Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog and talk show let you indulge your love of "Santa Barbara"

We should've gotten this to you sooner, really, because it's been talked about among "Santa Barbara" fans for several weeks now, but better late than never ...

If you love "SB" and want to talk about it, there's a great new forum for you. It's the "Talkin Santa Barbara" show on BlogTalkRadio. And just like the Internet has made so many things easier in our lives, and has brought the world in so much closer, now having your own call-in "radio" talk show is as easy as some clicks of the mouse! The Talkin Santa Barbara show invites your chatter on not just our beloved '80s soap, for which there's a continual push to get episodes back on the air, but also administrator Greg's "Return to Santa Barbara" blog, which explores what might have happened to the "SB" characters if the show had remained on the air.

The radio show has had four episodes so far, so if you haven't caught 'em, you can listen to them in the archive at the BlogTalkRadio page. The next scheduled show is February 7 at 11 p.m. Be sure, also, to check out the chatroom.

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