Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Robin Mattson, Terri Garber come to "As the World Turns"

From CBS' daytime casting notes ...

Robin Mattson, our own second Gina DeMott Capwell of "Santa Barbara," is returning (again!) to daytime TV. She will appear as Cheri, a woman who gives Emily a run for her money, beginning Monday, February 12 on "As the World Turns." Mattson hasn't exactly been a stranger since her "SB" days -- she reprised her juicy Heather Webber role on ABC's "General Hospital" in 2004. She also did some time on CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2003.

And speaking of "ATWT," Terri Garber, our Leslie Carrington of "Dynasty," returned to Oakdale in the role she originated, Gwen's conniving mother, Iris Dumbrowski, on November 20. Garber is a "GH" vet, as well, and she played the memorable Suzanne Collier on "SB," taunting Cruz in his search for Eden.

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Kim said...

I loved Robin as Cheri! she really Impressed me with this charector. She makes you feel sorry for the much abused wife of sicko Winston who became a Madam in order to support herself. This is one tough cookie. I have not been happy with ATWT since they killed her off WHAT MISTAKE THAT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!