Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A glimpse of the Roads Back to Hazzard tour, Part 2

There were lots of great filming sites included in this past weekend's Roads Back to Hazzard tour in Georgia, sponsored by the Hazzard County Car Club. Some of them, you'd never be able to guess, from how they look now! One great example is the Duke farmhouse originally used in the show. This structure is actually an 1800s log cabin, and that was only discovered a few years after the show's crew left for California and no longer needed the house, and the current owner then decided to tear it down. He started a-tearin' and found vintage logs below the asbestos shingles, and figured he better stop a-tearin'! Here are a couple shots of the cabin, as it looked on Saturday, during the tour, along with a shot of the bridge just down the same gravel road, which you saw when Bo and Luke were ditchin' those big jugs of moonshine from the borrowed blue car of Cooter's at the beginning of the episode "Mary Kaye's Baby." The foliage has grown over the riverbed so much now, but you can still picture that guy down in the creek almost catching on fire when the jug hits his campfire!

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