Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bits 'n' Pieces: Emma Samms, Richard Moll, Greg Evigan

  • Emma Samms, our second Fallon Carrington of "Dynasty," will be making yet another return to the show that really launched her career, "General Hospital." The actress reprises her role of Holly Sutton next month, according to Soap Opera Digest. Samms' previous stints on "GH" include the origin of the Holly character in 1983, as well as eps in 1985, 1991, 1993, 2006 and 2010. Samms is also in the action thriller "Vendetta," scheduled for release in the U.K. in November.
  • Riding the wave of the press-gobbling "Sharknado," Syfy has its original movie "Ghost Shark" all queued up. Among the cast on this next deadly swim is Richard Moll of "Night Court," whom we know as the voice of Harvey Dent on "Batman: The Animated Series," the character Morgan Malone on "Santa Barbara" and Milo Beaudry on "The Dukes of Hazzard." Premiering at 9 p.m. Eastern on August 22, "Ghost Shark" has this plotline from Syfy: "Last Fourth of July, teenager Christy Bruce disappeared from a high school beach party. Her severed arm washed ashore a day later. Drunken sea captain Blaise Shaw became a hero to the small seaside community of Harmony after killing the great white shark that was deemed responsible, but the Christy Bruce murder was no shark attack. Blaise turns to ghost hunter Ava Conte, who is skeptical but intrigued by his ghost shark ramblings. With preparations for a massive July 4th celebration rapidly approaching, they soon find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy of sex and murder involving the town's wealthiest and most powerful citizens. Unprepared to contend with a Ghost Shark that can hunt on land, sea, as well as anywhere there is enough water or rain to sustain its phantom form, Blaise and Ava must uncover the truth about the towns dark past or fall victim to the Ghost Shark."
  • And while we're on that Syfy theme (because we do adore their stuff -- we've said it on this blog before), the network is serving up yet another original movie with yet another of our beloved stars of classic TV. This time it's Greg Evigan, whom BRBTV had the pleasure to meet and chat with at the Professional Stuntman Invitational in 2009, and who was not only the star of "B.J. and the Bear" but also appeared as the sinister Willie Gust on "Dallas." Evigan will star with Denise Crosby in "Invasion Roswell." Syfy's plotline on this one: "Sixty-six years after the Roswell crash, aliens return to attack Earth." Seriously, we're there. August 8, 9 p.m. Eastern.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Spotted: Lloyd Bochner

He's gallant and stately, much like Cecil Colby, though he's a bit younger. This is Lloyd Bocher we're talking about, a decade and a half before he terrorized Blake Carrington on "Dynasty," portraying a bad guy in the 1966 episode of "The Green Hornet" called "The Silent Gun."

He's Dan Carley in this story about a gun that makes no noise, and he wears his trim, shiny, well-greased helmet of hair well, so much of the style for men at the time. He wears a hat in some scenes, too -- another sign of the time for men. He's well-suited-up, has a mustache, and chomps on a cigar in one scene. Gotta love it, Cecil.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adrian Paul talks with BRBTV about "Colbys" and career

BRBTV got the chance to meet and chat with Adrian Paul, aka Bliss’ boyfriend Kolya on our "Dynasty" spinoff "The Colbys," at the 2013 Motor City Comic Con (see our June 7 post). We also recorded his Q-and-A panel with fans at that event (see the BRBTV YouTube channel for that!). We decided we might like to follow up with this fresh email interview with Paul, where the actor reminisces a bit about his time on “The Colbys” and his career, which got quite a bit bigger after “The Colbys” with that whole “Highlander” thing!

How did you first learn about the role on “The Colbys”?
“My agent sent me over to read for the role.”

Was it actually your first role, as the IMDb indicates?
“Yes, basically, here in the United States.”

Did you find you had to do a lot of additional training or preparation physically for this role, since it was the role of a dancer?
“No, I had trained as a dancer for a few years prior to this, although being a ballet dancer is an entirely different style of training. I have always been physical, so that part wasn’t the challenge. The challenge was making sure I looked the part.”

Were you surprised that the show only lasted a season and a half? What was the feeling on the set about that?
“Well, I was very green back then, so I had no idea how long a show should or could last. I was just happy to be working and to be honest, I worked with a lot of very well-known and accomplished actors.”

Is there anything you would have done differently with the role of Kolya if you were the one writing him?
“If I were the one writing him?  Hmmmm  I would make him the lead. Obviously when you are dealing with a soap, some of the situations are a little less than real. For instance, one episode had me jumping from the sixth story of a building, landing on my feet and slightly limping away. Mmmh … that was real. Charlton Heston had a line that he gave to Tracy Scoggins because he realized how ridiculous it might sound, which was … ’Good thing you're a dancer. You might have seriously been hurt’ (or words to that effect).”

You seemed to leave your dancing work behind, after that “Colbys” role, because you got into so many more action-oriented roles after that. Was it deliberate on your part, or just how it worked out?
“No, it’s just the way it worked out. I got to dance in a few things episode-wise after that, but not as part of the character.”

You mentioned in your panel with fans at the Motor City Comic Con that you would like to do a “Star Trek” movie. What role would you like to have in the “Trek” world?
“’Star Trek’ has transcended the sci-fi genre now. Twenty years ago every ‘Star Trek’ fan was seen as a geek. Not now. They are seen as the meal ticket to investors and studios who realize that there is something very compelling about the idea of civilization in space. As for the type of role? I don't know.”

You also mentioned you're working on some projects behind the camera. Can you tell me more about those?
“I am finishing up a script I am supposed to be directing early next year.  I have my radio show, Peace Fund radio, at http://www.latalkradio.com/Peace.php, where we discuss not only what the Peace Fund does but also bring on other celebrity guests with a passion for helping children in need. I am also putting together several films under my production company www.filmblips.com.”

Many thanks to Adrian Paul for taking the time!

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
Copying with credit is OK; a link would be grand.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Spotted: Louise Sorel

Her sweet lilting voice is unmistakable, and she has all the lovely innocence she had for the "Star Trek" episode she did a few years earlier. This is the divine Louise Sorel, many miles from the bite of Augusta Lockridge of our beloved "Santa Barbara."

In the 1970 episode of "Night Gallery" called "The Dead Man," she plays Velia, the young and pretty wife of a researcher who has mastered the art of bringing a young, strapping man out of the psychosomatic disorder he's been suffering from, and even making him appear dead only to make him magically come back to life. Unfortunately, however, this researcher's pretty wife Velia picks up with the strapping young man. Then things take a turn, and you see where the priorities lie for Velia, so appropriately reflecting '70s fashion in her soft, periwinkle blue, flowin gown.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Check out the "Dukes" 12-inch figures!

They're gettin' all kinds of feedback at the Figures Toy Co. Facebook page, and don't they look just great??? They're the prototypes of the 12-inch "Dukes of Hazzard" action figures that the company will be releasing soon. Look at that detail on the dungarees on Bo and Luke, and on Rosco's uniform. And the facial features are lookin' good. BRBTV will be buying one of each, that's fo sho!

The final version of Boss Hogg will include his matching hat. While Series 1 features Bo and Luke Duke, Rosco and Boss Hogg, future series will include Daisy Duke, Uncle Jesse, Cooter, Cletus Hogg, Enos and more (Coy and Vance, we hope? A little Sheriff Little??? Bring it on!!!). These guys will be available in both 8-inch and 12-inch. As we reported in our April 20 post, Figures Toy Co. is also planning a "Dallas" line, with two different versions of J.R. Ewing figures.

Images courtesy of Figures Toy Co.; do not copy without permission.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Spotted: Richard Anderson

He was young, young, young, but his facial features and tall lanky form were unmistakable. This was Mr. Richard Anderson, so well-known as Oscar Goldman on "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman," but known to us "Dynasty" fans as Buck Fallmont, starring in an old black-and-white episode of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour."

He wasn't playing the troubled alcoholic like Buck, nor the kind and reserved guy like Oscar. In 1964's "Who Needs an Enemy?" Anderson is shrewd, accusatory, and betrayed by his business partner. He seeks the truth, and he gets shystered. But for how long? Hmmm ... You know there's always a twist in these things. Maybe not as sharp a twist as Hitchcock's competition at the time, Rod Serling and his masterful "Twilight Zone," but a nice little twist at the end all the same.

Paul Baxley, stunt coordinator of "The Dukes of Hazzard," shows up in this episode, too, in a minor role.