohosts dating event

He is known to us as Dean Caldwell on "Dynasty," that hunky temptation to Claudia Blaisdel, though the rest of the world knows him best from his time on "Battlestar Galactica." Mr. Richard Hatch is helping matchmaking pro Lisa Cohen host a one-day seminar and singles mixer designed to teach you "the secrets to creating more rewarding, romantic and long-lasting relationships."

"She's a very gifted matchmaker and an amazing lady, MOM and dynamic actress to boot!!" Hatch says of Cohen at his Facebook page. Dating Designer's event happens on Sunday, May 20 at the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center in Calabasas, California. Learn more at the Dating Designer site.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gordon Thomson adds a new soap to his resume -- this time a web soap

We just love how the web medium keeps expanding possibilities for our beloved stars of classic TV. The latest to make the jump to a web-based soap is Gordon Thomson, who's a BRBTV double-shot as Adam Carrington of "Dynasty" and the third and final Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara." Thomson will take on "DeVanity," about to begin production on its third season.

The soap deals with the "saga of the crumbling DeVanity family and their desire to save their dying jewelry empire in downtown Los Angeles," the IMDb says. OK, fine. WeLoveSoaps has a little more, referring to his character as a "jewelry magnate." We would've assumed Thomson would be playing it wealthy and sophisticated and smart, as he did on "SB" and "Dynasty" (and even on "Ryan's Hope"). Great -- we'll tune in. Or click on over, as the case may be.

You can play catch-up with Seasons 1 and 2 like we're going to at the DeVanity site.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Terri Garber moves on to "Reign"

Classified as a soap opera and "dramady," Terri Garber's latest project is a web series called "Reign." The series follows "the intertwined lives of ruthless celebrity publicist Elizabeth Archer, her husband William (a famous author), their children William Jr. and Victoria, high-profile clients, plus her minions and rivals all tucked within her own elite PR firm – REIGN," the promotional materials say.

It's written by Frances Gilbert and, besides Garber, has Eric Martolf, Patrika Darbo, Jacee Jule, Trevor Nelson, Brett DelBuono, Michael Bolten and Jillian Clare on board. "Reign" is actually a spinoff of the web series "Miss Behave," also featuring our lovely former Leslie Carrington of "Dynasty" and Suzanne Collier of "Santa Barbara."

Read a little more about it all at Daytime Confidential and Soap Opera Digest, and keep up with the series at its Facebook page.