Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heather Locklear gets in "Shape," then "Angels Fall"

Anybody who's followed Heather Locklear in her career can't help but be awed by her petite, perfectly proportioned physique. Now, Shape magazine has taken note of our "Dynasty" belle and is featuring her on the cover of its next issue.

Also, tune in later this month for the latest TV project of Locklear, which the BRBTV News Blog reported on October 19. It's "Angels Fall," based on the Nora Roberts book, and it will air on Lifetime cable on Monday, January 29. Locklear shares the small screen with Johnathan Schaech, and she plays a woman who hits the road to begin a new chapter in her life. When her car breaks down in rural Wyoming, she thinks she's found that new chapter, but it also leads to murder. Learn more at Lifetime's website. The movie is directed by Ralph Hemecker, with a teleplay by Janet Brownell.

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