Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pamela Sue Martin speaks out about hair loss

Did you have any idea that Fallon's beautiful, flowing hair was a wig? Pamela Sue Martin, who originated the role of Fallon Carrington on "Dynasty," right from the bite of the wedding-cake sugar couple in the pilot episode, is now speaking openly about her hair loss.

"My hair was always thin, but at some points in my life, such as when I was working on 'Dynasty,' it got more severe," she told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "What made things worse was that it was the era of big hair. The 'Dynasty' producers insisted I wear a wig when I started the show in 1981."

But that wasn't the only stress-aggravated symptom the actress struggled with. "During 'Dynasty,' I was washed out and developed pneumonia," she said. "I had a fever and a chesty cough. I had to go to hospital and take antibiotics. I recovered, but whenever I am stressed, I now get pneumonia. I developed it shortly after I left the show in 1984 and again when my son was two."

You can read the whole candid story of the 54-year-old actress here:

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dana Delaney joins fellow Lois Lane on "Desperate Housewives"

Dana Delaney has one of those nice, familiar voices. To us fans of "Batman: The Animated Series" and its companion "Superman" and "Justice League" series, she's known as Lois Lane. She also voiced Andrea Beaumont on "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm."

Her interpretation of Lois is bold and brassy, confident and attractive, and so very brunette. It's not unlike the interpretation Teri Hatcher gave on the '90s "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

How ironic, then, that Hatcher and Delaney will soon be working on the same hit TV show. Delaney is scheduled to join the cast of ABC's "Desperate Housewives" this fall. Read more about the Lois Lane connections on the Superman Homepage.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Military vehicles will roll into "Dukes" event -- for a good cause!

Have you made your pledge yet for this year's Hair Dare Dukes Days? See last Friday's post of the BRBTV News Blog for links to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the hair-daring feats of Paul Harrington and his daughter, Sarah, who's cutting 10 inches of her hair off to give to Wigs for Kids! Sarah's goal is $2,500 to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, and she's raised $1,200 so far!

A display of seven real military vehicles of the Canadian armed forces is the latest feature being added to the weekend event, which happens August 10-12 in Ruthven, Ontario, Canada. Coy and Vance Duke (Byron Cherry and Christopher Mayer) will be there, along with Sheriff Little, Mr. Don Pedro Colley, entertainer Paul Casey, and BRB herself signing copies of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!" It's not just a great "Dukes of Hazzard" event -- it's a great "Dukes of Hazzard" event for a great cause, fighting cancer! Admission is a nice, low three bucks.

Bring an extra memory card for your camera, because the photo ops are going to be robust, to say the least! Take this little beauty below, for instance ... You guessed it, that's the ride of the aforementioned Sheriff Little, the Chickasaw County Sheriff's car from "The Dukes." It's just one of the many fun cars (along with tons and tons of General Lees!) you'll see at the show.

Photo courtesy of Paul Harrington

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Steve Kanaly does a live chat on Monday

Last week it was Susan Howard; next week it's her on-screen hubby, Steve Kanaly ...

The Ultimate Dallas site will feature another live chat with the "Dallas" stars, and this time it's the rugged, handsome Southfork foreman and long-lost Ewing son, Ray Krebbs. Kanaly will be online to answer your questions at 7 p.m. EST this coming Monday, July 30.

Here's the link:

And thanks to the folks at UltimateDallas.com -- it's not always easy to track down these busy stars and get their time!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Batman: The Animated Series" crew does it again with "Justice League" DVD movie

We've been reporting here on the BRBTV News Blog about not only the appearances of "Batman: The Animated Series" creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, but also the screening of the fabbo new animated Superman flick, "Doomsday." Well, Batfans -- and fans of the '90s animated smash shows like "B: TAS" -- have even more to look forward to at the con: A new "Justice League" straight-to-DVD movie will also be previewed there.

"The New Frontier" is based on a 2004 six-issue miniseries comic, and it follows Supes and the gang from the end of World War II through the Cold War. The DVD will be released in February of next year, but it's just another item that adds value to the rockin'-biggest comic con of the year. And the "B: TAS" presence is definitely there: Timm is producing, while Stan Berkowitz worked on the script.

And the cast of "The New Frontier"? It has to be described, quite frankly, as out of this world ... David Boreanaz of "Bones" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern, Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen / Flash, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman (holy-heckin'-cow, who had THAT great idea? give 'em a gold star!), Kyle MacLachlan as Clark Kent / Superman, and Phil Morris, who portrayed Martian Manhunter this past season on the CW's "Smallville," as King Faraday. We're signed on, for sure!

And, just to ensure that this is a continuation of the "B: TAS" legacy, Shirley Walker is doing the music and Andrea Romano the casting. Read more about the DVD and its San Diego run here:

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Speaking of "B: TAS" (and we don't mind speaking about it at all!), remember that episode "Showdown," with Ra's Al Ghul in a western setting, along with a slightly more obscure DC character by the name of Jonah Hex? Well, Hex is getting his turn in the spotlight -- Warner Bros. has just announced a film project for the disfigured bounty hunter, from the crew that brought us the movie "Crank."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Archie makes AOL's list of cartoon band faves

Archie Comics has a presence in AOL's top 10 list of the "Coolest Cartoon Rockers," with The Archies coming in at No. 3 and Josie and the Pussycats coming it at No. 4.

Here's what the press info says about Arch and the band ...

Coolest Cartoon Rockers: No. 3
The Archies
When They Rocked: 1968-69
The Archies were the Beatles of virtual bands -- innovators whose sugary hooks and catchy choruses spawned a legion of inferior imitators (The Bedrock Rockers, Jabberjaw). The Riverdale High quintet scored several hits in the late '60s, but 'Sugar, Sugar'-- the No. 1 song of 1969 -- remains the band's claim to fame.

Coolest Cartoon Rockers: No. 4

Josie & the Pussycats
When They Rocked: 1970-74
The Go-Go's, L7 and every other female rock group in history has Josie & the Pussycats to thank for leading the charge. The feline power trio looked adorable, rocked hard and still had time to solve crimes between gigs. A limited-edition CD of the group's songs was released in 2001, shortly after Rachel Leigh Cook donned Josie's ears for a live-action big-screen adaptation.

The complete list, from http://music.aol.com/:

AOL's 10 Coolest Cartoon Rockers

1) The Chipmunks
2) Gorillaz
3) The Archies
4) Josie & the Pussycats
5) Bart Simpson
6) Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang
7) Dethklok
8) Jem & the Holograms
9) Crazy Frog
10) Faith + 1

Elsewhere in Archie Comics ...

“Caved In”: Veronica is mortified when Betty takes her cave exploring – until she sees the hunky tour guide! Surprises and dangers await in this thrilling tale!
“Childish Pursuits”: The boys give Betty and Veronica a hard time over their fondness for the hot new anime series, “Fairy Princess Bluebell.”
“Really Gifted”: In this touching tale, the girls learn about a catalog where they can purchase clean water, food and other needs for those living in impoverished countries. SCRIPTS: Kathleen Webb. ART: Jeff Shultz.
On sale newsstand August 14, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“Mission Improbable”: With Jughead helping his mother man their booth at the bake sale, do the delicious desserts stand a chance? That’s a chance Jughead’s Mom would rather not take, so when she has to leave her post, its maximum security lockdown for the cake Jug’s had his eyes on. But with a little help from one of Dilton’s inventions, Jughead just may take the cake… literally! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Bill Galvan. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand August 14, 2007
Full-color digest format

“The Dream Job(?)”: Veronica gets a job interning at Trend Magazine for a very demanding boss reminiscent of a certain Prada-wearing film fatale! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
“Madame President”: Veronica dreams about becoming President… until Betty fills her in on the facts behind her fantasy! SCRIPT: Barbara and Samantha Slate. ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand August 14, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

Monday, July 23, 2007

Christopher Atkins has new movie projects

Ah ... so many classic TV stars, so little time ... The four core shows of the BRBTV fact-book series, as well as the assorted animated series added in through the BRBTV Reports, allow for lots of checking in and catching up with great classic stars of the small screen. Case in point: Mr. Christopher Atkins, who, still fresh out of the attention-getting "Blue Lagoon," providing a hunky hand to the seventh season of "Dallas" as poolboy to Sue Ellen -- er, we mean, camp counselor to little John Ross. Nowadays, Atkins, who has kept up pretty steady acting work over the years, has a couple new projects in the works. We reported on them earlier this year, and now we check in with a little more info ...

"The Hard Ride" is a western that just began production earlier this year. Atkins has the juicy role of George Custer (he can't be that old!) in this tale, which has this plotline from the IMDb: "Action and death follow a legendary gunfighter and his close friends to 1876 Deadwood, Dakota Territory." Thadd Turner directs, writes and stars in the flick. Filming locations include Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where lots of good westerns have been filmed. The movie has a scheduled release date in May of next year. It comes from Talmarc Productions. Turner himself has written a nice synopsis of the film at OldWestAlive.com.

The character name of Wild Bill may make Atkins' other project, "Blind Ambition," sound like a western, too, but it's actually classified as a romance / teen comedy. Atkins doesn't have much big-star company in this one, either, which is listed as in post-production and scheduled for release this year. It's directed by Bala Rajasekharuni and written by Alpesh Patel. I-Run.com reports more on the film.

Also this year, Atkins appears in "Chinaman's Chance," and here he gets some great co-stars: Ernest Borgnine, Olivia Hussey, fellow primetime sudser Lorenzo Lamas, Coolio, Theresa Russell.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Get your pledges in for these Hair Dares ...

Paul Harrington's annual Hair Dare Dukes Days event is not just about "The Dukes of Hazzard" -- it's about cancer, too. Specifically, it's about his mom's cancer, but it's also about cancer anywhere, and the event raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society and their efforts to stop this deadly disease, which BRB's own mother died of earlier this year.

"After finding out that my mom has cancer, I decided to cut my 15" ponytail off for Wigs for Kids, and raise money at the same time for the Canadian Cancer Society," Harrington says. "That was back in July 2003. This August 2007, marks our fifth annual HAIR DARE DUKES DAY WEEKEND CAR SHOW & SWAP MEET & HAIRCUTTING EVENT."

Harrington found a way to combine one of his favorite things in this world, "The Dukes of Hazzard," with a cause that means a great deal to him. This year's event is August 10-12 in Ontario, and BRB will be there signing copies of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!" See the event poster, with all the crucial details, in the July 3 post of this blog.

You can make a pledge at this site, and Paul has set a goal of $25,000:


To make this truly a family affair, though, Paul's daughter Sarah is also in on the act. She's got some really long hair that she's willing to cut for the cause. Her own goal is $2,500, and she's been working hard to get pledges and has already brought in some good ones:


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Billy Dee Williams in New Jersey, Susan Howard on the Net ...

That ole Billy Dee has done it again, booked another convention appearance ... This time it's the Super Mega Show in New Jersey, where our own Brady Lloyd of "Dynasty" will appear this weekend, Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22.

Check out the con's site at http://supermegashow.com/ to learn more. The Fonz will also be there -- now that rocks, too -- as well as fellow classic TV stars Cindy Williams and Robert Vaughn. It all happens at the Crowne Plaza Secaucus in Meadowlands, N.J.

BRBTV News Blog Blips:
- DC Comics announces that Paul Dini and Bruce Timm of "Batman: The Animated Series" have joined forces in a volume collecting the miniseries comic of BATMAN: HARLEY AND IVY. "Also included is the special: HARLEY AND IVY: LOVE ON THE LAM by Judd Winick and Joe Chiodo," the press info says, "plus a newly colored story from BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE VOL. 2!"
- Susan Howard, our own Donna Krebbs of "Dallas" will be answering questions live on the Internet this evening on the UltimateDallas site. It starts at 6 p.m. EST. Click over to http://www.ultimatedallas.com/livechat/

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Coming up in Archie Comics ...

“Stop the Press”: When the editor of the school paper learns Marcy is Veronica’s cousin, she decides to use Marcy for the ultimate scoop. Just wait until this calculating journalist learns there’s nothing like a Veronica besmirched! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand July 17, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“Greener Pastures”: Sabrina is dismayed when Harvey prepares to visit his grandparents’ farm for the summer and pushy Hemlock asserts herself in the Four Blades movement. Her dismay soon turns to delight when she’s invited along to the farm, but is she prepared for the revelation that awaits her there? It’s more magical romance and intrigue as only Sabrina can deliver! SCRIPT AND ART: Tania del Rio .
On sale newsstand July 17, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

It’s double-decker sandwiches and double-trouble as the irrepressible Jughead tilts the laugh-o-meter in this uproarious collection of new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand July 17, 2007
Full-color digest format

PART ONE OF A TANTALIZING TALE OF INTRIGUE!“Civil Chores Part One”: It’s a story that may just set the teens of Riverdale asunder! Archie goes on strike to protest the many chores/low allowance imbalance, and finds he has a lot of allies prepared to join him in his cause. But when Jughead realizes a raise for Archie means more dates with the girls and less time to hang with him, he forms an uneasy alliance with Riverdale’s sneakiest and shiftiest. Will these monetary politics prove to be a triumph or tribulation for Riverdale’s teens? The first part of a two-part story to be continued next issue. SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand July 31, 2007
Full-color digest format

“The Magic Touch”: Jughead reveals his latest sweet skill – the ability to un-stuck/un-clog/un-jam anything with a well-placed…. well, see for yourself! “The Ties that Bind”: Jughead convinces Archie that time spent tying a tie is best spent bettering the world! “Thrills & Spills”: A slippery floor and a pot of beans – the typical recipe for an Archie pratfall, only you won’t believe the pair that are falling this time! SCRIPTS: Craig Boldman. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale newsstand July 31, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

"Father Knows Best": Archie runs a foul of Mr. Lodge while visiting Veronica. From sitting on the couch playing guitar to watching television or a movie, will Archie ever be able to spend time with Veronica without Mr.Lodge watching over them? SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Jeff Shultz (Pencils) and Al Milgrom (Inks).
PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and pin-ups.
On sale newsstand August 7, 2007
Full-color digest format

BETTY #167
“Cloud 9”: A kiss from Archie sends Betty afloat… literally… in this whimsical tale! SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Stan Goldberg.
“Nothing to Do”: Betty visits Veronica to fight the summer doldrums, and learns just how valuable having “down time” can be! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg.
“Falling Apart”: With fall just around the corner, Betty laments the passing the summer… or does she? SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand August 7, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“Record Breaker”: Instead of pressing CD’s, the Archies decide to sell downloadable files of their songs on the internet… which doesn’t translate to much profit once the 3 purchased files are shared over and over again! SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Stan Goldberg.
“Friendly Fire”: Tired of the girls fighting over him, Archie decides giving up both Betty and Veronica will save their relationship.... but can it save Archie from the girls’ wrath?! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. “Canoe Help Us?”: Archie takes Veronica for a one-way canoe ride… unintentionally one-way, of course! SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand August 7, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jon Lindstrom finishes screenplay, and more

With his roles as the evil Mark McCormack on "Santa Barbara," terrorizing poor Mary right into that killer neon "C" at the top of the Capwell Hotel, plus his evil-twin thing as Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin Collins on "General Hospital," Jon Lindstrom sure has made a career out of soaps. These days, though, Lindstrom has been concentrating on movie projects, both large- and small-screen, and not just in front of the camera.

The first is "The Sitter," a Lifetime TV movie that also features William R. (Billy) Moses. In the thriller, Lindstrom plays Tate Walker. "Directed by Russell Mulcahy, it’s a thriller about a quintessential American family and the stranger who insinuates herself into their lives," Lindstrom's official website says. Gail O'Grady stars, as well. The movie was set to air on Lifetime earlier this month.

"The Double Born" is "a claustrophobic thriller about two murderous friends, used by a desperate woman who they dangerously underestimate," according to the IMDb. It's based on a Bram Stoker short story. Lindstrom portrays Ephraim in the film, classified as in postproduction. It's directed and written by Tony Randel, with help from Peter Atkins.

Lindstrom tries his hand at writing and producing for "The Hard Easy," which features hotties David Boreanaz ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "Bones") and Nick Lachey. Lindstrom's tale is about "two separate teams of jewel thieves, one low-rent and one upscale, both desperate, converge on the same score at the exact same time, and a simple job turns out very complicated and very bloody." Bruce Dern and Gary Busey join that great cast.

To keep up to date on Lindstrom's career, check his official website, launched just last year.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: The Los Angeles Times reports on a special tribute to Barbara Stanwyck, our Connie Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys," on what would have been her 100th birthday.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Merete Van Kamp returns to acting with three new projects

Well, here's "another country heard from," as the cliche goes, for the BRBTV News Blog: Ms. Merete Van Kamp, the lovely blond Grace Van Owen of "Dallas" who seemed to remind us so much of Michelle Pfeiffer (and we're not the only ones, we've heard). It looks like Van Kamp has just come out of a semiretirement in the acting world, having kept a quieter career since her days in the Dream Season of our beloved primetime soap.

The Danish sweetie has three new projects brewing for 2007, the first since a brief acting stint a decade ago. One is "Westbrick Murders," a crime drama scheduled for release at the end of this year. She plays Rebecca Sommerson in the film, written and directed by Shaun Rana with filming locations in England. The story deals with a young rookie cop who must cross paths with two notorious serial killers. Hottie Eric Roberts (recently so smashing on NBC's "Heroes") also stars.

Also on tap for Van Kamp is "Craig," another thriller flick with roots in Denmark, like our actress, who portrays a character named Leila. The plotline from the film's IMDb page: "Craig is left all by his own when his parents die in a fire, and when he loses his medication, his world is turned into terror and fear." Craig is played by Kim Sønderholm, who's also writing and directing this one. The production company is Apotheosis Film, with filming locations for this one in Denmark. The film has a MySpace page, where you'll see a photo of Van Kamp.

The trio of projects rounds out with "Næste skridt" (translated "next step"), where Van Kamp plays Jordemoder. The plotline from the IMDb: "Thomas, Dennis, Mads, Søs and Kirsten have all been friends through many years in spite of their differences. In common for them all is the big step they need to overcome to enter adulthood." Sønderholm joins her in this film, as well, portraying Thomas. This one also films in Denmark, for Ursa Major Productions. It's written and directed by Morgan Nørgaard.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Speaking of "Dallas," visit UltimateDallas.com to sign up for your chance to win one of several copies of the seventh-season DVD they're giving away.

Friday, July 13, 2007

See My Lee! (Bike!)

Continuing in that "Friday is See My Lee! Day" theme ... This one is a Lee on two wheels! It's a pocket bike, decalled by Paul Harrington of the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club, organizer of next month's Hair Dare Dukes Days benefit for the Canadian Cancer Society. Cute, isn't it? He's says it's for sale; just contact him at cdndukes@mnsi.net.

Photos courtesy of Paul Harrington

And while we're talkin' "The Dukes" ...
We're really diggin' the Klingon Disrupter and the William Shatner and DeForest Kelley outfits from "Star Trek" ... and heck, we could really get-into that hat Vivien Leigh wore in "Gone With the Wind" ... but a genuine General Lee, too? Profiles in History is offering up another slew of Hollywood memorabilia for auction on August 2 and 3. One of the items is the genuine, screen-used Lee, for which they estimate the value at $180,000-$220,000 (thanks, Mr. Schneider!).
eBay Live Auctions will be the host, and bidding begins at noon both days. Visit the Calibre site to see a nice list of some of the more than 1,000 items: http://calibre.mworld.com/m/m.w?lp=GetStory&id=261130181
(The Statue of Liberty head from "Planet of the Apes"? Now there's a keeper -- BRBTV just loves those "Apes" movies!)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Archie Comics will be meeting and greeting in San Diego, too

Earlier this week, we told you about some BRBTV stars who'll be showing up to the big Comic-Con International in San Diego this month. Well, we just got word of what's planned for the year's biggest con by powerhouse Archie Comics, as well.

It all happens in the San Diego Convention Center the weekend of July 26-29; room locations are noted ...

Thursday noon to 1 p.m.
Andrew Pepoy’s Professional Networking Seminar — Get set for a weekend of pressing the flesh and selling yourself with this popular Comic-Con seminar! Being talented just isn’t enough—getting work and continuing to work in the comic book and comic strip publishing worlds often means knowing the right people as well. Inker and writer/artist Andrew Pepoy (Jack of Fables, Katy Keene) brings back his popular seminar to help teach you how to get out there and use Comic-Con to its fullest networking potential. Take advantage of this early time slot to put some of Andrew’s good advice to work over the next few days! Room 10
Friday 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Spotlight on George Gladir — One of the most prolific writers ever in comics, Comic-Con special guest George Gladir has entertained readers with almost 50 years of stories for Archie Comics. Join Gladir as he talks about his incredible career in comics with friend and cartoonist Batton Lash. Room 3
8:30-11:30 a.m.
Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards — The 19th annual Eisner Awards, the “Oscars” of the comics industry, will be given out by celebrity presenters, including Reno 911’s Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, comedian Brian Posehn, cartoon voice actor Maurice LeMarche, British TV celebrity Jonathan Ross, and author Neil Gaiman. Other prestigious awards to be given out include the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award and the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award. The master of ceremonies is Bongo Comics’ Bill Morrison, who will be aided by the Go-Gos’ Jane Wiedlen. Gardner Fox and George Gladir have been selected to receive the 2007 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing. The choice was made unanimously by a blue-ribbon committee chaired by writer and historian Mark Evanier. Admission to the Eisners is free to all Comic-Con attendees—just be sure to bring your badge. Doors open for pros and VIPs at 7:30 and for attendees at 8:15. Ballroom 20
Sunday 10:30 -11:30 a.m.
Archie Comics — Archie comics creators Craig Boldman (Archie newspaper strip, Jughead), Tania del Rio (Sabrina), Bill Galvan (Jughead & Friends -- shown at right), George Gladir (Archie, Betty, Betty & Veronica), Rich Koslowski (Archie & Friends, Jughead, Sonic), Dan Parent (Betty & Veronica, Veronica), Andrew Pepoy (Archie & Friends: Katy Keene, Betty & Veronica, Sonic) and staff members Victor Gorelick (VP/managing editor), Fred Mausser (VP/director of circulation), and Rik Offenberger (public relations coordinator) discuss upcoming plans at Archie Comics, talk about comics for kids, and take questions from the audience. At the conclusion of the panel there will be free copies of Archie Digest #236 for fans, while supplies last. Room 4
12:30-2:00 p.m.
Secret Origin of Good Readers — It’s back, bigger and better than ever! The 7th annual Secret Origin of Good Readers panel features Dr. Robyn A. Hill (National University, San Diego), Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City), Bill Morrison (creative director, Bongo Comics), Jesse L. McCann (noted children's author), Bill Galvan (creator/artist The Scrapyard Detectives, artist Archie Comics) and Frank Beddor (creator/author/producer, The Looking Glass Wars). The panelists will discuss how teachers, librarians, retailers, authors, artists, and publishers can work together to bring comic books into the classroom for use as an innovative and motivating cross-curricular teaching tool and a vehicle for promoting reading and literacy. Through a multimedia presentation, personal remarks, and a question-and-answer session, the speakers will present an overview of the medium and highlight specific ways that comic books and graphic novels have been used to engage a variety of learners. Breakout sessions will follow the main presentation. The 70-page resource book The Secret Origin of Good Readers is available online for free download - click www.night-flight.com/secretorigin/SOGR05.pdf to download it, courtesy of XMission.com. Room 3
Elsewhere in Archie Comics ...

“Making it Big”: It’s a sad song and a happy song for Riverdale’s favorite garage band: sad when The Archies blow an audition to appear on national TV, and big time when they end up on TV anyway… courtesy of an unexpected voice from the past! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand July 24, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

PART THREE OF A SPECIAL FOUR-ISSUE SAGA FEATURING RIVERDALE’S FAVORITE TEENS IN A WHOLE NEW LOOK!“Bad Boy Trouble Part 3”: Months after Archie Comics announced an extreme makeover for their flagship characters, the buzz continues! At this year’s second annual blockbuster New York City Comic-Con, both fans and media alike swarmed the Archie Comics booth hoping to learn more about this major event! Is wild man Nick St. Clair the misunderstand romantic he’s convinced Veronica he is, or the wolf in biker’s clothing that her friends think he is? All will be revealed in the pages of BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST, so be sure to reserve your copy of this much-anticipated issue, drawn in an all-new realistic style that has everyone talking! SCRIPT: Melanie J. Morgan. ART: Steven Butler. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand July 24, 2007
Full-color digest format

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BRBTV birthdays in July

- Brock Peters, who voiced Lucius Fox on "Batman: The Animated Series," was born on July 2, 1927 and died on August 23, 2005.
- Signy Coleman, our Celeste DiNapoli of "Santa Barbara," who also did an 1987 episode of "Dallas," turned 47 on Independence Day.
- Rosemary Forsyth, the original Sophia Capwell (and Dominic) of "SB," and Anne McFadden on "Dallas," turned 64 on July 6.
- Grant Goodeve, who was Chris Deegan on "Dynasty," also had a birthday on July 6, turning 55.
- Kimberly Foster, who portrayed Michelle Stevens on "Dallas," is our third July 6 birthday, turning 46.
- Sandy Ward, who played Jeb Ames on "Dallas," was born on July 12, 1926, and died on March 6, 2005.
- Dale Robertson, who was Walter Lankershim on "Dynasty" and Frank Crutcher on "Dallas," turns 84 on July 14.
- Ken Kercheval, our unforgettable Cliff Barnes of "Dallas," turns 72 on July 15.
- Barbara Stanwyck, the legendary film star who was Constance Colby on "The Colbys," was born on July 16, 1907 and died on January 20, 1990.
- Diahann Carroll, the songstress who vexed Alexis as Dominique Devereaux on "Dynasty," turns 72 on July 17.
- Audrey Landers, who was Afton Cooper on "Dallas" and a couple roles on "The Dukes of Hazzard," turns 48 on July 18.
- George Dzundza, the voice of the Ventriloquist on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 62 on July 19.
- Paul Burke, the second C.C. Capwell of "Santa Barbara," who also did a memorable turn on "Dynasty" as Neal McVane, turns 81 on July 21.
- Art Hindle, who brokered babies as Jeff Farraday on "Dallas," turns 59 on July 21.
- Lenore Kasdorf, the lovely Caroline Wilson on "SB," turns 59 on July 23.
- James Best, our own Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane of "The Dukes of Hazzard," turns 81 on July 26.
- Keenan Wynn, the second Digger Barnes on "Dallas," was born on July 27, 1916 and died on October 14, 1986.
- Sasha Mitchell, another "Dallas" alum as long-lost Ewing son James Beaumont, turns the big 4-0 on July 27.
- Lloyd Bochner, who was Cecil Colby on "Dynasty," was born on July 29, 1924 and died on October 29, 2005.
- David Warner, who was the commanding and ghoulish Ra's al Ghul on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 66 on July 29.
- Ben Piazza, our own Walt Driscoll of "Dallas," was born on July 30, 1934, and died on September 7, 1991.
- Susan Flannery, who played Leslie Stewart on "Dallas," turns 64 on July 31.
- Lane Davies, the unforgettable original Mason Capwell on "Santa Barbara," who showed up on "Dallas" as Craig Gurney, also has a birthday on July 31, turning 57.

Happy birthday to all!

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Some of our "Dallas" faves came out for a special charity auction of the series' memorabilia in France. Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Steve Kanaly and Charlene Tilton helped auction the items, which included a Stetson hat worn by J.R. and some cowboy boots worn by Bobby. Read more at the BBC site.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tracy Scoggins, Jack Coleman: See you in San Diego

In the world of comic-cons, the San Diego con is the biggie, and every fanboy's dream. This is the one where the entertainment world pulls out all the stops and sends their big names for big panel discussions and appearances. This year, Jack Coleman, our own second Steven Carrington of "Dynasty," is certainly riding the wave of popularity for his new show "Heroes," which blasted out of the gate at NBC last fall and hasn't stopped smokin' since. Meanwhile, his former co-star Tracy Scoggins, our own Monica Colby who was mentioned just a post or two ago as highly favored in the new "Babylon 5" DVD movie, is also riding pretty high these days. Both of these "Dynasty" alums will be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con International.

Coleman will participate in a Q&A session with his "Heroes" castmates at 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 28 at the show. A clip from the show's second season will also be shown.

Scoggins will join the panel discussion of "Babylon 5: The Lost Tales" after a showing of footage from the film, which releases at the end of the month. That panel happens at 6 p.m. Friday, July 27.

And, just to make this comic-con a BRBTV triple-shot, Bruce Timm, executive producer/director/writer of the new "Superman Doomsday" animated film and executive producer/director/writer and whatever else for our beloved "Batman: The Animated Series," will also appear. He'll be part of a panel discussion accompanying the showing of the "Doomsday" film at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 26. Timm's partner in crimefighting Paul Dini will also attend the con (guess that makes it a quadruple shot, eh?).

To see the full schedule, check out the SlashFilm.com site, or the San Diego Comic-Con International official site.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Next for Maxwell Caulfield: "La Cage aux Folles"

He jumps right from "Chicago" to "La Cage aux Folles," our handsome Miles-Colby-turned-Broadway-star. And by jumped, we mean jumped -- the show opens July 17 and runs until August 4 at the Ogunquit Playhouse, BroadwayWorld.com announced on Friday. Our "Dynasty" star is fresh off his role as Billy Flynn in London.

The production at the summer theatre in Ogunquit, Maine, is based on a play by Jean Poiret, which was also made into a hit film. Caulfield will portray Georges, and he'll share the stage with former Miss America Susan Powell, who also has some suds in her background -- she was Cora on CBS' "Guiding Light."

Caulfield, BroadwayWorld.com points out, also starred in the Broadway production of "An Inspector Calls" and Off-Broadway productions of "Entertaining Mr. Sloane," "My Night with Reg" and "Salonica" as well as touring productions of "The Elephant Man" and "Sleuth."

For more info, see the Ogunquit Playhouse's website.

Friday, July 06, 2007

See My Lee! Another U.K. edition!

Oh, we just love this ... Mr. Stephen Gallantree, who, like Mr. Lee Duke (!) featured last Friday, lives in the U.K. and contacted Year One here in the States for help with his own General Lee, sent us these marvelous photos ...

As you can see, they offer a nice glimpse of both "before" and "after" ...

Photos courtesy of Stephen Gallantree

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tracy Scoggins' new "Babylon 5" movie releases

We reported in the November 10, 2006 post of the BRBTV News Blog that Tracy Scoggins -- our own Monica Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" as well as Anita Smithfield of "Dallas" and that feisty blonde cop on "The Dukes of Hazzard" -- was working on a new "Babylon 5" movie. Now that movie has a release date for DVD: July 31. And Scoggins even gets a nice shot on the DVD's cover, which you can check out at the WB page for the release.

"Babylon 5: The Lost Tales" concerns a series of events set after the TV show. "Sheridan prepares for a fateful Babylon 5 reunion that could prevent Earth's impending doom ... if he will also compromise his core principles," the promo says. "Meanwhile, commander Lochley confronts an unexpected interloper on the way station -- a being whose presence makes the B5 freeport the crossroads between heaven and hell." Bruce Boxleitner stars with Scoggins, who reprises her role as Elizabeth Lochley. The DVD's extras include director J. Michael Straczynski's diary of the film's production.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hair Dare Dukes Days offer a star-car paradise

Plans are shaping up for this year's Hair Dare Dukes Days in Ontario, sponsored by the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club and benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society, as mentioned previously here in this very blog ...

One big part of the show, which is the fifth annual event and which has expanded to two days this year, is the star-car quotient. It's big, if the below list is any indication!

C'mon out on August 10-12, and you'll not only meet Byron "Coy Duke" Cherry, Christopher "Vance Duke" Mayer, Don Pedro "Sheriff Little" Colley, BRB herself and Paul Casey, Vegas (and DukesFest) performer extraordinnaire, but you'll also meet the following ...

**At least 15 General Lees!**
3 Hazzard County Sheriff cars from the series
Hazzard County Sheriff car from the 2005 movie
Hazzard County Sheriff boat
Daisy Duke "Dixie" Jeep
"Carnival of Thrills" two-part episode car
Chickasaw County Sheriff car
Double Zero Mustang
The Colonel car
"Dukes of Hazzard" memorabilia museum
K.I.T.T. car from "Knight Rider"
Batman boat from '60s series
"Lost in Space" robot
"Starsky & Hutch" Torino
"A-Team" van
"Mad Max" Falcon
"Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am

And can we just note that a good share of these cars are owned by chicks! Yeee-haaaa!

Have you picked up that extra memory card for your camera yet?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fredric Lehne: "Claire" and more

So ... whatever happened to ... that guy who played Eddie Cronin on "Dallas"? You know, mid-'80s? Lucy's buddy while she was working at the restaurant? Well, Fredric Lehne hasn't dropped off the radar, that's for sure. He's peppered his resume with all kinds of good TV in the years since he left "Dallas": "Wiseguy," "Matlock," "Babylon 5," "CSI," "Touched By An Angel" and much more. Now, Lehne is working on a couple new projects, one of which you'll see on your small screen in August.

"Claire" stars the trimming-down Valerie Bertinelli, no doubt riding the wave of her weight-loss campaign with Kirstie Alley. "When her neighbors are suddenly murdered, Claire Bannion (Bertinelli), a widowed mother with a unique psychic gift, must assist the police in locating the killer," says the press materials from the Hallmark Channel, where the movie will air on Saturday, August 11. "As the pressure intensifies to find the murderer before new victims are claimed, it is those closest to Claire who are in the most danger -- and under the most scrutiny." Lehne plays the character of David.

Lehne then takes a scholarly turn in "Apology," a tale of coed Sophie Hoffkind, who's "in search of her sexual identity," and who "spins into crisis after she sleeps with her professor and he unexpectedly dies the morning after," the IMDb says. Lehne portrays Professor Michael Slateman. The drama, from Longtale Films, is written and directed by Leah Yananton and is classified as in postproduction.

Also this year, Lehne has had a recurring role as a janitor and demon (!) on the CW's creepfest "Supernatural."

Photo: Kevin Lynch/© 2007 Crown Media; courtesy of the Hallmark Channel