Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More on Nicolas Coster -- and Stephanie Beacham!

What do our own Lionel Lockridge of "Santa Barbara" and the saucy Sable Colby of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" have in common? They both are starring a new horror / sci-fi movie, scheduled for release this spring.

"Plot 7" is written and directed by Farnaz Samiinia and also stars Gabrielle Carteris and Linden Ashby. Coster plays the character Mr. Stewart in the supernatural flick.

"A family comes and buys this country house, and it has a graveyard with it," Coster told BRBTV via phone over the weekend. "It gradually develops that the graveyard and house have a terrible curse on them."

"Plot 7" was filmed early last fall. "I’ll tell you why it was early fall," Coster noted, "because it was 116 degrees on that ranch where we were shooting." The filming location was in California, near Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia.

And our lovely Ms. Beacham? "She played a dead person coming back and wandering through this graveyard," Coster said. "I didn’t actually get to talk to her very much."

Coster said he spent a week there filming. And .... MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! ... "I ended up with a hatchet in my chest."

(And lived to tell about it, BRBTV happily notes!)

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