Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harley Jane Kozak, making appearances

That Harley Jane Kozak! We just can't get enough of her! Especially since we know she's as nice in real life as her character Mary the nun, was on "Santa Barbara." Beyond a movie career that included "Arachnophobia" and "Parenthood," Kozak has settled into a nice, pleasant life of noveling these days. And as part of that, she's got quite a few appearances lined up for 2007.

Tomorrow, January 19, she'll be with the Friends of the Library in Orange County, California. A couple days later, on January 21, she'll be part of the Romance Writers Talk in Los Angeles. On February 1-4, she goes to the Left Coast Crime event in Seattle, Washington. On the 10th, she'll be at the UCLA writer’s class and lunch, as the featured author, in Los Angeles.

Then, on March 24, Harley Jane participates in the Malibu Library panel in Malibu, California. On April 20-21, she's at the Fresno Raisin Conference in Fresno, California. On July 12-15, she does the ThrillerFest in New York City.

Kozak's specialty is crime. Her novels center around the character of Wollie Shelley, greeting card designer and small business owner in L.A. She gets herself into all kinds of precarious, criminal situations, as you can imagine. Check her titles out at Amazon and other retailers: "Dating is Murder," "Dating Dead Men" and "Dead Ex."

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