Friday, March 31, 2006

More on that Heather Locklear thing!

As a follow-up to yesterday's quickie post on the new Heather Locklear TV vehicle ...

Ileana Douglas has joined the cast of the ABC comedy "Women of a Certain Age," according to / Reuters. She'll play a best friend to Locklear, who portrays a freshly widowed chick off on a new life. The show's pilot was reported as currently filming earlier this week.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Heather Locklear back on TV? And birthdays, too!

BRBTV News Blip: Heather Locklear of "Dynasty" is working on a TV pilot called "Women of a Certain Age," where she portrays a recent widow starting a new life with two friends. The show is being produced by Allison Adler ("Emily's Reasons Why Not" and "Commander in Chief") and Jeff Judah ("Just Shoot Me!" and "Freaks and Geeks"), among others.

Meanwhile ... BRBTV birthdays this week:

- Ken Howard, the long-suffering Garrett Boydston of "Dynasty," turned 62 on Tuesday, March 28.
- Justin Deas, the irrepressible Keith Timmons on "Santa Barbara," turns 58 today, March 30.
- Peggy Rea, the wonderful Lulu Hogg of "The Dukes of Hazzard" (voted BRBTV's favorite character on the show), turns 85 tomorrow, March 31.
- Ed Marinaro, the hunky Cray Boyd on "Dynasty," turns 56 tomorrow.
- Michael Praed, Prince Michael of "Dynasty," turns 46 on April Fool's Day, Saturday.

Happy birthday to all!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Dynasty" secrets ... revealed! And a "Dallas" tidbit!

OK, that's what they used to call a "screaming headline" in the history of the journalism biz, and it's certainly a method well-used today (!), but this particular screaming headline does have a point ...

"Entertainment Tonight" will be doing a special segment, "Dynasty Secrets Revealed!" (OK, we added that exclamation point), with Linda Evans and Joan Collins. In coordinating, rabid-red gowns, Evans and Collins pay tribute to their on-screen catfighting ways in rehearsals for the "Legends" production that so closely mirrors their "Dynasty" days. So check it out, tomorrow, and you can check out the online report of it now, with video:

Meanwhile, John Travolta went on record today to happily say he's got Larry Hagman's approval to take on the role Hagman made famous on "Dallas." Travolta was interviewing on "Entertainment Tonight," when the subject of the "Dallas" movie came up, amid the other movie projects Travolta has going on right now.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Priscilla Presley invites you into Graceland on "ET"

Jann Carl of "Entertainment Tonight" is doing a special interview of Priscilla Presley at the luscious Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. Presley's role as the third and final Jenna Wade on "Dallas" didn't come up in conversation, however; her role as Elvis Presley's former wife still very much defines her. The interview aired last night and continues on tonight's broadcast.

Looking good sporting straight, red hair, Presley reminisced about the family dinners and the family gatherings at the famous home of her former husband. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton was also there, in an official capacity, to designate Graceland as a national landmark. Presley jokingly remembered the opening of the 14-acre estate to tours in 1982, when she wondered if anyone would come.

Presley and Carl walked through several areas of the home: the game room, Elvis' parents' bedroom and other rooms. Presley commented that the home feels like it did when Elvis was alive. "You walk in, and you feel like Elvis is still here," she said. "No matter where I look, I see him. This house is him. His spirit is here."

Catch the second part of the interview tonight; check local listings.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lane Davies does "King Lear"

Continually indulging his love of theater nowadays, Lane Davies, our original and fabulous Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara" (who also did a brief stint as Craig Gurney on "Dallas"), stars next in Shakespeare's "King Lear."

He'll be performing at the University of Georgia's Fine Arts Theatre on April 20-22, 26-29 at 8 p.m. and on April 30 at 2:30 p.m. Regular admission is $12 and students are $10.

Find out more at

Hard-core Lane Davies fans are planning a 5:30 p.m. dinner before the Saturday, April 22 show. Check it out at the forum for Davies' official website,

Friday, March 24, 2006

Patrick Duffy joins "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Lotsa stuff happening with "Dallas" lately ... Patrick Duffy, aka the alpha male Bobby Ewing, will be doing a stint on CBS' daytime soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" in April, reports.

Duffy will portray Stephen Logan, Brooke's errant father, for a short time beginning April 18. The role of Stephen was most recently held by actor Robert Pine.

And it's not the only "Dallas" outing for "B & B." Linda Gray of "Dallas" also appeared on the show, as Priscilla Kelly in a few episodes last year. says that the show's producers have been working on getting Larry Hagman for at least a cameo. Some hard-core "Dallas" fans in that camp, for sure!

You can read the whole story here:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden chat with Leonard Maltin

The subject was their team-up on "I Dream of Jeannie," not their team-up on "Dallas," in a special interview with Leonard Maltin on the set of "Entertainment Tonight," though there's a "Dallas" reference mixed in. The two taped a special segment with their "Jeannie" costar Bill Daily for the first-season DVD of "Jeannie."

"I am 74 years old, but I have a 44-year-old liver, so that makes me about 52," Hagman told Maltin. "My operation was 11 years ago. I've had 10 wonderful years, where I would have been dead."

You can read about the interview with the unstoppable Larry Hagman and the lovely Barbara Eden at:

Be sure to watch the brief video. Hagman really looks like he feels great, and Eden is radiant in red. Maltin also raises rumors of a "Jeannie" movie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Even Diahann Carroll popped up ...

... OK, we hate to drone on and on about the TVLand Awards, but we are all about TV, after all. Guess who also popped up in the sequence spoofing "Grey's Anatomy"? Diahann Carroll, another BRBTV alum for her role as Dominique Devereaux on "Dynasty," paying tribute to her "Julia" days as a nurse in the sequence. And, of course, our perennial favorite Larry Hagman was there, as well, as (what else?) a shooting victim.

The show was a lot of fun, with an opening montage of classic TV theme songs performed by some megawatt stars, including Tom Wopat and John Schneider singing the theme to "The Dukes of Hazzard." Both clad in stately black, Schneider wore a cool long coat and some styin' eyeglasses (and we couldn't help but think of Cillian Murphy as the Dr. Crane in "Batman Begins" -- he had glasses just like that, and, like Schneider, he was hotttttt!).

Wopat and Schneider then reappeared inside of the show's first half-hour to present the Pop Culture Award to the cast of "Dallas" in a truly surreal BRBTV moment (like two sectors of our universe converging, for sure). Charlene Tilton was shimmering in peach, Linda Gray was golden in gold, Mary Crosby looked darn-near younger than she did on the show, and Sheree J. Wilson (though they kept dropping that "J" out in the announcements of her name -- did she lose it and not tell us?) was slim and shady and oh-so sexy in a black veiled gown that did a little peekaboo of her legs. Hagman was, of course, perfect in his own way, going on about how he never gets any awards ...

(And off-topic for BRBTV, we were beside ourselves to see the cast of "Good Times." It was one of the best shows of the '70s. John Amos as James Evans just shook us down, over and over, in his performance, for sure! And he looked great at this awards show. Too bad they couldn't have found a more appropriate presenter for this award -- and for a cast that truly did make a wonderful "impact" by showing us all something we absolutely needed to see in the '70s.)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Don't MISS those TVLand Awards! We're tellin' ya!

Holy heckin' cow! Get your tail-end down to to see some great photos of the this past weekend's tapings for the TVLand Awards, airing tomorrow night:

You'll see our fabulous "Dallas" cast: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton, Mary Crosby, Steve Kanaly, Susan Howard, Sheree J. Wilson. They're accepting the Pop Culture Award for the show. They're looking great.

And guess who are going to be presenters tomorrow night???? It's a BRBTV double-shot: Yessiree, our good ole boys, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. They'll be performing the theme song to "The Dukes of Hazzard," as well.

(By the way, no BRBTV birthdays this week.)

Monday, March 20, 2006

"Dallas" movie buzz names more names

Thanks to the site for the tipoff on this one, as they've been following "Dallas" movie news for years: J.Lo and Shirley MacLaine are among the names being bandied about for the new "Dallas" movie, which may begin filming this October.

Robert Luketic is directing the big-screen remake of our beloved primetime soap, under the umbrella of Regency Enterprises/20th Century Fox. The rumor of John Travolta as J.R. Ewing has been swirling around for a while, but now Variety reports that Luketic has offered the role of Sue Ellen Ewing to Jennifer Lopez, whom he directed in last year's "Monster-in-Law." Luke Wilson of "The Family Stone" is in talks for Bobby Ewing, while Marcia Cross, a "Melrose Place" alum whose star has been shining especially brightly (along with her fabbo red hair) on "Desperate Housewives," would play Bobby's wife Pam. And Shirley MacLaine? No, not the off-kilter minor character Jessica Montfort, which would have been the BRBTV choice! No, MacLaine's up for the role of ... Miss Ellie. Yikes. No further comment.

The film's script has been drafted by Robert Harling ("The First Wives Club" and "Soapdish") and Sacha Gervasi (2004's "The Terminal"). Read Variety's whole story at

Friday, March 17, 2006

See My Lee!

OK, it's not "my" Lee -- it's somebody else's fine Lee! And we've given today's post that title because we'd like to make it an occasional feature here on the BRBTV News Blog ... "See My Lee!" We know there are just TOO many General Lees out there to count. (Just check out the photos of DukesFest at!) So if you've got a General Lee you want to share here at the BRBTV News Blog, feel free to email it on in to

First up, though, we have the fabulous fiery orange beauty of Jeff ("Jett") of Buffalo, N.Y. He's been working on the interior of this baby lately, he says. He also proudly admits that his life "revolves around the Dukes" and tells us he's part of the Confederate General Lee Fan Club.

Rock on!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

John Schneider will be teacher for a day!

This little item popped up on Business Wire: The schoolkids in Rogers Park, Ill., are in for a real treat next Tuesday, March 21, as our own Bo Duke, John Schneider, is going to help promote a new software program by teaching for a day! He'll join author Peter Kline and characters from BrainWare Safari, the new software, at the Jordan Community School. According to Business Wire, Schneider will help "engage students in learning about cognitive skills and how they enable students to perform on the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT), as part of Brain Awareness Day." Developed by Chicago's Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC), BrainWare Safari puts children aged 6-12 through a "mental workout," developing their underlying learning skills, using clinically-based exercises embedded in a videogame format.

"Every night my youngest daughter Karis and I spend time together with BrainWare Safari. I've never seen anything so obviously advantageous in my life," Schneider said for the writeup. "I fully expect BrainWare Safari to revolutionize the way people think. I started seeing results in not only Karis' cognitive skills, but mine too! Immediately!"

To read the whole story: For more information about the program:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BRBTV birthdays this week ...

BRBTV birthdays this week, all from "Dallas":

- Steve Kanaly, our own Ray Krebbs, turned 60 yesterday, March 14.
- Patrick Duffy, our Bobby Ewing, is one of our St. Patrick's Day (how ironic) birthdays, turning 57.
- Lesley-Anne Down, who played Stephanie Rogers, is our other Patty's Day prize, turning 52.

Happy birthday from BRBTV!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Julia Campbell explores "Tillamook Treasure"

Julia Campbell (Courtney Campbell on "SB") will star in the movie "Tillamook Treasure," scheduled for release this year. An excerpt from the plot line at the IMDb: "Julie, a lonely 14-year-old girl, moves to Manzanita, an Oregon seaside town, from Los Angeles after her writer father, Robert, loses his job. Her family, including mother Kathryn and older sister Susan, has trouble adjusting to life in a small town. Julie's parents struggle with her father's unemployment, and her sister Susan finds solace in a summer fling with Tom, a not-too-bright local logger. The story opens with 16th-century Spanish sailors landing their launch on the beach of Manzanita. They carry a treasure chest up Neahkahnie Mountain, leading a manacled black slave. The treasure is buried and the slave killed and laid on top of the ground to "guard" the treasure and frighten the Indians away. Back in the present day, Julie has a dramatic encounter with a large Roosevelt elk on the beach. Its hooves uncover an old Spanish gold coin in the sand. The elk becomes Julie's silent, watchful guide and protector as she becomes fascinated by the legend of the Tillamook Treasure and becomes drawn to the search for the gold."

Campbell plays the mom, Kathryn Kimbell, in the film, directed by Jane Beaumont Hall and written by Richard Doyon and Jane Beaumont Hall.

You can explore the film's official website,, which includes a photo of Campbell in her role.

Monday, March 13, 2006

TVLand salutes "Dallas" on awards show

We told you a few postings ago about the "Dallas" presence in the TVLand viewer's choice online ballot. Well, make sure you tune in to the broadcast of the TVLand Awards a week from Wednesday, March 22, to see the cast of "Dallas" accept the Pop Culture Award. The nostalgic TV channel is recognizing "Dallas" as crossing over to a pop-culture phenom. And hey, we knew that!

Also be sure to check out's very nice "Desperate Classic Housewives" video, featuring the ever-lovely Barbara Eden, longtime costar of Larry Hagman on not only "Dallas" but also on that one show where they didn't want her to show her belly button! Fun! Eden is also featured on one of the spots that have been airing the past several weeks, promoting the TVLand Awards broadcast. She gets served breakfast in bed by Pamela Anderson. In another spot, Larry Hagman is getting his shows shined by The Donald. Nice tributes! You can watch them all at

Friday, March 10, 2006

John Schneider 'fesses up

It's been a "Dukes" week here at the BRBTV News Blog, and to continue on that theme ...

"Dukes of Hazzard" fans who might accidentally frequent John Schneider's official website (and anyone who read one of the first month's posts here at this very blog) recall what Schneider had to say to fans who were predicting his character Pa Kent's demise on the WB's "Smallville." Schneider went on record as saying it was hogwash, that whole idea that Jonathan Kent was going to die, and that he'd seen scripts with Pa Kent in them. Well ... we know how things work in Hollywood, and how top-secret plots of beloved TV shows have to be kept top-secret ... Here's an excerpt of how Schneider "explained" this on his website, in case you haven't had occasion to see it. You can read the whole thing at ...

"Okay, okay... I know, I know... I told an untruth ... I lied. I was under strict orders NOT to let anyone know that Jonathan Kent was actually the one who was going to die in the 100th episode. I'm sorry. All in all, I think it was a terrific show. As good as the pilot, and that was one of the best hours on TV ever! Work and family are going very well. I just did an episode of 'Rodney' on ABC. Look for that in a month or so. It called 'Celebrity' and I think it's very funny. Right now I'm working on three independent movies at the same time! 'Beautiful Loser' is one, 'A Simple Twist of Faith' is the second. 'Collier & Co.' is the third. Those of you who have been with me over the years will remember that 'Collier' is a movie I've wanted to make for years. I am doing it through my own company and it's looking fantastic! One of the most fun aspects of it is that I am shooting it in very small bits and pieces to and from work! Kind of like designing a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from scratch! Actually, great fun! ... 'Smallville' is going to be picked up by the new network that is being formed after the demise of The WB. Next year will be for sure for 'Smallville' but, sadly, not for me. Keep watching though as I may turn up here and there occasionally. ... 'Collier' is a fun script that is exactly what 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie should have been. Something for the whole family with me and lots of fast cars! A one time top racecar driver fights to get his wife and daughter back from the bad guys. Lots of fun, driving and laughs. I'm sure you'll love it!"

BRBTV absolutely loved Schneider's performance as Jonathan Kent on "Smallville," we deeply mourn the loss of him on the show (as we told Schneider's publicist Chad, we really wished Lana Lang would've bit it, which is what the writers were leading you to believe through the first part of the episode), and we wish Schneider the best of good fortune in these current projects he mentions. (And as for "Smallville," the scene-chewing Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor is enough to keep us tuned in any day of the week!)

Special thanks to hard-core "Dukes" geek Bill, who pointed out to BRBTV that the 100th episode of "Smallville" that saw Schneider's departure aired on January 26, which is a special date for "Dukes" fans. It was the date in 1979 when the "Dukes" debuted!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

BRBTV birthdays this week

Only two BRBTV birthdays this week, and they're both from the first couple years of "Santa Barbara":

- Linda Gibboney, who played the first Gina DeMott (and really, the one we preferred for the role), turned 55 on Tuesday, March 7.
- Julia Campbell, the cute Courtney Caroline Capwell, turns a young 43 on Sunday, March 12.

Happy birthday to both ya gals!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A glimpse of the Roads Back to Hazzard tour, Part 2

There were lots of great filming sites included in this past weekend's Roads Back to Hazzard tour in Georgia, sponsored by the Hazzard County Car Club. Some of them, you'd never be able to guess, from how they look now! One great example is the Duke farmhouse originally used in the show. This structure is actually an 1800s log cabin, and that was only discovered a few years after the show's crew left for California and no longer needed the house, and the current owner then decided to tear it down. He started a-tearin' and found vintage logs below the asbestos shingles, and figured he better stop a-tearin'! Here are a couple shots of the cabin, as it looked on Saturday, during the tour, along with a shot of the bridge just down the same gravel road, which you saw when Bo and Luke were ditchin' those big jugs of moonshine from the borrowed blue car of Cooter's at the beginning of the episode "Mary Kaye's Baby." The foliage has grown over the riverbed so much now, but you can still picture that guy down in the creek almost catching on fire when the jug hits his campfire!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A glimpse of the Roads Back to Hazzard tour

See the news item in the Saturday post about this past weekend's fabbo Roads Back to Hazzard tour of the original Georgia filming sites of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Here are some shots of the day ... There's something downright poetic about seeing the General Lee parked in front of the Holiday Inn where the cast and crew originally stayed during the 1978 filming of "The Dukes of Hazzard." In the next photo, you can see some of the merchandise offered during the event's silent auction: autographed photos, ballcaps and more. The bottom photo shows the Hazzard County Car Club crew that put together the event: Jon Holland (left), webmaster Jeremy (orange shirt) and Grant Moroney (right), with Ed of North Carolina, who won the raffle prize of the day, an autographed General Lee door (now there's a door prize that's a prized door!).

Tomorrow: a couple brand-spankin'-new photos of filming sites included on the tour ... It IS "Dukes" filming sites week on the BRBTV News Blog, after all!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sheree J.Wilson in "Killing Down"

Sheree J. Wilson, who played April Stevens Ewing on "Dallas," has a great new leading role in "Killing Down," a movie scheduled for 2006 release. The film is based on actual events and tells the story of Steven Down, who went underground after being tortured in Nicaragua as a U.S. Army intelligence officer. He encounters Wilson, playing Rachel, along the way, as he tries to unlock the mystery of his torture, and as his post-traumatic paranoia deepens. Matthew Tompkins (who also did some episodes of Wilson's more recent TV show, "Walker, Texas Ranger") plays Steven Down. The film is directed and written by Blake Calhoun. Wilson features the movie poster, trailer and film credits at her official website,

As of this month, the film is being edited for dialogue and score. "Our goal has been to have the film ready for distributors before the Cannes film market in May," the film's website says. Check out

Wilson has also recently shot the film "Fragile" for Filmedia Entertainment, written by Frederic Galfo,

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thanks to the Hazzard County Car Club for a great event!

Holy-heckin'-cow it was a great time! The Hazzard County Car Club held its first "Roads Back to Hazzard" tour of original filming sites of "The Dukes of Hazzard" today in the Covington-Conyers-Oxford areas of Georgia. People showed up, people toured around the countryside and got to see how these familiar "Hazzard" sites look today, people had fun! After opening the day at the Holiday Inn in Conyers (where the cast and crew of the show originally stayed during filming in late 1978), the touring commenced, then we all met back at the hotel in the afternoon for the results of the silent auction. There was great merchandise like autographed cast photos, posters, "01" ballcaps and NASCAR parts! The East Coast General Lees club had a nice display of "Dukes" and confederate flag goodies ("heritage not hate" -- which is the way we like it!). BRB (that's me) signed copies of the new print edition of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!," which really had its official debut at this event. I then relocated to the A Touch of Country shop in downtown Covington, keeper of the "Dukes" shrine museum, and was joined by "Hazzard" maven Jo McLaney and store owners and museum keepers Dianne and Harold Duren. Later on, over at the Conyers VFW hall, we watched some cool home videos (courtesy of John Schneider's mom) of the "Dukes" filming, outtakes and a couple original episodes, taped in 1979 with commercials. Folks gabbed, reminisced and had fun sharing the love of a great show.

A rousing thanks goes out to Jon Holland, his girlfriend (and "Hazzard" quick-study!) Amber, Grant Moroney, webmaster Jeremy and the rest of the crew of the Hazzard County Car Club. You might not know just how much goes into an event like this. These guys have been planning this special tour-down-memory-lane for two years! The proceeds went to the valuable Rainbow Ministries in Covington, reportedly "as close to a Hazzard County orphanage as you can get." The Hazzard County Car Club was able to deliver $1,100 to these good folks at the end of the evening.

Congratulations to Ed of North Carolina (yes, they drove from all over), who won the special raffle prize of the day, a beautifully hand-painted (not decals -- just ask Jon!) General Lee door signed by the mechanics who actually worked on the General Lees for the show. And thanks, also, to Jeff and Liz of East Coast General Lees who brought their own blazin' orange beauty to the event.

Look for photos from the event to be posted to the BRBTV News Blog early next week ...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another "Dynasty" reunion? A big-screen remake?

The rumors are flying this week across the web on "Dynasty" and the possibility of not only another reunion movie, but a big-screen remake, recast, much in the same vein as the plans for "Dallas."

FemaleFirst in the U.K. reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has dibs on the dishy role of Alexis in the big-screen possibility. "The brunette beauty, who is married to football ace David Beckham, is said to have won the role after her A-list pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes recommended her to 'Dynasty' creator Aaron Spelling," the website reports. Check out the full story at Now, of course, the word "reportedly" is used in connection with the story, and BRBTV has not yet confirmed this "news."

The website also notes that "'Dukes of Hazzard' beauty Jessica Simpson and actor Bruce Willis have also been hotly-tipped to star in the new film." Hmmm ...

Meanwhile, over at the New York Post, longtime gossip maven Liz Smith is leaking the idea that another "Dynasty" reunion movie is a go.

"'Dynasty' redux -- It happens today," the report reads. "Joan Collins, Linda Evans, John Forsythe and Pamela Sue Martin will announce a 'Dynasty' reunion show. Produced by Henry Winkler, this will be, in Miss Collins' words, 'clips, kissing, hugging reminiscences!' It's interesting that the show will air over at CBS, not ABC, where the be-glitzed over-the-top nighttime soap made TV history." (OK, the Henry Winkler thing, we're liking a lot. A real lot. The Fonz just-plain rocked. But that whole kissing and hugging and reminiscing thing? Doesn't that sound an awful lot like that atrocious "Return to Southfork" reunion movie of "Dallas" stars last year?)

And, ContactMusic News this week reported that Collins got her way with a particular casting possibility.

"Joan Collins has agreed to take part in a planned 'Dynasty' reunion," the website says, "after producers of the TV show assured her that her soap husband wouldn't be taking part. Michael Nader, who played Dex Dexter on the 1980s supersoap, has been uninvited from a cast get-together portion of the tribute show, which will be filmed next month after Collins insisted she'd refuse to take part if he was in the room. Collins is reportedly still upset by comments Nader made in a 1989 interview, in which he suggested she was a preening diva who sipped champagne and ate caviar in her trailer, while the show's actors learned their lines. Nader has since insisted the comment was a joke he thought Collins would brush off. But Michael Levitt, the producer of the upcoming reunion show, insists Collins is still angry with her one-time TV husband. He says, 'Because Ms Collins is such an important part of 'Dynasty's' success and we value her participation, we chose not to include Mr. Nader in the group portion of the reunion to insure the most comfortable atmosphere on set.'"

OK! Well, there!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rick Hurst drops in at Cooter's Place

"Dukes" fans alert! For those particularly interested in Hazzard's short arm of the law: Rick Hurst, Deputy Cletus Hogg of "The Dukes of Hazzard," will visit the Cooter's Place in Gatlinburg, Tenn., to sign autographs and pose for pictures on Thursday, March 9 through Monday, March 13. Then, he'll return for more on Thursday, April 13 through Monday, April 17. Find out more about Cooter's Place (like how to heckin' get there, if you've never been!) at

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

BRBTV birthdays this week

BRBTV birthdays this week ...

- Barbara Babcock, Pam's steady boss Liz Craig on "Dallas," turned 69 on Monday, February 27.
- Stephanie Beacham, the spicy Sable Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys," turned 59 yesterday, February 28.
- Jed Allan, the final and most commanding C.C. Capwell on "Santa Barbara," turns 69 today, March 1.
- Catherine Bach, lovely Daisy Duke on "The Dukes of Hazzard," shares an exact birthday with Rick Edwards, hunky Jake Morton on "SB." They both turn 52 today.
- Cassie Yates, who was Sarah Curtis on "Dynasty," turns 55 tomorrow, March 2.
- Gordon Thomson , a BRBTV double-shot as Adam Carrington of "Dynasty" and the third and final Mason Capwell on "SB," turns 61 on Friday, March 3.
- Stacy Edwards, the sweet Hayley Capwell on "SB," turns 41 on Saturday, March 4.

Happy birthday to all!