Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tom Wopat has tons of shows coming up this spring and summer

From the web crew of Tom ("Luke Duke") Wopat ...

Tom's up to a lot lately with a huge lineup of shows coming this spring and summer! Take a look below and see if he's coming to a town near you!  We also wanted to share this video of Tom rehearsing Frank Sinatra's classic, "I Fall In Love Too Easily," at Rockwell Table and Stage during sound check. Click HERE to watch and enjoy!
Apr 12 - Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts- Orange Park, FL
Apr 19 - Curtis Theatre - Brea, CA 
Apr 24 - Apr 26 – Universiry of Wisconsin Varsity Band – Madison, WI
May 2 - The Van Dyck (Early Show) - Schenectady, NY
May 2 - The Van Dyck (Late Show) - Schenectady, NY
May 9 - The Stage at Rockwells (Early Show) - Pelham, NY 
May 9 - The Stage at Rockwells (Late Show) - Pelham, NY 
May 17 - Ram's Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD - NEW SHOW! 
May 24 - Jonathan’s - Ogunquit, ME
July 9-10 - Crossroads Music Series - Nashville, TN

Jul 11 - Iridium (Early Show) - New York, NY 
Jul 11 - Iridium (Late Show) - New York, NY 
Jul 12 - Iridium (Early Show) - New York, NY
Jul 12 - Iridium (Late Show) - New York, NY
Jul 26 - Grand Marshall of Baraboo Circus Parade - Baraboo, WI
*Click the venue name for tickets or more information

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dane Witherspoon dead at age 56

A Martinez has evidently broken the news on his Facebook page that nobody else out there has, that Dane Witherspoon, his "Santa Barbara" costar, has died. BRBTV offers condolences to Witherspoon's family and friends.

We loved him as the original Joe Perkins from the moment the show launched in July 1984, that blessed summer we were pinned to the TV to catch this new soap amid the summer Olympics where Mary Lou Retton and Carl Lewis reigned.

Martinez, who played Cruz Castillo to much acclaim on the soap, offered these words, which he kindly allows BRBTV to post:

"Dane passed this morning. People who watched Santa Barbara in its earliest days will remember him as Joe Perkins, a character to which he brought a quiet grace and deep, bittersweet sense of soul. He was a singular, standup guy, loved and admired by many. My first thought, upon meeting him in 1984: 'This is the most beautiful man I've ever seen.' That beauty went all the way to his core."

Witherspoon was born in December 1957 in Texas, as Richard Dane Witherspoon, according to the IMDb. He appeared on "The Waltons" and "Eight is Enough" before his "SB" days, and he kept a pretty low profile afterward. What a shame; we thought he was a natural talent and so wonderfully handsome.

He was married to his "SB" costar Robin Wright from 1986 to 1988, and yes, we saw those sparks in the Kelly and Joe storyline. They were just electric together; we were so bummed when Witherspoon was off the show.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Morgan Fairchild, John O'Hurley to appear in "Christian Mingle"

Corbin Bernsen making Christian films? Yes, the longtime actor who we've enjoyed on both "Psych" and "General Hospital" (Carly's dad, was it? and the other Carly, not this one ... oh, never mind!!!) Is not only making a Christian movie, but he's partnering with a well-known Christian dating service to do it.

Bernsen's Home Theater Films has planned "Christian Mingle" for release later this year, and yes, the movie does involve the online community in its plot, which centers around a 30-something female looking for love. Delightfully enough, the movie will include Morgan Fairchild, whom we know as the original Jenna Wade on the just-as-original "Dallas," and John O'Hurley, our own Stephen Slade of "Santa Barbara."

Read the movie's press release on PR Newswire. And read more about this budding moviemaker's other projects at and Beliefnet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sheree J. Wilson has a new flick, Facebook fan page and more

It's got young blondes in skimpy clothes and other typical slasher flare. And a few zombies thrown in. Heck, it's even got William Shockley -- that's a plus in our book. It's "Dug Up," a recent project featuring Sheree J. Wilson, whom we know as April Stevens Ewing of "Dallas."

And trust us -- that Shockley thing is goooooooodddd. He was the only thing we could watch in every one of his scenes on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and he's really in his element in this movie's trailer. He looks great. Wilson looks great, too.

Wilson also has had a role on our favorite web series, "DeVanity," and a new project called "Jail Wagon," shot in Texas and scheduled for release this year.

You can try to keep up with Wilson at her official website, and she's also got a new fan page on Facebook.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Next up for Jack Coleman: "Salvation"

Our own second Steven Carrington of "Dynasty," Jack Coleman, is set to appear in a pilot for a new series for NBC. Called "Salvation," the drama centers around the church culture in Texas. Ashley Judd will play the matriarch of the church family. Unfortunately, looks like Coleman has the role of Judd's husband, who dies. Rats. Still, we'll be curious to see how the series, if picked up, treats the ministry world.

Read more at ...
Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John Schneider's wife auditions for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

TMZ has posted an audition video made by John ("Bo Duke") Schneider of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and his wife, Elly Schneider. Elly's interested in filling a slot on the popular reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." As of this post, the votes from TMZ viewers were 72 percent "no" on whether or not Elly's video makes the cut.

That's just all we'll say, frankly. Thanks to Brian for the heads-up!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

John Wesley Shipp will be "Flash"-ing once again, but as who?

OK, we have it on good authority that Mr. John Wesley Shipp, whom we know as Martin Ellis on "Santa Barbara" and who we talked to at an event in Nashville a couple years back will be appearing on the new "Flash" series. We have it on the same good authority that the pilot for said new "Flash," series, which will air on the CW network, possibly in the fall if it's picked up (which, really, it should be picked up), is being shot right now, as we type.

Sure enough, Shipp is credited for the pilot episode of the series, for a role not yet named. You can get a little more at TV Guide. Our good authority thinks it may be the main character's dad. That would be a fine tribute to Shipp's work on the original "Flash" series, which sadly only lasted a season but was good enough to go longer!

Grant Gustin plays the title character in the new series. He originated the role on the CW's "Arrow." See a photo of Shipp on the set with Gustin at

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spotted: Ted Shackelford

What do you get when you cross Daisy Duke with Gary Ewing? Well, from the "Young and the Restless" perspective, you get the character of Chelsea!. And while we've been enjoying watching Catherine Bach in her rather flamboyant role as Chelsea's mom Anita on the daytime soap (she's had more airdates since Christmas, with everything that's been going on in Chelsea's life lately), we were tickled earlier today to see Ted Shackelford sweep in as dear old Dad.

It wasn't so dear a reunion, really. He raided the closet of Chelsea's husband Adam (assumed dead right now, but they're hinting at a typical soaps return from the dead for this one), and in his dapper suit he just couldn't stop talking about his shortcomings as a father. Shackelford is handsome and rather stately in the role, though there's a touch of the down-and-out about him. Still, we're signed on. Bring on more! And while you're at it, Ted, come back to the new "Dallas"! Like all the other originals, you're just fab there.

And speaking of the return of the classics ... Donna Mills popping up today on "General Hospital" as Silas' former wife's mom? Seriously. That magic soaps lighting strikes again! Will these people age, already????

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Charlene Tilton talks about her time in the foster system

She went from a little girl in foster homes to a young actress hanging out at Southfork, and that's what Charlene Tilton, our own little Lucy Ewing of "Dallas," will talk about at a prayer breakfast next week.

"I am honored to be the keynote speaker with my talk "From Foster Home to Southfork," Tilton says on her Facebook fan page. Her daughter, singer Cherish Lee, will perform at the event, which happens March 13 in Glendale, California.

The actress also just did an interview with MyFoxLA on her time in foster care.

Tilton is returning to the new "Dallas" on TNT, by the way, for a wedding in the March 17 episode.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Get ready to get your bourbon, J.R. style

You watched Sue Ellen grab the bottle in the final episode of Season 2 of TNT's "Dallas," and you watched J.R drink from it earlier. Now you can own it. Or something a whole lot like it. It's that fab square bottle of bourbon engraved with J.R. Ewing's name, so stately on his bar, next to glasses also so engraved, and about to be so stately on your own bar.

The J.R. Ewing Bourbon "private reserve" whiskey hails from Kentucky and will be coming around the South and Midwest (yay) by the end of this month, with other regions to follow. Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group are producing the licensed product with Southfork Bottling Co. and Glazer’s Inc., says official press release. We can't help but adore it.

See more at the Dallas News and Dallas Culture Map.

Photo from PRWeb