Friday, January 05, 2007

Lane Davies heads into the "Steamroom"

Lane Davies, our original (and BRBTV's favorite) Mason Capwell of "Santa Barbara," let fans know on the forum of his official website a couple months back about his role in the small film "Steamroom." Davies took a break from his stage work in November to do some shooting for his role as Frank in the film, directed and written by Kyle Schickner.

"Steamroom" was filmed in various locations in Franklin, New Brunswick and Highland Park, New Jersey by Schickner, who's a native of the area and set the story there, as well.

"The story is about three women — all at different stages in their life — who meet in a steam room and talk," Schickner told the local newspaper, the Home News Tribune. "They are each going through changes in their lives and the movie follows each of their stories, which become connected through the steam room and they learn about themselves from each other."

Brat-Pack refugee Ally Sheedy also stars in the film, as does Ruby Dee, whom you might recall from Stephen King's "The Stand" miniseries in the mid-1990s, among many other things.

As of late last year, the plan was to show the movie at this year's Sundance Film Festival and then release the movie into theaters. Read more at:

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