Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adrian Paul talks with BRBTV about "Colbys" and career

BRBTV got the chance to meet and chat with Adrian Paul, aka Bliss’ boyfriend Kolya on our "Dynasty" spinoff "The Colbys," at the 2013 Motor City Comic Con (see our June 7 post). We also recorded his Q-and-A panel with fans at that event (see the BRBTV YouTube channel for that!). We decided we might like to follow up with this fresh email interview with Paul, where the actor reminisces a bit about his time on “The Colbys” and his career, which got quite a bit bigger after “The Colbys” with that whole “Highlander” thing!

How did you first learn about the role on “The Colbys”?
“My agent sent me over to read for the role.”

Was it actually your first role, as the IMDb indicates?
“Yes, basically, here in the United States.”

Did you find you had to do a lot of additional training or preparation physically for this role, since it was the role of a dancer?
“No, I had trained as a dancer for a few years prior to this, although being a ballet dancer is an entirely different style of training. I have always been physical, so that part wasn’t the challenge. The challenge was making sure I looked the part.”

Were you surprised that the show only lasted a season and a half? What was the feeling on the set about that?
“Well, I was very green back then, so I had no idea how long a show should or could last. I was just happy to be working and to be honest, I worked with a lot of very well-known and accomplished actors.”

Is there anything you would have done differently with the role of Kolya if you were the one writing him?
“If I were the one writing him?  Hmmmm  I would make him the lead. Obviously when you are dealing with a soap, some of the situations are a little less than real. For instance, one episode had me jumping from the sixth story of a building, landing on my feet and slightly limping away. Mmmh … that was real. Charlton Heston had a line that he gave to Tracy Scoggins because he realized how ridiculous it might sound, which was … ’Good thing you're a dancer. You might have seriously been hurt’ (or words to that effect).”

You seemed to leave your dancing work behind, after that “Colbys” role, because you got into so many more action-oriented roles after that. Was it deliberate on your part, or just how it worked out?
“No, it’s just the way it worked out. I got to dance in a few things episode-wise after that, but not as part of the character.”

You mentioned in your panel with fans at the Motor City Comic Con that you would like to do a “Star Trek” movie. What role would you like to have in the “Trek” world?
“’Star Trek’ has transcended the sci-fi genre now. Twenty years ago every ‘Star Trek’ fan was seen as a geek. Not now. They are seen as the meal ticket to investors and studios who realize that there is something very compelling about the idea of civilization in space. As for the type of role? I don't know.”

You also mentioned you're working on some projects behind the camera. Can you tell me more about those?
“I am finishing up a script I am supposed to be directing early next year.  I have my radio show, Peace Fund radio, at, where we discuss not only what the Peace Fund does but also bring on other celebrity guests with a passion for helping children in need. I am also putting together several films under my production company”

Many thanks to Adrian Paul for taking the time!

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV
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