Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Make your travel plans now for the Motor City Comic Con in May

Daisy Duke and Boss Hogg's nephew Jamie Lee Hogg -- together again, in one place -- is one of the things you'll see at the Motor City Comic Con in Metro Detroit this May. Yessiree, Catherine Bach and Jonathan Frakes (who went on, of course, to become Number Two / William Riker on the U.S.S. Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation") will be on hand to greet fans and sign autographs. They played a couple of young'uns just plain smitten with each other in the "Dukes of Hazzard" episode, "Mrs. Daisy Hogg."

And speaking of "Star Trek," there's plenty of that at the con. Connor Trinneer (Trip of "Enterprise," which BRBTV is currently loving rewatching on Sci Fi Monday nights); Grace Lee Whitney of classic "Trek"; Nana Visitor, who was Kira Norys of "Deep Space Nine" and who also played ballerina Georgina Sinclair on "The Colbys"; Ethan Phillips, our lovable Neelix of "Voyager"; and Robin Curtis of "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," as well as "The Next Generation."

If you're a "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Bionic Woman" fan, catch Richard Anderson, too. And if you're a "General Hospital" fan, Frakes will be bringing along his wife, Genie Francis, best known as Laura Webber-et.-al.

The show runs May 19-21 at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan, the same site as last year. Check the con's website for a full list of guests and ticket info, and check last year's May 2 and May 21 through May 26 posts of this blog to catch a glimpse of the 2006 fun. BRB had a blast, and she'll be at this year's show, too, at Paul Harrington's "Dukes of Hazzard" museum and car display! (Keep up with BRB's sched, by the way, at the "Events and Media" page of BillieRae.com.) Fabbo!


Saavick said...

As a huge fan of Jonathan Frakes and person, who watched "Mrs. Daisy Hogg" only yesterday, I'm greatfull for your news.

I wish I could visit that Con, but no, I'm living too far... ;(

I hope you'll be there though and will give as a little report about it... Please...

From my side I can propose this pages of my site:

and so on ;)

Live long and prosper. _\\//

BRBTV.com said...

Great website, Saavick! Great images of our Miss Daisy and Jamie Lee!

And yes, I'll definitely be taking some pictures and filing some reports to this blog from the con, so stay tuned.