Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sheree J. Wilson has a new flick, Facebook fan page and more

It's got young blondes in skimpy clothes and other typical slasher flare. And a few zombies thrown in. Heck, it's even got William Shockley -- that's a plus in our book. It's "Dug Up," a recent project featuring Sheree J. Wilson, whom we know as April Stevens Ewing of "Dallas."

And trust us -- that Shockley thing is goooooooodddd. He was the only thing we could watch in every one of his scenes on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and he's really in his element in this movie's trailer. He looks great. Wilson looks great, too.

Wilson also has had a role on our favorite web series, "DeVanity," and a new project called "Jail Wagon," shot in Texas and scheduled for release this year.

You can try to keep up with Wilson at her official website, and she's also got a new fan page on Facebook.

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