Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cast your vote for Stella Parton

Attic Entertainment is asking fans to show their support for country-music songstress Stella Parton, who starred in the "Dukes of Hazzard" episode "Deputy Dukes," and who has been known to perform at DukesFest. Parton has been nominated for "Female Pioneer" in the upcoming 2007 Fan Appreciation Awards at Agape Fest '07.

The festival happens May 31 and June 1-3 in Hughes Springs, Texas. It will be an all-day event, with lotsa music, food, fun, fellowship and workshops about the recording biz.

Find out more, and cast your vote, at or follow the Agape Fest links. Enter your email to register, and you will receive an email with a link that takes you to the ballot. King Country is opening the full ballot this Friday, February 2. Attic Entertainment is asking for your votes for Stella Parton as a write-in candidate for entertainer of the year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Robin Mattson, Terri Garber come to "As the World Turns"

From CBS' daytime casting notes ...

Robin Mattson, our own second Gina DeMott Capwell of "Santa Barbara," is returning (again!) to daytime TV. She will appear as Cheri, a woman who gives Emily a run for her money, beginning Monday, February 12 on "As the World Turns." Mattson hasn't exactly been a stranger since her "SB" days -- she reprised her juicy Heather Webber role on ABC's "General Hospital" in 2004. She also did some time on CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2003.

And speaking of "ATWT," Terri Garber, our Leslie Carrington of "Dynasty," returned to Oakdale in the role she originated, Gwen's conniving mother, Iris Dumbrowski, on November 20. Garber is a "GH" vet, as well, and she played the memorable Suzanne Collier on "SB," taunting Cruz in his search for Eden.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome ... "Batman: The Animated Series"!

BRBTV began back in 1998 as a celebration of great, classic '80s TV shows. Well now, years later, the BRBTV family is branching out once again ... Last year, we introducted a new product, the BRBTV Report, which is a shorter, snappier e-file of great BRBTV reference content at a dirt-cheap price. The BRBTV Report is published first as Amazon Short, then as a full-color, graphics-intense PDF version from

We followed up the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" debut Report with "The (animated) Dukes" later in 2006. Now, we've added two more Reports 'n' Shorts to the mix: "Batman: The Animated Series" and the show it evolved into, "The New Batman Adventures."

Because of this, the BRBTV News Blog will now include any news and information pertaining to this fabulous Warner Bros. Animation offering, which originally aired beginning in September 1992. You can learn more about the BRBTV Reports (and accompanying Amazon Shorts) on the BRBTV Reports home page. Happy reading ...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Newspaper profiles avid "Dukes" fan, Part 3!

OK, more fun from "Dukes" fans ... Today we're delivering the third installment of our popular "Newspaper profiles avid 'Dukes' fan" series. Dustin Edsall of Muskegon, Michigan, is no stranger to newsprint -- in fact, he seems to spark a feature story wherever he goes! From John Schneider's boots to Cooter at a car show, here's another set of clips from Dustin, chronicling his love of "The Dukes of Hazzard" ...

And here's our guy Dustin with some other folks at the Sunday mechanics' tour of the Hazzard County Car Club's "Roads Back to Hazzard" event of Georgia "Dukes" filming sites in March 2006.

Thanks, again, Dustin, for sharing the love and sharing the clips!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dan Parent answers your "Archie" questions

As part of's PodCast program, longtime artist Dan Parent takes his turn with questions sent in by the fans. Check out the interview at

Elsewhere in Archie Comics ...

BETTY #162
“Tearjerker”: Deeply affected by a sad video she watched, Betty can’t help but reminded of it - especially every time Archie says something to her! Now Archie can only wonder, “what have I done wrong?” SCRIPT: Bill Golliher. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Really Special”: In this poignant tale, a pair of glamorous gloves from Betty’s grandmother makes Mr. Cooper realize what a special young lady his daughter has grown to be. SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Hot & Cold”: Betty gives the first big chill an icy reception! SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand January 30, 2007
32-page, full-color comic

“New Super Kid in Town”: When a new reality show seeking real-life “superheroes” hits Riverdale, Chuck and Jughead rise to the challenge, creating superheroic secret identities for themselves! Along the way, we meet a plethora of hero-obsessed contestants … and one new kid who wants nothing to do with any of it. Could it be the mild-mannered newcomer secretly IS a real-life hero? You won’t want to miss the high-flying answer! SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales by various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand January 30, 2007
Full-color digest format

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John Schneider makes the rounds for "Collier & Co."

Coming soon to a theater near you ... Not just the independent movie "Collier & Co.," but its creator, too -- John Schneider, our own Bo Duke of "The Dukes of Hazzard"!

Schneider has really been pounding the pavement for his pet project, a film he wrote years ago and brought to screen in 2006, an indy flick with a heckuva lot of fun-lovin' "Dukes" touches in it. Tomorrow, he's coming back to the old stomping grounds of Bo and Luke, Metro Atlanta, to promote the film at the Carmike Cinemas in Conyers (where, incidentally, he showed the film back on the weekend of November 11 as part of his appearance with the unveiling of Lee 1 -- see our November 13 post). Tomorrow, he'll be signing autographs at the theater at 6 p.m. Thanks to Chad for the heads-up on that one.

Schneider was at the Carmike 16 theater in Jacksonville, N.C., yesterday. And on Saturday, he's going to be at the Carmike 14 in Tyler, Texas. Keep an eye on the "Collier & Co." MySpace page and home page for his next appearances.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stephanie Beacham hits the stage in 2007

Stephanie Beacham, who captured "The Colbys" and "Dynasty" with each scene she was in as Sable, will be keeping plenty busy in 2007 on the stage. The SimplyStephanieBeacham website has got her scheduled covered ...

Beacham plays Judith Bliss in Noel Coward's "Hay Fever," in a U.K. tour that kicks off February 8. The show runs through the first week of June at sites that include Windsor, Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge and Glasgow. In the play, Beacham's Judith is a retired stage actress and wife and mom in a rather interesting family. The family's weekend guests get to find out just how interesting they are. Check out the full schedule and info at

And while you're at the site, be sure to check out the filmography, biography and gallery, among other things. (The color section of the gallery shows just how darling Ms. Beacham was as a girl!) Thanks to Maggie at SimplyStephanieBeacham for the info! And stay tuned for another tidbit on Beacham's 2007 activities in the coming days ...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Christopher Atkins has got it goin' on

He was well-known for that whole "Blue Lagoon" spin with Brooke Shields back in the '80s, but he also was our Peter Richards, the young camp counselor who tempted Sue Ellen, on "Dallas." Now, Christopher Atkins has several projects going on this year.

In Chinaman's Chance he plays Jacob, sharing the screen with Theresa Russell, Timothy Bottoms, Coolio, Ernest Borgnine, Olivia Hussey, Lorenzo Lamas and Jason Connery (son of Sean). The plotline, from the IMDb: "A Chinese immigrant railroad worker is falsely accused of murdering a white woman, in the violent 1870s. Can he survive with his East/West humanity as America struggles with expansion, greed, immigration, racial intolerance and Christian bigotry?" The film, listed as completed, is written and directed by Aki Aleong. Visit the MySpace page for the film to learn more, including some art of Atkins in his role.

Also classified as completed is Payback, where Atkins stars with Angie Everhart and hunky Costas Mandylor (remember him on "Picket Fences" in the '90s?). The film, from director Winston W. Champ, is about an escaped convict who tracks down the cop who put him away. The movie was filmed in and around Las Vegas..

Atkins plays George Custer in The Hard Ride, a western written and directed by Thadd Turner. The plotline from the IMDb: "Action and death follow a legendary gunfighter and his close friends to 1876 Deadwood, Dakota Territory." It's a Talmarc / Universal Pictures Deadwood movie.

The Unlikely's, written and directed by Nick G. Miller, is in post-production. Atkins plays Daniel Jacobsen in the comedy about a down-on-his-luck director.

Finally, there's Blind Ambition, directed by Bala Rajasekharuni. The comedy / drama is in production. See a movie poster for it here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Newspaper profiles avid "Dukes" fan, Part 2!

Back in a November post, we told you about Dustin Edsall of Muskegon, Michigan, and the nice write-up a local newspaper gave him on his love of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Well, Dustin has sent BRBTV some more fun clippings to read. (Call this a "Day in the Life of a 'Dukes' Fan" recurring feature, because we've got Part 3 coming up at a later date! And if you have any fun clips like this on the love of "The Dukes," send 'em in!)

The Norton-Lakeshore Examiner featured Dustin in this story, with photos, in July 2005, just before the release of the first "Dukes" movie.

And here's Dustin with a couple "Dukes" mechanics at their shop in Metro Atlanta, on the second day of the Hazzard County Car Club's "Roads Back to Hazzard" tour in March 2006! Thanks, Dustin, for sharing the love!

Photo courtesy of Dustin Edsall

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harley Jane Kozak, making appearances

That Harley Jane Kozak! We just can't get enough of her! Especially since we know she's as nice in real life as her character Mary the nun, was on "Santa Barbara." Beyond a movie career that included "Arachnophobia" and "Parenthood," Kozak has settled into a nice, pleasant life of noveling these days. And as part of that, she's got quite a few appearances lined up for 2007.

Tomorrow, January 19, she'll be with the Friends of the Library in Orange County, California. A couple days later, on January 21, she'll be part of the Romance Writers Talk in Los Angeles. On February 1-4, she goes to the Left Coast Crime event in Seattle, Washington. On the 10th, she'll be at the UCLA writer’s class and lunch, as the featured author, in Los Angeles.

Then, on March 24, Harley Jane participates in the Malibu Library panel in Malibu, California. On April 20-21, she's at the Fresno Raisin Conference in Fresno, California. On July 12-15, she does the ThrillerFest in New York City.

Kozak's specialty is crime. Her novels center around the character of Wollie Shelley, greeting card designer and small business owner in L.A. She gets herself into all kinds of precarious, criminal situations, as you can imagine. Check her titles out at Amazon and other retailers: "Dating is Murder," "Dating Dead Men" and "Dead Ex."

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NASCAR Illustrated features Archie Comics' Betty Cooper

From Archie Comics

MAMARONECK, NY – Racecar diver Betty Cooper is featured in this month's NASCAR Illustrated! It's the first time in Archie history that one of the Riverdale kids have been featured in a NASCAR-related publication.

Motorsports are a natural for Archie Comics. Both NASCAR and Archie Comics are entertainment suitable for the entire family. The real-life success of female drivers Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James, Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick encouraged Hiram Lodge to sponsor Betty as a his motorsports driver.

When reached for comment Mr. Lodge said "We are pleased that Betty has been featured in such a fine publication as NASCAR Illustrated. Of course, I knew all along that Betty was an excellent choice to represent Team Lodge."

Her daring new motorsport adventure ships next week in Archie Comics #572. Read about her in the January issue of NASCAR Illustrated, in stores now. And read on ...

“The Fast Track to Success”: Move over, Danica Patrick – you’ve got nothing on Betty Cooper and Indianapolis has nothing on the Riverdale 500! Mr. Lodge is the proud sponsor of one of the swiftest motor sports teams around, but his pride runs out of gas when one of his rivals lures away his top driver and pit crew! Not to worry though – Betty Cooper has offered to get behind the wheel, with Archie and the gang as her makeshift pit crew! Does Betty have what it takes to out-race the overconfident male drivers? Rev up your engines for action and excitement in this fast-paced tale! SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand January 23, 2007
32-page, full-color comic, $2.25

Tales From Riverdale Digest #17
"Monster-piece Theatre": It's a "comedy of terrors" for Chuck when he accidentally mixes up a monster drawing done for art school with the flattering portrait he intended to give Nancy for Valentine's Day! SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand January 16, 2007
Full-color digest format, $2.49

Veronica #177
“The Secret of Veronica’s Diary”: When Veronica’s diary accidentally ends up in Reggie’s hands, Veronica has a lot of explaining… and apologizing to do! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent. “The Art of Doing Nothing”: Tired of being overscheduled, Veronica will do everything she can to do nothing! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Dan Parent. “Payback Time”: The status quo of Veronica and Jughead’s tense relationship is upended, as Jughead rescues Veronica from a boorish boy, and Veronica feels obligated to return the favor! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Dan Parent.
On sale Newsstand January 16, 2007
32-page, full-color comic, $2.25

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Check out new fan site for John Forsythe

If you know anything about the brainchild behind the "Ultimate Dynasty" website, Goran, you know he's a big fan of John Forsythe, who played Blake Carrington. Now, Goran has launched a new site dedicated to the well-regarded "Dynasty" patriarch. is the locale, and you'll find lots of goodies there. "The site has not been completed yet (multimedia), but it is ready for the efficient functioning," Goran says, and it "includes the data bases for the news, fanbook, multimedia pages, press archive, and I shall keep upgrading it with new materials.

Goran and his team invite any suggestions you might have about the site.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Catch these "Dallas" stars in Hallmark movies

Last week, we told you about Ken Howard's spin on the Hallmark Channel movie "Sacrifices of the Heart." Well, we gotta love how those classic TV stars just keep poppin' up on Hallmark or Lifetime cable movies. Now, a couple "Dallas" stars are taking their turns ...

John Larroquette, known to us as Phillip Colton on "Dallas," has been starring in a whole new breed of the popular "McBride" movies. This Saturday, you can catch him in "Semper Fi." Hallmark describes the film: "When a marine is accused of killing his wife, Jim McBride takes the case, only to find that nothing is what it seems." "Semper Fi" has its world premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, January 20 at 9 p.m. EST.

Then, in a couple months, Larroquette returns with the McBride movie "Dogged." The plotline from Hallmark: "His newest client is a woman accused of killing her married lover at the annual L.A. Kennel Club Dog Show, where her golden retriever took Best in Show. Is it an open-and-shut case, or an elaborate frame job?" "McBride: Dogged" premieres Saturday, March 17 at 9 p.m. EST.

Do you remember Joanna Miles as Martha Randolph on "Dallas"? She'll be appearing in one of Hallmark's "Jane Doe" movies in March "Though CEO Everett Myers (Robert Carradine, 'Lizzie McGuire') is accused of murdering his partner, CSA puzzle solver Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson) is certain he’s innocent, despite witnesses, surveillance cameras and a surefire motive. Why? Witnesses and surveillance cameras also place Everett at a public restaurant with the mayor at the time of the murder." Miles plays Emily Myers in the film. "Jane Doe: Shaken & Stirred," a Hallmark original mystery movie, premieres Saturday, March 24 at 9 p.m.

Photos courtesy of the Hallmark Channel

Friday, January 12, 2007

What it means to be a "Dukes" fan

OK, BRB has been looking forward to this one all week ... It's a special story, designed to illustrate just what it means to be a fan of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Herein you'll find the qualities that Bo, Luke and Daisy represented on the show, the qualities that Jesse encouraged. And this one's all true, folks; it's not a script.

The storyteller here is Mr. Chad Fullerton of North Georgia, an avid fan of "The Dukes" who's been featured on the BRBTV News Blog before (see the November 17 post). Chad emailed BRBTV a week or two ago with this story, and the bottom line is, we felt compelled to pass it along ...

"When I arrived back up here in North Georgia on Tuesday night, I stopped by the post office to gather my mail. When I opened my box, I discovered another key with details of a "larger" box waiting for me in another bin.

"Well, as soon as I made my way over the larger bin, I immediately opened the box and found a rather large package waiting there for me. The first thing that I noticed was the cost of the postage for the item. It was just under $8.00. The second thing that I noticed was that the package had the word 'fragile' written all over it.

"I was going to wait until I got home to open the box, but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that I had to open the box right then and there. Once I opened the box and pulled all of the packing out, I saw the item. Let me rephrase that. I saw the item secured in foam wrapped by many strips of duct tape. I then proceeded to tear away the duct tape. It took me nearly five minutes to get all of the tape off! That was one heck of a 'hillbilly' wrapping job! (lol)

"Anyways, when I finally got all of the tape off, I discovered that I had been sent a 'custom' 1:18th scale General Lee renamed as the 'GA-Duke.'

"I literally had tears fill my eyes as I read the brief letter that accompanied the car. My friend, Jason Bagwell, had taken the time to build the car and apply custom decals that he had made specifically for me. 'GA-Duke' came from the screen name that I use on the message boards. It also references my Charger's actual state license plate which reads 'GADUKE01.' Jason also had a custom license plate made that reads 'Chad's' on the back.

"I first met Jason back in '99 at a 'Dukes' convention in Covington. To this date, I consider him to be one of the best folks in our great hobby. He had a General Lee replica that had a neat history. His old LEE was actually owned by Warner Bros. back in 1984. The car sat, with a few other Chargers, on a Warner Bros. backlot waiting to be 'General-ized.' However, it was never officially given a General Lee uniform, as the show was cancelled, and the car, along with the other few Chargers, were sold off.

"Anyway, Jason's old LEE was used and featured on an episode of 'Good Day, Atlanta' in 2000 as well as the Travel Channel's 'TV Road Trip' in 2001, that featured none other than 'ol Cooter himself, Ben Jones, wheeling the car around the backroads of Covington and Conyers.

"Fast-forward to 2004: Jason was working in a lab and was exposed to some harmful chemicals. To say the least, his health became an issue. Then, a few months later, he was laid off. That of course, led to the sale of his LEE. He was so bummed, but he said that there was "no other way." He did, however, keep his car's trunklid, which had many autographs on, including Denver Pyle and Waylon Jennings.

"Throughout all the guy has been through, he has remained pretty upbeat. He has replaced his full-sized LEE with models now and has hopes of building another car one of these days.

"I was really touched that he took the time and the money to build me a car. He certainly didn't have to do it."

Thanks to Chad for sending us this story. If you know of another true-life "Dukes" fan story like this one, by the way, email us, and we'll be delighted to post it ...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ken Howard makes "Sacrifices of the Heart"

Ken Howard, whom we know as Garrett Boydston of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys," will star in a new Hallmark Channel movie in early March.

Howard shares the small screen with Melissa Gilbert of "Little House on the Prairie" fame in the film, "Sacrifices of the Heart," airing on Saturday, March 3 at 9 p.m. EST. He plays a character named Thane Weston, who begins having memory lapses, and his son, Ryan (played by Cyril O’Reilly, at right in the photo below), asks his estranged sister, Kate (Gilbert), to return home as they try to find the cause. In the process, old wounds are reopened for the family, giving them a last chance at healing, the Hallmark press info also says.

Photo: Hallmark Channel / Aaron Rapaport

Howard has a couple other 2007 movie projects coming up: "Michael Clayton," starring George Clooney and Sydney Pollack, and "Still Waters."

By the way ... did you know Howard was married in the 1970s to one of our "Santa Barbara" bright-lights, Louise Sorel (Augusta Lockridge)? Fun!

Coming up tomorrow ... "What it Means to Be a 'Dukes' Fan." You won't want to miss it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coming up in Archie Comics: Veronica travels the world, and Cheryl Blossom taunts (as always)

“Later Than You Think”: Archie learns life is about trade-offs: the good news is he’ll save money if he rents a DVD for his date with Veronica … the bad news is he’ll pay another way, by suffering through a gooey-sappy-syrupy chick flick! SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Career Daze”: As part of “career week,” the Riverdale High students get to spend a week participating in the career of their choice, so Archie decides to be Veronica’s new butler! SCRIPT: Bill Golliher. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Right on the Kisser”: Betty and Veronica argue over who is the better kisser … and of course, to determine the answer they’ll have to demonstrate on Archie! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand March 6, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

THE WEB RETURNS … ALONG WITH A NEW SIDEKICK, KATY KEENE! “The Web Returns”: It’s the return of that “Mighty Hero,” the Web … sort of! It’s the filming of the latest super-heroic multiplex mega hit starring everyone’s OTHER favorite arachnid-inspired hero, the Web. Katy has the plum role of the hero’s spunky girlfriend, but when things get seriously deadly on the set, Katy may have to put on her detective hat. Who is sabotaging the stunts, and why? SCRIPT AND ART: Andrew Pepoy. “Riverdale’s Got Talent”: The latest TV talent show sensation comes to Riverdale in a benefit to fund the high school’s education programs … and the first thing the judges will learn is that not all of the faculty and students have the “talent” they claim to have! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Double your pages, double your Archie and double your fun in this double digest full of new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand March 6, 2007
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

BETTY #163
“A Study in Studying”: Betty’s dreams of high marks on her midterms are foiled by dreams of another sort – daydreams of Archie! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Everything is Beautiful”: Did you ever have one of those times where everything went so wrong that something was bound to go right?! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg. “Sales Help!”: Betty’s new job helping customers at a department store has its obstacles … the biggest being that the customers all want to help themselves! SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale newsstand March 13, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

“Poor Little Rich Girl”: Veronica decides to help Betty by donating her time to charity in this poignant tale. SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Jeff Shultz. “Now for a Really Super Story”: When Cheryl Blossom threatens to steal Archie away, Betty and Veronica become super-heroic protectors of their man in this costumed-crusader fable! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Jeff Shultz. “The Pampered Pet Set”: High society is going to the dogs … literally … when Veronica hosts a masquerade party for country club pets! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Jeff Shultz.
On sale newsstand March 20, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

“The Great Outdoors: Betty Style!”: Camping in the wilderness has its disadvantages for Veronica – namely, no malls, no electricity and no plumbing. But before she can bail, Veronica spots hunky Donald on the trail … and suddenly, the lack of luxuries become irrelevant! “The Great Outdoors: Veronica Style”: In a flip of the previous story, Veronica hosts a camping trip – and no convenience is left behind! But even high energy power lines aren’t infallible, so Betty may get her wish of “roughing it” yet! SCRIPTS AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
32-page, full0color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Bright and brassy, bold and beautiful, blonde and brunette -- teen dream queens Betty & Veronica romp through this collection of new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand March 20, 2007
Full-color digest format
$2.49 U.S.

"Cousin Calamity!": Look out guys, Reggie's cousin Regina is in town, and she's a knockout. She's also as devious and mischievous as Reggie, which the guys soon learn as she makes fools out of them with one practical joke after another! All except one: Jughead. Can Regina fool Jughead with one of her patented gags … and is there a possibility of romance with the crowned one?! SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales by various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand March 13, 2007
Full-color digest format
$2.49 U.S.

Its double-decker sandwiches and double-trouble as the irrepressible Jughead tilts the laugh-o-meter in this uproarious collection of new stories and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand March 20, 2007
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.


The spotlight is on the wonderful cast of Archie supporting characters, in this double digest featuring new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT & ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand March 13, 2007
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

"Batty Bartholomew": Sabrina decides to return to magic, and just to make sure she does, her aunts find an ancient wizard to tutor her. The only problem is, he's beyond rusty and seems more than a little wacky. Or is he? Meanwhile, Llandra has no interest in reconciling with Sabrina, but Shinji is hoping he and Sabrina can put their differences aside so Sabrina will rejoin the Four Blades. On the human side of things, Sabrina laments the fact that her new relationship with Harvey can't be as "normal" as she hoped -- once again, she has to hide her magic abilities! SCRIPT AND ART: Tania del Rio .
On sale newsstand March 20, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

"The Class of 2027": A sideshow seer gives Mr. Weatherbee a peek into the future, and not only is Riverdale High still standing, amazingly, it's standing under the leadership of Principal Archie! As the Bee peeks deeper, he learns that it's because Archie has become a great disciplinarian due to his great role model, Mr. Weatherbee! Will Archie's future success soften the Bee's wrath when it comes to Archie's present failures? SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz. PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand February 27, 2007
Full-color digest format
$2.49 U.S.

“It’s a Small World”: When Ginger is assigned an article on the “best place in the world” for Glitz Magazine, she immediately turns to famous world-traveler Veronica for help! You know what that means – Ginger and Veronica are about to travel the world in 30 days! Their whirlwind tour covers all the most exciting and exotic spots, but will they be able to narrow it down to one in time to meet Ginger’s deadline … and will their final selection surprise even themselves?! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.
On sale newsstand March 6, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stella Parton checks in with 2007 projects

Stella Parton, the lovely country-music songstress who starred in the "Dukes of Hazzard" episode "Deputy Dukes" and took the stage at last year's DukesFest in Nashville, has some neat stuff planned for 2007.

One project is "A Dance for Bethany," scheduled for release this year. The film uses recordings by Parton, she says in her e-update. It's directed by Brian Gurley and written by Yvonne G. Williams. (The movie also stars lovely redhead Robyn Lively, whose family was very active in the "Dukes" world -- father Ernie Lively played Longstreet B. Davenport and Dobro Doolan, while brother Jason Lively played Rod Moffet in the episode "The Boar's Nest Bears" and Rudy in the pilot.)

Parton appears in another film scheduled for release in 2007: "Ghost Town," filmed in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. "They will be using some of my music as well," Parton says. She shares the screen with Terence Knox and Charles Matthau, son of Walter Matthau. That one's a western directed by Jeff Kennedy and Dean West and written by D.J. Perry.

Parton has a new CD coming out, called "Testimony." "We are very excited about these new all-original songs and hope to have it available by early spring," she says.

On top of all that ... "You should be seeing me in 2007 on the QVC network promoting my third cookbook, 'State Fairs and Church Bazaars.' Please call everyone and order as many copies as you can for friends and family. A portion of the proceeds will go to battered women and children's shelters across the country."

Keep an eye on her website,, for details on these and other projects, and be sure to check out her "Dukes" page.

"God has blessed us and I hope you've been blessed, as well," Parton says as a parting note on her update for fans. "Let's pray for a prosperous, healthy and safe 2007."

Coming up later this week: Another "Dukes" post, and this one is a wonderful story we're gonna call ... "What It Means to Be a 'Dukes' Fan."

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Celebrity Meet and Greet's got it covered!

Holy-heckin'-cow ... If you're a fan of classic television, you'll be as happy as a pig in slop at the Celebrity Meet and Greet this weekend in Buena Park, California!

Bo Hopkins, the hunky Matthew Blaisdel from "Dynasty." Ed Marinaro, the equally hunky Cray Boyd of "Dynasty." Charlene Tilton, our own little Lucy Ewing of "Dallas. Michele Scarabelli, who terrorized Ray Krebbs as Connie Hall on "Dallas." Christopher Atkins, the enticing Peter Richards to Sue Ellen on "Dallas." Richard Herd, who played Jim Ellison on "Dynasty" and John Mackey on "Dallas." And from "The Dukes of Hazzard" ... not only the lovely Catherine Bach, our original and finest Daisy Duke, and Byron Cherry, our own Coy Duke, but even Lydia Cornell, who was the mobster daughter in the two-part episode "Undercover Dukes"! Meow! Now, that's rockin'!

It's this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom and the Marguis Ballroom at 7000 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park. Advance tickets are $15, and at the door they're $20, with free parking. There'll be a raffle and silent auction. To learn more, check out the website at

Friday, January 05, 2007

Lane Davies heads into the "Steamroom"

Lane Davies, our original (and BRBTV's favorite) Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara," let fans know on the forum of his official website a couple months back about his role in the small film "Steamroom." Davies took a break from his stage work in November to do some shooting for his role as Frank in the film, directed and written by Kyle Schickner.

"Steamroom" was filmed in various locations in Franklin, New Brunswick and Highland Park, New Jersey by Schickner, who's a native of the area and set the story there, as well.

"The story is about three women — all at different stages in their life — who meet in a steam room and talk," Schickner told the local newspaper, the Home News Tribune. "They are each going through changes in their lives and the movie follows each of their stories, which become connected through the steam room and they learn about themselves from each other."

Brat-Pack refugee Ally Sheedy also stars in the film, as does Ruby Dee, whom you might recall from Stephen King's "The Stand" miniseries in the mid-1990s, among many other things.

As of late last year, the plan was to show the movie at this year's Sundance Film Festival and then release the movie into theaters. Read more at:

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heather Locklear gets in "Shape," then "Angels Fall"

Anybody who's followed Heather Locklear in her career can't help but be awed by her petite, perfectly proportioned physique. Now, Shape magazine has taken note of our "Dynasty" belle and is featuring her on the cover of its next issue.

Also, tune in later this month for the latest TV project of Locklear, which the BRBTV News Blog reported on October 19. It's "Angels Fall," based on the Nora Roberts book, and it will air on Lifetime cable on Monday, January 29. Locklear shares the small screen with Johnathan Schaech, and she plays a woman who hits the road to begin a new chapter in her life. When her car breaks down in rural Wyoming, she thinks she's found that new chapter, but it also leads to murder. Learn more at Lifetime's website. The movie is directed by Ralph Hemecker, with a teleplay by Janet Brownell.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wopat does "Chicago" ... in St. Paul

We just love how Sheri keeps us informed of the movements of Tom Wopat of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Sometimes you sign up for an email news list and you never hear from 'em again, but that Sheri just keeps at it ...

We reported on November 20 that Tom Wopat has some performance dates coming up in New York and in Palm Beach, Florida. Now, he's got a date in St. Paul, Minnesota. On January 16-21, he'll be with "Chicago" at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. Check the website for more info.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: It's the policy of the BRBTV News Blog to concentrate on the professional careers of our stars and not their personal lives, so we'll make this brief, just in case you haven't heard it elsewhere ... Victoria Principal, our own Pamela Ewing of "Dallas," has divorced her husband of a whopping 21 years (and we applaud her for sustaining a multiple-decade marriage in Hollywood, for sure). Principal (whose birthday is today) and Harry Glassman were separated this past summer.

Spotted: A wonderfully young and handsome James Best of "The Dukes of Hazzard," long before Gy Waldron ever dreamed up our beloved CBS hit, on a vintage episode of "The Twilight Zone" during Sci-Fi's New Year's marathon Monday. We've reported here that we've seen him in other "Twilight Zone" episodes, but in this one he was the star. It was "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank," an episode we hadn't seen (and just how do they do that, anyway? everytime we watch, no matter how much we watch, there are always episodes we haven't seen! that's a "twilight zone" in itself), Best plays a country bumpkin type who dies -- apparently -- then pops up out of his coffin and goes right back to livin'. Many Rosco-like intonations were evident in his voice, and boy, was he spry. There was a bit of a dark side in his smiling character, at the end, too. Fabbo!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Coming up in Archie Comics

Archie Digest #231
The adventures of America's favorite teen continue with new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to "Find Your Name in Print!"
On sale newsstand January 3, 2007
Full-color digest format
$2.49 U.S.

Betty & Veronica #223
"Working Hand in Glove": A famous designer asks Veronica to give him a hand -- as a hand model modeling his high-fashion gloves! "Instrumental to the Story": Veronica would rather listen to classic rock than classical music -- but the hunky new Riverdale High tenor may have her singing a different tune! "Offering Lip Service": Archie refuses a kiss from Veronica because of his chapped lips, but Betty offers to share the last of her lip balm with Archie. Problem is, it happens to be on her lips, and when Veronica finds out they're smooching, guess who might get a fat lip?! "Don't Miss This": Could it be true -- an all-new love triangle between Midge, Moose, and -- BETTY?! You'll have to read this story to find out! SCRIPTS: Kathleen Webb. ART: Jeff Shultz.
On sale newsstand January 3, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Archie & Friends 106
“The Monster Museum ”: Seeking inspiration for Chuck’s comic books, Archie and Chuck visit the town’s new “ Monster Museum .” It is filled with monster movie memorabilia… or at least it was, as the boys find out when they arrive to find a real live crime scene there! Meanwhile, Nancy feels so neglected she starts wearing “goth” outfits! Can Chuck help recover the museum’s missing merchandise… and will he recover his original, NON-goth girlfriend, too? SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg. PLUS: SUPERMODEL KATY KEENE IN ANOTHER ALL-NEW TALE! “May I Have This Dance?”: Katy’s sister MacKenzie has a crush, but her crush has designs on Katy! Can MacKenzie find a way to swing the subject back around to herself? It’s love in the “fashion lane” as only Archie Comics can deliver! SCRIPT AND ART: Andrew Pepoy.
On sale newsstand January 9, 2007
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #148
What's better than a digest full of those teen dream queens Betty & Veronica? A double digest full of them! Featuring new stories and classic tales. SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and your chance to “Find Your Name in Print!”
On sale newsstand January 9, 2007
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from BRBTV, and warmest wishes for a 2007 full of good things!

2006 has been a great year for BRBTV. Not only was the print edition of "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!" released in January, followed up with the second (and final!) edition in August, but this very BRBTV News Blog that you're lookin' at was launched, too! In fact, the BRBTV News Blog was born on January 10 of last year.

Also in 2006, a new product was launched for BRBTV: the BRBTV Reports, published initially as electronic Amazon Shorts by These BRBTV Reports / Amazon Shorts allow us to offer you great reference information, similar to the BRBTV reference books, but in a smaller format and focusing on classic animated TV series. The first two Reports focus on the cartoons "Archie's Weird Mysteries" and "The Dukes." In the coming weeks, you'll see two additional BRBTV Reports released; stay tuned for more info. You'll also see the full-color, splash-out, graphic-intensive versions of the Amazon Shorts released under the umbrella of These will be the more colorful counterparts of the Amazon e-files. In addition, this year will bring the print edition of another of the BRBTV reference books.

In 2007, there will only be small changes to the BRBTV News Blog: The birthday feature will move to monthly rather than weekly, and additional (animated) shows will be folded into the BRBTV family, once their corresponding Reports / Shorts are released. As always, we welcome your comments, criticisms, cookies, whatever ... send 'em on to BRBTV ...

We'll kick off the new year with the month's birthdays. January is a big month for the stars of the four shows covered by BRBTV:

- Rick Hurst, Cletus Hogg of "The Dukes of Hazzard," turns 61 today, January 1!
- Rawley Valverde, Amado Gonzalez on "Santa Barbara," turns 41 today, January 1.
- Victoria Principal, Pamela Ewing of "Dallas," turns 61 on Wednesday, January 3 (though we've seen some sources indicate she was born in 1950, not 1946).
- Sorrell Booke, the unforgettable Boss J.D. Hogg of "The Dukes," was born January 4, 1930, and passed on February 11, 1994.
- Pamela Sue Martin, the supercool 'n' sassy original Fallon on "Dynasty," turns 53 on January 5.
- Kristen Meadows, Victoria Lane of "SB" (whom you can watch on the current edition of "The Mason Chronicles"), turns 50 on January 7.
- Tony Wike, who voiced Mr. Weatherbee on "Archie's Weird Mysteries," turns 52 on January 7.
- Krista Tesreau, the psycho Andi Klein of "SB," turns 43 on January 10.
- Richard Moll, who did a few wonderful turns as the skanky Milo Beaudry on "The Dukes," and who voiced Harvey Dent / Two-Face on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 64 on January 13.
- Arte Johnson, also a notable guest as Irving in the "The Dukes" episode "Double Sting," turns 78 on January 20.
- Joe Marinelli, the mobster cross-dresser with a heart of gold, Bunny, on "SB," turns 50 on January 21.
- Leigh Taylor-Young, Kimberly Cryder on "Dallas," turns 55 on January 25.
- Cathy Podewell, country-bumpkin Cally Harper on "Dallas," and Paul Johansson, long-lost Capwell son Greg Hughes on "SB," both turn a young 43 on January 26.
- Donna Reed, the Miss Ellie replacement on "Dallas," was born on January 27, 1921, and passed on January 14, 1986.
- Carrington Garland, a very lovely Kelly Capwell (we liked her every bit as much as Robin Wright) on "SB," turns 43 on January 27.
- John Beck , a BRBTV double-shot with a stint as Mark Graison on "Dallas" and a turn as David Raymond on "SB," turns 64 on January 28.
- Susan Howard, longtime Donna Krebbs on "Dallas," turns 61 on January 28.
- Harley Jane Kozak, the wonderful Mary Duvall on "SB" and one of our favorites, turns 50 on January 28.
- Marc Singer , a little spooky as Matt Cantrell on "Dallas," and who voiced Dr. Kirk Langstrom on "Batman: The Animated Series," turns 59 on January 29.
- John Forsythe, the amazing Blake Carrington on "Dynasty," turns 89 on January 29.
- Katharine Ross, the much-put-upon Francesca Colby on "Dynasty" spinoff "The Colbys," turns 65 on January 29.
- Justin Gocke, a very memorable Brandon DeMott on "SB," turns a most-young 29 on January 31.

Happy birthday to all ...