Friday, March 10, 2006

John Schneider 'fesses up

It's been a "Dukes" week here at the BRBTV News Blog, and to continue on that theme ...

"Dukes of Hazzard" fans who might accidentally frequent John Schneider's official website (and anyone who read one of the first month's posts here at this very blog) recall what Schneider had to say to fans who were predicting his character Pa Kent's demise on the WB's "Smallville." Schneider went on record as saying it was hogwash, that whole idea that Jonathan Kent was going to die, and that he'd seen scripts with Pa Kent in them. Well ... we know how things work in Hollywood, and how top-secret plots of beloved TV shows have to be kept top-secret ... Here's an excerpt of how Schneider "explained" this on his website, in case you haven't had occasion to see it. You can read the whole thing at ...

"Okay, okay... I know, I know... I told an untruth ... I lied. I was under strict orders NOT to let anyone know that Jonathan Kent was actually the one who was going to die in the 100th episode. I'm sorry. All in all, I think it was a terrific show. As good as the pilot, and that was one of the best hours on TV ever! Work and family are going very well. I just did an episode of 'Rodney' on ABC. Look for that in a month or so. It called 'Celebrity' and I think it's very funny. Right now I'm working on three independent movies at the same time! 'Beautiful Loser' is one, 'A Simple Twist of Faith' is the second. 'Collier & Co.' is the third. Those of you who have been with me over the years will remember that 'Collier' is a movie I've wanted to make for years. I am doing it through my own company and it's looking fantastic! One of the most fun aspects of it is that I am shooting it in very small bits and pieces to and from work! Kind of like designing a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from scratch! Actually, great fun! ... 'Smallville' is going to be picked up by the new network that is being formed after the demise of The WB. Next year will be for sure for 'Smallville' but, sadly, not for me. Keep watching though as I may turn up here and there occasionally. ... 'Collier' is a fun script that is exactly what 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie should have been. Something for the whole family with me and lots of fast cars! A one time top racecar driver fights to get his wife and daughter back from the bad guys. Lots of fun, driving and laughs. I'm sure you'll love it!"

BRBTV absolutely loved Schneider's performance as Jonathan Kent on "Smallville," we deeply mourn the loss of him on the show (as we told Schneider's publicist Chad, we really wished Lana Lang would've bit it, which is what the writers were leading you to believe through the first part of the episode), and we wish Schneider the best of good fortune in these current projects he mentions. (And as for "Smallville," the scene-chewing Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor is enough to keep us tuned in any day of the week!)

Special thanks to hard-core "Dukes" geek Bill, who pointed out to BRBTV that the 100th episode of "Smallville" that saw Schneider's departure aired on January 26, which is a special date for "Dukes" fans. It was the date in 1979 when the "Dukes" debuted!

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