Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Make your travel plans now for the Motor City Comic Con in May

Daisy Duke and Boss Hogg's nephew Jamie Lee Hogg -- together again, in one place -- is one of the things you'll see at the Motor City Comic Con in Metro Detroit this May. Yessiree, Catherine Bach and Jonathan Frakes (who went on, of course, to become Number Two / William Riker on the U.S.S. Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation") will be on hand to greet fans and sign autographs. They played a couple of young'uns just plain smitten with each other in the "Dukes of Hazzard" episode, "Mrs. Daisy Hogg."

And speaking of "Star Trek," there's plenty of that at the con. Connor Trinneer (Trip of "Enterprise," which BRBTV is currently loving rewatching on Sci Fi Monday nights); Grace Lee Whitney of classic "Trek"; Nana Visitor, who was Kira Norys of "Deep Space Nine" and who also played ballerina Georgina Sinclair on "The Colbys"; Ethan Phillips, our lovable Neelix of "Voyager"; and Robin Curtis of "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," as well as "The Next Generation."

If you're a "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Bionic Woman" fan, catch Richard Anderson, too. And if you're a "General Hospital" fan, Frakes will be bringing along his wife, Genie Francis, best known as Laura Webber-et.-al.

The show runs May 19-21 at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan, the same site as last year. Check the con's website for a full list of guests and ticket info, and check last year's May 2 and May 21 through May 26 posts of this blog to catch a glimpse of the 2006 fun. BRB had a blast, and she'll be at this year's show, too, at Paul Harrington's "Dukes of Hazzard" museum and car display! (Keep up with BRB's sched, by the way, at the "Events and Media" page of BillieRae.com.) Fabbo!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Archie radio show actor Harlan Stone dies

Archie Comics has issued a news release that Harlan Stone, a longtime radio actor best-known as Jughead on the "Archie Andrews" show, died Wednesday from complications of valve transplant surgery. Stone started out as a child model and went on to direct TV commercials. He wrote a book called "Aw ... Relax, Archie! Re-laxx!" which chronicalled his life in entertainment. He was a frequent guest at the Friends of Old-Time Radio convention, up through last fall. "We at Archie Comics send our deepest sympathy to his family at their time of loss," the release said.

Spotted: His blond thinning hair and eyeglasses may have cloaked him, but his trademark sexy voice certainly gave him away ... Michael Nader, playing a sex-obsessed video voyeur, on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" during yesterday's all-day marathon on USA cable. Our own Dex Dexter of "Dynasty" was definitely taking a dastardly turn. And one of his video victims was Emily Deschanel of Fox's "Bones." The episode, called "Surveillance," was from 2002.

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Dukes" beginning really begins on ABC Family

What's better than a new "Dukes of Hazzard" movie coming out on DVD next month? The chance to see it on cable before it's officially released!

ABC Family is dealin' up that opportunity, on Sunday, March 4. Yessiree, "The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning" will air at both 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST that day, then repeat on March 9 at 8 p.m. That's plenty 'o opportunity to see the beginnings of the Duke family, dating to before the timeline of the original series, in this prequel movie starring Jonathan Bennett, Randy Wayne and April Scott as the three cousins.

The film will be released on DVD on March 13, in rated and unrated versions. Visit the movie's IMDb page to learn more about it, and to see some fan discussion, and see the February 8 post of the BRBTV News Blog for some additional links to the movie's MySpace pages and such.

We'll be there March 4 with bells on! (Or should that be cutoffs?)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Diahann Carroll: tours, memoir and more

Did you know that Diahann Carroll is writing another memoir? Yes, indeed, our lovely songstress Dominique Devereax of "Dynasty," who also happens to be a lovely songstress in real life, has another book due out this year. It will be published by Harper Collins, her official website says. Carroll wrote an autobiography in 1986, published by Little Brown & Co.

Meanwhile, there are tour dates galore for this gal. The beginning of 2007 has been busy. She's already been performing in Palm Beach, Florida, and Atlantic City, and next she's in Naples, Florida. On February 25, she'll be at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. For tickets or more information, call (239) 597-1900 or visit www.thephil.org. On February 28, she travels to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida, for an early afternoon show. For tickets or more information, call (727) 791-7400 or visit www.rutheckerdhall.com.

On March 6-10 and March 13-17, Carroll returns to Feinstein's at the Regency in New York City, where she performed last year (see our April 17 post). For tickets or more information, call (212) 339-4085 or visit www.feinsteinsattheregency.com.

On April 14, Carroll will appear at the Women's Leadership Circle Summit Convention at the Concert Performance Hotel Grand Ballroom in Tucson, Arizona. Then on May 12, she'll be at the Cancer Awareness Lecture at the Georgia Convention Center in Atlanta.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coming up in Archie Comics this spring ...

"Dinner for Six": When the parents of Archie, Betty and Veronica make plans to meet for dinner, the teens are mortified. What if the subject turns to the eternal love triangle? Each imagines … and worries … over what may happen from their unique perspective. Will the dinner conversation leave these love-birds cooked? SCRIPT: Barbara Slate. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"A Real Keeper": Mr. Lodge sends Archie home in the rain so Veronica can date the son of a businessman he's hoping to make a deal with. Will the rich kid be a better investment than Archie, or just another one for the "loss" column? SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand April 17, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

"Weird He Go?": Archie is convinced the new British exchange student staying with Veronica is an alien from another world … especially when he finds the student's giant robot! Is the visitor really out of this world, or is Archie just out of his head?! SCRIPT: Angelo DeCesare. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Viva Las Vegas": The glittery city never saw anyone as glittering as Katy! Katy is in town to present the awards at an extreme sports skateboarding competition, but she isn't winning any awards with her love-interest, stuntman K.O. Kirby. It's romantic intrigue, classy comedy, and fashions galore as only Katy can deliver! SCRIPT AND ART: Andrew Pepoy.
On sale newsstand March 27, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

The adventures of America's favorite teen continue with new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand March 27, 2007
Full-color digest format

Double your pages, double your Archie and double your fun in this double digest full of new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand April 17, 2007
Full-color digest format


"Betty & Veronica's Scrapbook": Betty and Veronica take a page out of the nation's fascination with scrapbooking, but making their very own scrapbook of memories! Follow the girls from their days as "Little" Betty and Veronica, fighting over Archie even back then! Behold their preteen years of high fashion (Veronica) and comfy jeans (Betty)! Relive their first junior high dance! Share their musical memories on stage with The Archies! And who could forget the "Love Showdown" or the rise of "The Veronicas?!" It's all here in this poignant and hilarious trip down memory lane! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent. PLUS: Other new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand April 3, 2007
Full-color digest format

"Sneaking & Snacking": Banished from the Lodge's high class party, Jughead waits in the bushes with a sack, waiting to catch the food Archie tosses out the window! Little does he know a robber is also waiting, hoping to capture the valuables his accomplice tosses out the window!
"Eyesore": A new shirt from his aunt sends Jughead's friends reeling … must be that hypnotic circular pattern!
"Alias … the Claw!": Here's a story that will really "grab" you – always on the lookout for new ways to be lazy, Jughead buys a spring-loaded claw! SCRIPTS: Craig Boldman. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale newsstand April 10, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

"Red Carpet Romance": When Archie wins a date with super-hot pop star Ashlee Simpleton, the other guys … as well as Betty and Veronica … are green with envy! And it turns out they actually have something to worry about, as Ashlee's "approval rating" soars after dating a "typical teen!" Urging Ashlee to continue dating Archie, Ashlee's agent makes the couple the darlings of the press as Archie's friends wonder if they'll ever seem him again. But can Archie handle a relationship that's constantly under siege from reporters and photographers?! SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand April 10, 2007
Full-color digest format

"Save Our Prom": When a burst pipe threatens to leave the prom a literal "washout," Veronica's mom lets the kids and faculty use the mansion instead! It's a good thing Mr. Lodge is away on business … SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
"Distress Over a Dress": Fed up with high bills, Mr. Lodge forbids Veronica from buying any more custom clothes from designers. His plan backfires, however, when Veronica buys out all the local stores to keep the other girls from sharing her fashion sense! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand April 3, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hughie Hogg rises -- from the dumpster?

Boy, for us, the Sci Fi Channel is becoming the new Hallmark -- in other words, it's becoming the new premium channel for spotting the classic 1980s TV stars we love! Next up on the schedule is Jeff Altman, who portrayed our evil but lovable Hughie Hogg, nephew to "Uncle Boss" J.D. Hogg, on "The Dukes of Hazzard."

The Syracuse, N.Y.-born Altman will appear in "Urban Decay," a sci-fi with all the usual blood-and-gore trimmins', from everything we've read -- and even featuring Dean Cain of TV's "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," who's been doing a lot of sci-fi stuff in the new millennium. "Urban Decay" is directed by Harry Basil and written by Don Adams (no, not that one) and Henry James Picardi. The plotline, from the IMDb: "Cab driver Stan (Cain) slams into a homeless man, who gets up and walks away, leaving behind a scarf covered with writhing maggots. Obsessed with the mystery, Stan hunts the ragtag figure through the city, discovering a trail of mangled, half-eaten victims, and an urban legend : Pusshead was a sewer worker who came back from an uncharted tunnel changed into something both living and dead. Parents warn their children that the shuffling zombie will get them if they stay out on the streets too late ... But as the body count rises, Stan finds that the legend is alive and well ... hungry."

"Urban Decay," which shot in Los Angeles last year, also will feature classic pop music star Meat Loaf. Altman will portray a man in a dumpster, according to the IMDb!

Now you realize, of course, that our buddy Hughie -- er, we mean, Altman -- has been layin' low in recent years, though he did do a '90s stint on "Baywatch." We're glad to see him out among the living (or dying?) again!

Read more about "Urban Decay" (and see photos) at the links below. We don't know for sure that this one is going to air as one of our beloved Saturday-night creature features on Sci Fi, but we're mighty suspicious ...
http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=0&id=39287&type=0 http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=2446 http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=2473

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lane Davies: "I Hate Hamlet"

Always indulging his love of Shakespeare and theater, Lane Davies, our own original Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara," is heading to "I Hate Hamlet" at the Tennessee Repertory Theatre.

Davies plays John Barrymore, the ghost of Hamlet, in the production, which opens May 3 at 6:30 p.m. He arrives on the scene to coach the star of a canceled TV series on how to portray Shakespeare's legendary character. The play continues through the 19th at the Polk Theater. It all happens in Nashville.

Check the theatre's website for more information, and find lots of info on tickets and accommodations on Davies' website forum.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Coming up in Archie Comics

What's better than a digest full of those teen dream queens Betty & Veronica? A double digest full of them! Featuring new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand February 20, 2007
Full-color digest format

THE WEB RETURNS … ALONG WITH A NEW SIDEKICK, KATY KEENE! “The Web Returns”: It’s the return of that “Mighty Hero,” the Web… sort of! It’s the filming of the latest super-heroic multiplex mega hit starring everyone’s OTHER favorite arachnid-inspired hero, the Web. Katy has the plum role of the hero’s spunky girlfriend, but when things get seriously deadly on the set, Katy may have to put on her detective hat. Who is sabotaging the stunts, and why? SCRIPT AND ART: Andrew Pepoy. “Riverdale’s Got Talent”: The latest TV talent show sensation comes to Riverdale in a benefit to fund the high school’s education programs… and the first thing the judges will learn is that not all of the faculty and students have the “talent” they claim to have! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“The Great Outdoors: Betty Style!”: Camping in the wilderness has its disadvantages for Veronica – namely, no malls, no electricity and no plumbing. But before she can bail, Veronica spots hunky Donald on the trail… and suddenly, the lack of luxuries become irrelevant! “The Great Outdoors: Veronica Style”: In a flip of the previous story, Veronica hosts a camping trip – and no convenience is left behind! But even high energy power lines aren’t infallible, so Betty may get her wish of “roughing it” yet! SCRIPTS AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

"The Class of 2027": A sideshow seer gives Mr. Weatherbee a peek into the future, and not only is Riverdale High still standing, amazingly, it's standing under the leadership of Principal Archie! As the Bee peeks deeper, he learns that it's because Archie has become a great disciplinarian due to his great role model, Mr. Weatherbee! Will Archie's future success soften the Bee's wrath when it comes to Archie's present failures? SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
Full-color digest format

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jill Farren-Phelps produces new soap

In the soaps world, Jill Farren-Phelps is well-known as not only the executive producer of "Santa Barbara" in the late '80s (her first soaps gig) but also a prominent producer for ABC's long-running hit "General Hospital." On "SB," she took over when the Dobsons were locked out, bringing us Terry Lester as Mason, the Zach Kelton / Ethan Asher characters, the Robert Barr storyline and other fun stuff. Leigh McCloskey, who played the Zach and Ethan characters, once told BRBTV, "I have to commend the show's producer, at that time. Jill Farren-Phelps, for her zest and willingness to hire actors with fire rather than manniquins. It was a delight to work for her and for the time I was part of its story."

Well, now Farren-Phelps is turning her creative energy to a new soap, another spinoff of "GH" like the late-1990s "Port Charles," only this time focusing on the hospital after-hours. "General Hospital: Night Shift" will be an original, scripted show for SoapNet cable, which currently airs same-day episodes of ABC soaps in the evening hours. It will launch this summer, with a push from its parent show.

"The series is set during the night shift at General Hospital and will delve deeper into the relationships, friendships and medical cases seen at the hospital," SoapNet's press info says. Farren-Phelps will be the executive producer, while Robert Guza Jr., head writer for "General Hospital" who also wrote for "Santa Barbara," will do the writing.

You can read more at SoapNet's website.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Dynasty" second-season DVD -- at last?

For "Dynasty" fans, waiting for the second season to be released on DVD must be a little like waiting for Godot. There's plenty of speculation, a sprinkling of confusion and a heapin' helpin' of rumors. So is Godot ever going to get here?

Now, thanks go to ShoulderPads.net for a date, June 19, though there's some caution attached. "This has not yet been officially announced by the studio," says the administrator (who calls herself Alexis, but we have a feeling she's a certain author we know!). "The holdup with the second season of 'Dynasty' was tied up with the fact that Fox relinquished the rights to the show, plus there were further rights negotiations with Joan Collins." (Learn more about that rights thing from TVShowsonDVD.)

Great. We'll have the champagne cooling for ya, Godot.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

John Schneider, Part 2

Today is the second part of our two-part check-in with the many projects that John Schneider -- our own handsome Bo Duke -- has going on right now. In this installment, we're going to take a look at a couple of his faith-based projects.

Schneider's been no stranger to wholesome family-oriented entertainment over the years -- TV shows like not only our beloved "The Dukes of Hazzard" but also CBS' 1990s "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Christy" and "Touched by an Angel," and the "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure" movie. In fact, he's gone out of his way to make decent, safe-for-the-family entertainment his thing, and it was one of the goals of his independent "Collier & Co." film. Now, Schneider will be appearing in "Hidden Secrets," a new faith-based film that will premiere on the big screen in select markets this spring.

Schneider is joined by Tracy Melchior of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and Christian recording artist Rachael Lampa in the film, which will be a one-night event in U.S. markets such as Atlanta, L.A., Orlando, Philadelphia, Dallas and Denver. Brought to the big screen by Pure Flix Entertainment and NCM Fathom, the movie is about a man, played by David A.R. White, who finds himself caught between his new fiance and an old flame when he joins some childhood friends for the hometown funeral of his best friend. Stacy Keanan of the ABC sitcom "Step By Step," looking lovelier than ever, also stars in the film. (We also have to make a note about David A.R. White: If you haven't seen the Christiano Bros. film "End of the Harvest," you really need to -- in a scene at a college debate, White delivers the single-most-amazing chunk of dialogue defending Christianity, and illuminating an interesting end-times theory, that you will ever see. Trust us on this one.) Lampa and the Christian recording group Building 429 provide the music for the film. Schneider plays Gary Zimmerman, "the skeptic."

"Hidden Secrets" will premiere on April 30 (note that this is a changed date from the film's earlier press info). Read more about it in this press release, and visit FathomEvents.com to see a complete list of theaters and buy tickets. There's also an official film site here, where you can watch the trailer and even see a video of Schneider talking about the film (click on "Behind the Scenes" from the "About the Film" menu).

Schneider also lends his voice to a new Bible CD project -- "The Word of Promise: New Testament Audio Bible." While he plays Jesus' brother James, author of one of the books of the New Testament, he'll be joined by narrator Michael York, Richard Dreyfuss as Moses, Marisa Tomei as Mary Magdalene, Stacy Keach as Paul, Lou Gossett Jr. as John, Lou Diamond Phillips as Mark, and several others. Ernie Hudson, who played Avery on the "Dear Diary" episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and even voiced a security guard in "Batman: The Animated Series," plays Peter. Now that looks like fun. Jim Caviezel even reprises his "Passion of the Christ" role as Jesus for the audio project.

The 20-CD set will be 25 hours long and will also feature the music of wildly popular Christian artist Michael W. Smith. The CD project comes from publishers Thomas Nelson Inc. Read more about "The Word of Promise" at this press release.

And have you heard -- Schneider will put a lucky fan into a speaking role in the sequel of "Collier & Co." Write your name and phone number on the back of your "Collier & Co." ticket stub and mail it to JNE Inc., 4607 Lakeview Canyon Road, #569, Westlake Village, CA 91361. This summer, once the film has completed its run, Schneider will draw a ticket stub for a speaking part in the sequel.

Keep your eye on the Screenings page of Schneider's Collier & Co. website and the film's MySpace page, as the film keeps showing through March at theaters all over the place.

Monday, February 12, 2007

John Schneider hits the big and small screens ... and a little bit 'o Jack Coleman, too

John Schneider, our own Bo Duke of "The Dukes of Hazzard" has so much going on in his post-"Smallville" world that it's going to take us two days to cover it all. Today, we hit on some movie projects ...

Schneider's press agent Chad told BRBTV he doesn't know the release date of this first one, or what channel it will air on, but boy-oh-boy does it just reek of a Saturday-night Sci Fi Channel creature-feature! It's called "Ogre," and it's the tale of "a vicious ogre ruling over a town that has been stuck in time since the 1800s," according to the IMDb. Schneider's role is Henry Bartlett, and he's joined on screen by Ryan Kennedy of the "Blade" TV series and Katharine Isabelle, who's done lots of sci-fi stuff and also did a guest spot on "Smallville." Directed by Steven R. Monroe and written by Thomas E. Szollosi, the TV movie is classified as in postproduction.

Schneider will also (reportedly) appear in "Blood Pressure" as a character named Walter. He's attached, according to the IMDb, but fan rumors say he disavows any knowledge of the thriller film, directed by Gregory Doucette. Skipping on to the next ...

Now, we can be pretty sure Schneider's going to be in the film "Beautiful Loser," because we've seen a photo of him in it -- at the Beautiful Losering blog (thanks to the All-John blog for pointing to it). The film is directed and written by John Nolte. When Schneider plays Andre, he'll be sharing the screen with William Katt of "The Greatest American Hero" fame. AND ... this one also features our own Jack Coleman, second Steven Carrington of "Dynasty," playing Jimmy. A BRBTV double-shot! The director reports that he's going to wrapping up the film in Canada in early April.

More schtuff tomorrow ...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Maxwell Caulfield has projects in the works

Maxwell Caulfield, our own Miles Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys," has several new projects going on right now ...

"The Snow Prince" is currently in production, directed by John Henderson and written by Andy Denemark and Bernadette Elliott. Caulfield has been cast, though not many other details are known yet about the action tale set in Medieval times.

"Dreamcity" is also on tap for the actor. It's a futuristic tale that will release to video. The plotline from the IMDb: "The corrupt regime broadcasts the illusion of a beautiful city to the chip in your head, when in fact the city is in ruins. The rebels know the truth and seek to foment revolution." Caulfield will portray Alex Mcdowell in the sci-fi film, now in production. Prolific, Detroit-born, sci-fi / thriller master Roger Corman is producing, and Terence H. Winkless is directing.

Caulfield has also been working on "Cry of the Winged Serpent," a TV movie we should see sooon. He plays Griffin, and he's joined in the cast by the handsome Robert Beltran, who was Chakotay on "Star Trek: Voyager" (meow!). The movie is directed and written by Jamie Wagner. Roger Corman also has a hand in this one, which he described in a recent interview as "featuring a creature called Quetzalcoatl, which he cannot yet figure out how to pronounce." (Do we smell Saturday-night Sci Fi Channel feature for this one?) Watch the movie trailer here, at the American Film Market's website, and see some nice shots of Caulfield. The site also has this synopsis of the film: "A young man is given an amulet that can call upon the power of the mythical Winged Serpent, which he uses to get revenge on those who have oppressed his people."

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hughie Hogg a hottie? New "Dukes" film might be shakin' it up

We're all eagerly awaiting the straight-to-DVD release of the next "Dukes of Hazzard" movie, which is a prequel to the TV series and which fans hope will leave the 2005 film in the dust. Well, one interesting element to "The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning," which hits store shelves next month, is the remaking of our beloved characters as younger -- and sometimes hotter -- versions of what we saw on the TV series.

Case in point: Step on over to Daisy Duke's blog on MySpace and you'll see a ton of great screen shots from the upcoming film. Daisy blathers on in her blog about "the most gorgeous man in Hazzard," Hughie Hogg! Yes, that's the guy that Jeff Altman played (padded like crazy) in the TV series! And let's not even talk about Lulu Hogg ... sigh ... BRBTV loved Peggy Rea in the role, and BRBTV loves the stunning Sherilyn Fenn in just about anything she does (particularly "Twin Peaks"!), but ... let's just say it's going to take some convincing!

Our own blather aside, you can read more of the "setup" for us fans at not only Daisy's blog, but also Luke Duke's blog on MySpace. And visit the official home page of the film and Daisy's official MySpace page for a little more info.

(And hey -- who woulda thought that our little Daisy was the one who painted that "01" on the General Lee?)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Archie Comics heads to New York Comic Con

If you catch the New York Comic Con this month, you can catch the Archie Comics gang, who will have a booth all about Archie. And on Sunday, February 25, there'll be a special presentation, "65 Years of Growing up with Archie," at 2 p.m. in Room 1E04 at the con.

The creative staff will share inside perspectives on the creation of Archie, how it has evolved, why it dominates the newsstands and the supermarkets in comic sales. Panelists include Michael Silberkleit, chairman / co-publisher; Victor Gorelick, VP managing editor (for more than 40 years); Fred Mausser, VP of sales; Mike Pellerito, editor of the Sonic, Katy Keene and Sabrina the Teenage Witch titles; Nelson Ribeiro, editor of the digest line; Rik Offenberger, public relations coordinator; Dan Parent, artist and writer; Fernando Ruiz, artist and writer, and Tanya Del Rio, atist and writer.

The New York Comic Con will take place February 23-25 in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. Go to http://www.nycomiccon.com/ for more details.

Elsewhere in Archie Comics ...

The adventures of America's favorite teen continue with new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand February 13, 2007
Full-color digest format

"Picture Perfect": When a local magazine does a photo feature on Pop Tate's burgers, Pop hires a "food stylist" to make sure the pictures look good enough to eat! "Word-Play": Jughead comes up with the sound effect to end all sound effects; now he just needs to figure out what makes that sound! "Sweets to the Sweet": Jughead figures out a new way to get eats: remind all the girls he knows how tough it is to keep their figures so they give their food to him! SCRIPTS: Craig Boldman. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale newsstand February 13, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

"Cousin Calamity!": Look out guys, Reggie's cousin Regina is in town, and she's a knockout. Every guy in town is looking to get a date with her, but being as devious and mischievous as Reggie, she soon makes fools of them with one practical joke after another! All except one: Jughead. Can Regina fool Jughead with one of her patented gags? Can their respect for each other’s skills lead to a possible romance for the crowned one?!
SCRIPT, ART & COVER: Fernando Ruiz
On sale newsstand March 13, 2007
Full-color digest format

"Batty Bartholomew": Sabrina decides to return to magic, and just to make sure she does, her aunts find an ancient wizard to tutor her. The only problem is, he's beyond rusty and seems more than a little wacky. Or is he? Meanwhile, Llandra has no interest in reconciling with Sabrina, but Shinji is hoping he and Sabrina can put their differences aside so Sabrina will rejoin the Four Blades. On the human side of things, Sabrina laments the fact that her new relationship with Harvey can't be as "normal" as she hoped - once again, she has to hide her magic abilities!
SCRIPT, ART & COVER: Tania del Rio.
On sale newsstand March 20, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“The Great Outdoors: Betty Style!”: Camping in the wilderness has its disadvantages for Veronica – namely, no malls, no electricity and no plumbing. But before she can bail, Veronica spots hunky Donald on the trail… and suddenly, the lack of luxuries become irrelevant! “The Great Outdoors: Veronica Style”: In a flip of the previous story, Veronica hosts a camping trip – and no convenience is left behind! But even high energy power lines aren’t infallible, so Betty may get her wish of “roughing it” yet! SCRIPTS AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“It’s a Small World”: When Ginger is assigned an article on the “best place in the world” for Glitz Magazine, she immediately turns to famous world-traveler Veronica for help! You know what that means – Ginger and Veronica are about to travel the world in 30 days! Their whirlwind tour covers all the most exciting and exotic spots, but will they be able to narrow it down to one in time to meet Ginger’s deadline… and will their final selection surprise even themselves?! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand March 6, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More on Nicolas Coster -- and Stephanie Beacham!

What do our own Lionel Lockridge of "Santa Barbara" and the saucy Sable Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" have in common? They both are starring a new horror / sci-fi movie, scheduled for release this spring.

"Plot 7" is written and directed by Farnaz Samiinia and also stars Gabrielle Carteris and Linden Ashby. Coster plays the character Mr. Stewart in the supernatural flick.

"A family comes and buys this country house, and it has a graveyard with it," Coster told BRBTV via phone over the weekend. "It gradually develops that the graveyard and house have a terrible curse on them."

"Plot 7" was filmed early last fall. "I’ll tell you why it was early fall," Coster noted, "because it was 116 degrees on that ranch where we were shooting." The filming location was in California, near Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia.

And our lovely Ms. Beacham? "She played a dead person coming back and wandering through this graveyard," Coster said. "I didn’t actually get to talk to her very much."

Coster said he spent a week there filming. And .... MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! ... "I ended up with a hatchet in my chest."

(And lived to tell about it, BRBTV happily notes!)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Nicolas Coster's latest work is "Super"!

You can't call his life idle -- you can even find him on "American Idol"! (Sorta!) One of Nicolas Coster's many current projects is a Coca-Cola commercial airing during ABC's "American Idol" -- and during yesterday's Super Bowl!

BRBTV caught up with Coster, our own enigmatic Lionel Lockridge of "Santa Barbara," by phone on Saturday to learn more about the commercial, and the other stuff he's got going on right now.

"It’s a guy in an old folks’ home sitting there just staring at the wall," he told BRB about the ad, which is also posted on Coke's website. "A young woman comes up and offers me a coke. I say I’ve never had one. I drink it, and I say, ‘I wonder what else I’ve never done.’ I call the woman I’ve been in love with for 40 years, and she hangs up on me." Coster goes on to describe the montage of high-speed, dangerous stuff his character gets into, like high-diving into a pool, racing a motorcycle and getting a tattoo. But it gets even more interesting ...

"In the European version, the racy version, I go and kiss the Mona Lisa in the Louvre and get chased out by security, then I go to a nudist colony, then I end up in bed with two 60-year-old twins, two beautiful women who happen to be twins. ... I’ve gotten calls from all over the world saying, ‘My god, that’s the best commercial I’ve ever seen!’ Even my agent said, 'That’s the best commercial I’ve ever seen.’ It’s like a whole story of what can be. Just because you got gray hair, don’t pack it up, you know?"

Coster said the Coke commercial took six days to shoot and will also go into Coca-Cola's museum at its headquarters in Atlanta.

Just this past Friday night, Coster finished shooting another commercial, this time for American Century Investments. "I was filming 12 hours a day for two days straight," he said. "It was all me. The whole thing was about this really nasty head of a law film. Then he gets into an elevator and changes into a rabbit costume. ... He ends up in a children’s ward of challenged children, entertaining them. The entire commercial was improvised. I didn’t have a line of text. I made up the whole thing. It was wild."

He went on, "We shot that here in L.A., in a building downtown. Then we shot at a hospital, which, only in a developed country would we have a deserted hospital. It probably didn’t fit the new earthquake standards; they probably had to close it. I can’t think of any other reason for a hospital to be deserted in L.A."

Coster noted that his work through the years with challenged children certainly helped for the commercial.. "They couldn’t believe how smoothly it went with the children. I’ve worked with children through Special Olympics."

Coster also works with the disabled through his diving program, which you can check out at ChallengesFoundation.org. You can tell this work is close to his heart. Coster has been teaching scuba-diving for more than 25 years and even taught his "SB" costar John Allen Nelson (the original Warren Lockridge) to dive. He said he currently has just three divers in the Challenges program and works on an 18-foot boat. This worthwhile organization is waiting for some money to come in. "We’ve been doing it for 20 years now. When I had money, I used to put a lot of money into it. I used to put about fifty grand a year into it."

BRBTV salutes Coster and his good work. Tune in tomorrow for news on another one of Coster's current projects ... which also just happens to involve another one of our BRBTV stars ...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saluting Lee Bergere

Thanks to the UltimateDynasty site for the info on this one ... The Associated Press and other news agencies have reported the death of actor Lee Bergere, our own Joseph Aynders of "Dynasty," at the age of 88. Bergere died Wednesday at the Colonial Poplin Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Fremont, according to his daughter.

After his time on "Dynasty," Bergere played Justin Nash on CBS's "Falcon Crest." But his acting career spanned all the way back to the 1950s, with roles on such classics as "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "Bonanza," "The Munsters," "My Favorite Martian," "Get Smart" and "Death Valley Days." His memorable turn as the eloquent statesman Abraham Lincoln on a classic "Star Trek" episode brought him notoriety in the sci-fi world.

Daughter Mimi Bergere said her father was one of the those kind of popular actors for whom "everybody knew his face, but nobody really knew his name."

We, of course, know him for his cultivated, calm, sometimes calculating, always well-spoken demeanor as the faithful butler in the Carrington household. BRBTV salues Lee Bergere and his acting legacy.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog and talk show let you indulge your love of "Santa Barbara"

We should've gotten this to you sooner, really, because it's been talked about among "Santa Barbara" fans for several weeks now, but better late than never ...

If you love "SB" and want to talk about it, there's a great new forum for you. It's the "Talkin Santa Barbara" show on BlogTalkRadio. And just like the Internet has made so many things easier in our lives, and has brought the world in so much closer, now having your own call-in "radio" talk show is as easy as some clicks of the mouse! The Talkin Santa Barbara show invites your chatter on not just our beloved '80s soap, for which there's a continual push to get episodes back on the air, but also administrator Greg's "Return to Santa Barbara" blog, which explores what might have happened to the "SB" characters if the show had remained on the air.

The radio show has had four episodes so far, so if you haven't caught 'em, you can listen to them in the archive at the BlogTalkRadio page. The next scheduled show is February 7 at 11 p.m. Be sure, also, to check out the chatroom.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

BRBTV birthdays this month

Our February birthday boys and girls ...

- Kim Zimmer, who shone as Jodie Walker on "Santa Barbara," turns 52 on Groundhog's Day, February 2.
- Bo Hopkins, hotter than hot (in our opinion!) as Matthew Blaisdel on "Dynasty," turns 65 on February 2.
- Morgan Fairchild, one of the Jenna Wades on "Dallas" and so many other things in our soap-opera lexicon, turns 57 on February 3.
- Bruce W. Timm, writer and artist for "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 46 on February 8.
- Dame Judith Anderson, the grand gal who originated the Minx Lockridge role on "SB," was born on February 10, 1897, and died on January 3, 1992.
- Tina Louise, the unforgettable Julie Grey on "Dallas," and an unforgettable redhead anyway (!), turns 73 on Saturday, February 11.
- Richard Eden, who was Brick Wallace on "Santa Barbara," turns 48 on February 13.
- Frank Welker, the voice of Isis the cat on "Batman: The Animated Series," as well as the General Lee and Uncle Jesse's pet raccoon on "The Dukes" cartooon, turns 62 on
February 16.
- George Kennedy, so fun as Carter McKay on "Dallas," turns 82 on February 18.
- Michael Nader, the hottie Dex Dexter on "Dynasty," turns 62 on February 19.
- Kathleen Beller, who was Kirby Aynders on "Dynasty," turns 51 on February 19.
- Two "Santa Barbara" stars share a birthday on February 20: Marj Dusay (second Pamela Capwell), who turns 71 and Peter Love (Ric Castillo), who turns 44.
- Henry Polic II, who voiced the Scarecrow on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 62 on February 20.
- Jack Coleman, the second Steven Carrington on "Dynasty," who's got a great new show in NBC's "Heroes," turns 49 on February 21.
- Two "Dynasty" stars share a birthday on February 24: James Farentino (Dr. Nick Toscanni) turns 69 and Susan Scannell (Nicole Simpson DeVilbus) turns 49.
- John Vernon, the voice of Rupert Thorne in "Batman: The Animated Series," was born on February 24, 1932 and died on February 1, 2005.
- Leann Hunley, Dana Waring on "Dynasty," turns 52 on February 25.
- Bert Remsen, a double BRBTV star as Dandy Dandridge on "Dallas" and Jack Crager on "Dynasty," was born on February 25, 1925 and died on April 22, 1999.
- Margarita Cordova, who was Rosa Andrade on "SB," turns 68 on February 26.
- Barbara Babcock, Pam's steady boss Liz Craig on "Dallas," turns 70 on February 27.
- Stephanie Beacham, the spicy Sable Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys," turns 60 on February 28.

Happy birthday to all ...