Monday, March 31, 2008

John Schneider wants to mark 30 years of "The Dukes" in a big way

John Schneider's publicist issued an online push over the weekend in the name of "The Dukes of Hazzard." In anticipation of the show's 30th anniversary (it first filmed in late 1978 and launched on the airwaves in January 1979), Schneider is calling for fans to support re-airing the show on ABC Family, which recently purchased the rights to the series from CMT. Despite the wild success CMT enjoyed by bringing the series back a couple-a years back, ABC Family has no plans, currently, to air it.

BRBTV caught up with Schneider's publicist, Michael Barnard, on Saturday. He gave us a little more info on the cause, which directs fans to write to Tom Zappala, senior vice-president of program acquisitions and scheduling at ABC Family.

"The letter-writing request has been sent out via email to a few 'friends,'" Barnard says, "about 100, with the hope that they will forward it to their friends. It's been posted in a few forums, such as the chatroom on the site."

He tells us, "The 30th anniversary will be celebrated at DukesFest on June 28-29; it's the theme of this fest. We are holding it in Atlanta for the first time because the show was originally shot in Georgia."

And what is Schneider up to, at this very moment, we had to ask? (He's been so busy that we can't just ask what he's been up to lately, ya know!)

"John just finished starring in 'Chicago' on Broadway, and has a film for the Hallmark Channel called 'Shark Swarm,'" Barnard says. "He stars with Daryl Hannah. We are working on raising funds for a couple feature film projects: 'Collier & Co. 2 -- High Octane,' the sequel to the original family comedy; and 'Seven Ways from Sunday,' a powerful Western."

If you'd like to read more on the push to our friendly neighborhood ABC Family, click here:

And here's the ABC Family contact page:

Elsewhere in Hazzard County ...

Thanks to Barry, as well as to Renee of the All-John blog, for the tipoff on this nice write-up in yesterday's New York Times (we just love that Sunday paper):

Over fettucine with shrimp and other accoutrements, our two good-ole'-boys-turned-Broadway talked about drag-racing to the set and lotsa fun stuff from their Hazzard days.

And speaking of fast-drivin', just take a gander at these words from Tom Wopat on Bo and Luke's fair cousin Daisy's expertise behind the wheel, as reported in the Scottish Sunday Mail:

Friday, March 28, 2008

James Best heads to the ballpark, and DukesFest, of course

Our own Rosco P. Coltrane, James Best, is returning to the ballpark this summer. He will be throwing out the first pitch for the Southern Illinois Miners Baseball Team on May 29. He'll have photos for sale and will sign your memorabilia for $5 per item.

It all happens at Rent One Park, 1000 Miners Drive, Marion, IL 62959. Check at for more information.

Best is, of course, among the "Dukes" cast scheduled to appear at this year's DukesFest, making its debut in Hot-lanta. Indeed, John Schneider and his wife Elly are expecting all of the cast biggies to appear this year. DukesFest will also be your opportunity to nab a copy of a couple fun new products: Best's own DVD, "Rosco's Hazzardous Roadtrip," and Ben Jones new memoir, "Redneck Boy in the Promised Land." Yes, Jones has released his own book now to add to the fine collection of "Dukes"-related books we have out there, publishing it through Harmony Books.

Keep your eye on that DukesFest site, because they've had some fun stuff going on with the design (and the videos!).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Joan Collins talks about the influence of legend Bette Davis

Convincing screen legend Bette Davis to help her adjust her revealing silver lame gown (designed by Nolan Miller, of course) is just one of the fun reminisces that Joan Collins offers in a new story in The Times in London.

Collins, our amazing Alexis Carrington Whatever of "Dynasty," talks about the influence that Davis had on her own career, as Turner Classic Movies celebrates "The Bette Davis Centenary season," 100 years since the actress' birth.

"When I first read the role of Alexis Carrington on 'Dynasty' I considered how Davis would have approached this character," Collins says. "The part was described to me by my agent as 'a real juicy b-tch, the kind of gal Bette Davis would have played in her prime.' "

Collins writes on: "So much of Alexis seemed to emulate so many of Davis’ roles. Conniving, glamorous, sly, the epitome of the woman scorned, she wasn’t afraid to use her sexual charms to get her own way. Whenever I had thoughts about how to play a scene I’d think: 'How would Bette do it?' and the rest was easy."

Davis, who was born on April 5, 1908, died on October 6, 1989. You can learn more about the celebration of her centenary at TCM's site.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eileen Davidson chats on BlogTalkRadio

Eileen Davidson talks soaps, more specifically, she talks her current soap, CBS' "The Young and the Restless," on the Internet-based Buzzworthy Radio. The interview, airing last night, is available for your listening pleasure at Buzzworthy's site at BlogTalkRadio.

Davidson is currently immersed in her role as Ashley on "Y&R," but we, of course, remember her as the fourth and final Kelly Capwell on "Santa Barbara."

"It's a whole different ballgame out there," she said of the soaps business, saying that some of the shows are scrambling to try to figure out how to stay on the air. "I've seen it in its heyday." Davidson, in the context of her firing from "Days of Our Lives," added that she doesn't take anything too seriously.

"I was on 'Santa Barbara' the last year of its life," she said, "and it was an interesting time then, because Paul (Rauch) just -- he was getting the heavy hitters from every show ever known to mankind. ... I was on the show at the same time as A Martinez, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Gordon Thomson, who was just amazing, Nancy Grahn, just like these terrific people. The unfortunate thing is that we didn't have that much to do. We had some storylines, but ... it was not working out that well."

She added that "A is an exceptional human being" and was wonderful to work with. "It was a really, really great working experience," she said of the show, where she remarked that morale was even good at the time. "I was probably going to leave anyway, if it hadn't been canceled."

Davidson was frank in the interview, noting that it was very difficult to play the role of Kelly after other people had, and that her own personal history on the show was not long, so she didn't have as much of a feeling of loyalty toward it.

(We must say, it's nice to see a star taking time out of their schedule to chat with an Internet fan site / radio channel -- it truly shows the growing power of the Internet.)

BRBTV News Blog Blip: We know what a huge pop-cultural influence our beloved "Dallas" was. knows it, too, naming it the first of their "10 TV Shows that Changed the World." The post at their site discusses, in particular, the show's influence on communist Romania.

BRBTV News Blog Blip, Too: Look, they can criticize her face all they want, but we just dig the fact that she's on the show! Track the progress of Priscilla Presley, our third and final Jenna Wade of "Dallas," on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," at ABC's official site for the show. (Didya see her on last night's show? She's still alive!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A couple new students are coming to Riverdale High

From Archie Comics

MAMARONECK, NY – Jesús Gil Holguín is one of the best-known comic book professionals in Mexico, where he has been translating American comics into Spanish and editing the Mexican editions of American comics for the past 25 years. He started at Editorial Novaro, the most important comic book publishing company in Latin America. He was a regular collaborator in a weekly radio show about comics, and has given a series of conferences about comics throughout Mexico. In 2005, Holguín started publishing Spanish editions of Archie Comics in Mexico. Now Holguín is writing his first script for Archie Comics. The story will feature the first Mexican addition to Riverdale High: Toño Diaz.

Born in Mexico, Toño assists his parents, Adrián and Rosa, in their party-planning business. Rosa handles public relations and the administrative part of the business, while Adrián is responsible for the creative and labor portions of the family business. Toño enjoys helping them with gardening and decoration, but the part he likes the most is cooking. He wants to become a great chef when he grows up. The Diaz family has been hired by Mr. Lodge to plan events for the city of Riverdale. As a result, the family has relocated to Riverdale.

Join Toño and his entire family for their first Riverdale adventure in Pals ‘n’ Gals #123 on sale in July 2008. Toño’s first appearance will be released simultaneously in the United States and in Mexico.

Misako Takashima, meanwhile, developed a love for comics and manga at an early age and drew her first comic at the age of 13. She moved to New York in 2001 and worked as a puppeteer, face painter, animal balloon maker and art teacher, while still developing her own work. She's been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including Elle Girl and the New York Times, and the BBC recently featured her in a documentary about comic book creators. Takashima currently lives in Brooklyn.

Takashima works with Archie's other new character, Kumi Tamura, a shy, cute and goofy Japanese girl. She doesn't think she's goofy or funny. However, when Archie, Betty and the others meet her, they think she is very funny. She wants to be taller, so every morning she drinks a lot of milk, believing this will help her grow. She likes reading Japanese girls’ comics and believes that someday she will meet a gorgeous boy in America. She arrives in Riverdale with her younger sister, Ami Tamura. Compared to Kumi, Ami is outgoing, fun and a positive girl. Ami and Kumi often have fights and usually Ami wins. Ami goes crazy for cute boys, and she is excited to meet a lot of tall American boys! When she finds something / somebody who she really likes, she usually doesn't give up until she gets it, or them! Oh, boy ...

Kumi’s mom is very kind and sweet … but she's obsessed with keeping their home clean. Therefore, when the kids have fights or make a mess, she gets crazy and loses her mind!! Kumi’s dad is an engineer. Even though he's busy, he tries to make time for his girls as much as he can. When mom gets crazy, he's really good at calming her down.

Kumi and her family will be moving to Riverdale shortly.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: A couple "SB" hunks, and a car that's truly an icon

- His character on "Santa Barbara" might have gotten iced early on, but Eric Stromer has recovered quite nicely, years later. This actor, who portrayed Michael Adams in the 1984 earthquake storyline of "SB," then went on to a few other TV roles, wields a hammer and saw these days. He's the host of HGTV's "Over Your Head," and now he's written a new home-improvement book: "Do It Yourself Family." CBS' Showbuzz has more on the hunky Stromer and his current projects.

- And speaking of "SB," we've been reporting here on the BRBTV News Blog on Frank Runyeon, our own Father Michael Donnelly, and his modern-day more real-life evangelistic efforts. The News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has a neat feature story on Runyeon that sheds a little more light on that fun thing he does.

- We, of course, know just how much of a TV icon our beautiful, blazin'-orange General Lee is, besides being the star of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Well, the Trib knows it, too. The General Lee came in nicely on their list of the top TV icons, according to reader votes. Among the write-in candidates was the Batphone from "Batman." Coolness. Check it out at the Chicago Tribune's website.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ken Farmer, a tough guy of many talents

Texas-born Ken Farmer moved effortlessly through several roles on our beloved "Dallas," particularly one where he almost started a brawl at the annual Ewing Barbecue over J.R.'s machinations with gas prices. Farmer, who is a seasoned actor, turns his attention these days to mentoring the younger ones coming up behind him. He's an author and workshop leader who has some skillful advice on being in front of the camera.

While researching the BRBTV reference book "Destination: Dallas," we had the opportunity to get to know Ken Farmer. He's a guy with a tough persona who's quite nice to talk with! During our lively January 2007 interview, he told us about a screenplay he was working on, "Damn You, Bone!" It's the story of a 6-foot-7, 300-pound cop in north Texas who has an interesting way of doing business.

Farmer has also written "Rockabilly Baby," a story on the birth of rock 'n' roll that was shot in Texas last year. Farmer directs this one and takes on a role as an announcer, too. You can read the official press release and see photos of the cast at the movie's site.

To keep an eye on Farmer and his work, which includes the book "Acting is Storytelling," check out his website.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tori loves "Dynasty" too, and full "Bat"-cast announced

So tell us, Ms. Tori Spelling, of all the various TV shows your father worked on in his time, was there one that was a particular guilty pleasure for you?

"Oh, 'Dynasty'!" she gushed. "I love 'Dynasty.'"

So went a phone interview between actress, daughter of TV icon Aaron Spelling, and new author Tori Spelling, with Star 94 FM of Atlanta between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. this afternoon. So fun!

"Batman: Gotham Knight" fully cast

Warner Bros. made a nice ripple of news across the Internet today by officially announcing further details on its upcoming DVD / Blu-Ray release of the animated "Batman: Gotham Knight." Besides hottie Gary Dourdan of "CSI" (sorry, just gotta keep saying that), Will Friedle of the animated offshoot "Batman Beyond" will be part of the cast. Read more here:

A visit to Southfork

Catch this blog for a brief little bit of fun. It includes a fresh photo of the Southfork pool of our beloved "Dallas":

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Acclaimed children's writer Alex Simmons takes Archie and the gang to Nairobi

From Archie Comics

MAMARONECK , NY -- In the last two issues of ARCHIE & FRIENDS, Archie and his friends were taken on a journey reminiscent of the classic LIFE WITH ARCHIE and AROUND THE WORLD WITH ARCHIE tales of yore. Epic in scope, these stories often involved the gang getting involved in some sort of intrigue that needed to be solved before they could return home to good ‘ol Riverdale U.S.A. Famed writer Alex Simmons has brought the mystery back to the pages of Archie Comics, and in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #119 the teens’ whirlwind adventure continues with a trip to Nairobi !

In “Archie World Tour Part 2 of 4,” Archie and his friends continue their quest to see five cities in 10 days. They barely have time to reminisce about London and Madrid before arriving in Nairobi , Kenya! Everyone is excited as they visit one local landmark after another, including the state museum and zoo. Of course, no trip would be complete without some suspenseful intrigue, and this one is no different as Archie and Jughead find themselves being trailed by two mysterious men. Who are they, and what are they up to?

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Alex Simmons has proven himself to be a real renaissance man. With a particular love for children’s literature, Simmons has taken on several projects for the younger set. Among them are several juvenile mystery novels for a variety of well-known publishers (and in the great tradition of children’s mysteries, he keeps his real name mysterious by using a pseudonym).

But he doesn’t just write mysteries for children. He’s also a playwright. His “Sherlock Holmes & the Hands of Othello” received critical praise and was published in "Black Thunder: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Drama," by Signet/Mentor Books. And that’s just one of several plays Simmons has written.

From fiction to fact, Simmons has also made major contributions by penning two educational documentaries and three biographies for Steck-Vaughn. Among these biographies is a look at the life and career of Oscar®-winning movie actor Denzel Washington.

Speaking of movies and other similar forms of entertainment arena, Simmons has had a hand there, as well. To date, he’s written three movie novelizations for Disney. And as a voiceover talent, Simmons can be heard on a wide range of projects from O'Henry candy bars to financial podcasts for DeLoitte and Touche.

With all of his accomplishments, educating children remains Simmons’ No. 1 passion. As a guest speaking and teaching artist, he travels the country conducting creative writing workshops, and is also the educational outreach director for New York City ’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. In 2007, he launched the now-annual family-friendly Kids Comic Con, a celebration of children’s comics and their creators that is both entertaining and educational. He is also a board member on the New York State Alliance for Arts and Education, and a member of the New York Writer's Workshop.

“Archie World Tour Part 3 of 4
SCRIPT: Alex Simmons. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale at comic specialty shops: May 14, 2008
On sale on newsstands: May 27, 2008
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These soap supercouples sound quite familiar

Bobby and Pam and Blake and Krystle ... It sounds like some '60s swinger movie, but us "Dallas" and "Dynasty" fans know these are the names of two of our supercouples. EW magazine recognizes that, too, naming them among their 17 Great Soap Supercouples.

A few other BRBTV stars factored in: Kim Zimmer (Jodie Walker of "Santa Barbara") for her role as Reva on "Guiding Light," and Michael Nader (Dex Dexter of "Dynasty") for his supercoupling with Susan Lucci (Hillary Taylor on "Dallas").

And speaking of "Dallas" ... Are you tuned in to "Dancing With the Stars," where the former flame who came between Bobby and Pam, aka Jenna Wade, aka Priscilla Presley, will be competing for this sixth season? Last night the live competition show featured the first performances of the six male stars, and tonight Presley and her five female co-stars have the floor with their respective partners. It happens on ABC at 9 p.m. EST.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tina Louise shines on, and a new Bat-take?

Didya ever know that Tina Louise is an author? Sure enough, she has two books, a children's book titled "When I Grow Up" and the autobiographical "Sunday: A Memoir." Beyond that, Louise's daughter Caprice Crane (by Les Crane) is a novelist.

Those fun little tidbits and more (including lovely black-and-white photos) can be found at a blog tribute to the actress, whom we fondly recall as Julie Grey on "Dallas." Click on over to The Most Beautiful Women 2 Blog.

On a completely different subject (!), Toon Zone is reporting some rumblings about a new Bat-animated series. Tentatively titled "Batman: The Brave and The Bold," the series apparently would be the next project for our favorite Bat-crew after the "Legion of Super Heroes" animated series soft-lands at the end of this season on the Kids WB!.

Spotted: Joanna Cassidy, Wanda DeJesus and Rosemary Forsyth

... All in the same movie; can you believe it? John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars," airing as the creature feature of the week on our beloved Sci Fi this past Saturday night, featured a nice bevy of classic TV stars. Joanna Cassidy, who was the sweet blond Sally Bullock on "Dallas," was Dr. Arlene Whitlock here. Wanda DeJesus, who was one of the Santana Andrades on "Santa Barbara," portrayed Akooshay. And Rosemary Forsyth, the original Dominick / Sophia Capwell on "SB," before Judith McConnell took over, as well as Ann McFadden on "Dallas," portrayed the Inquisitor.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dallas Fanzine interviews writer / producer Howard Lakin

The J.R. Ewing - Cally Harper wedding as a screwball comedy? "I still don't know why they let me get away with it," writer / producer Howard Lakin says in a new interview now posted on

But, Lakin tells the "Dallas" fan site, the technique of trapping all the characters in one setting for some heavy-duty drama in an episode such as the two-part "Country Girl"-"Wedding Bell Blues" has been used for decades.

Lakin chats about all kinds of other things from his "Dallas" days -- Sue Ellen's growing independence on the show, the fact that his own daughter served as the flowergirl at April's wedding to Bobby, the new "Dallas" feature film -- in the interview.

Lakin also wrote and produced for CBS' "Falcon Crest" (just one timeslot over from "Dallas" on Friday nights), as well as "Flamingo Road."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Santa Barbara" writer dishes ... a little

Soaps writer Jane Atkins may have been talking about her work on shows such as our beloved "Santa Barbara," but she wasn't naming many names. Take this little tidbit, for example, as she spoke to students recently at Florida's Chipola College:

"In 'Santa Barbara' we had a super couple who ended up hating each other in real life. The actor refused to say anything nice to her."

Hmmm ...

Atkins and other writers (who, incidentally, won a Daytime Emmy in 1989 for their work on "SB") had to come up with different ways for the character to express his love, the Jackson County Floridian says, including shots of "him" typing loving messages on a computer screen, or the actress reading his love letters out loud. OK! The wheels are a-turnin' ...

Atkins, who also wrote for "Days of Our Lives" and "General Hospital," had some kinder things to say about Joe Marinelli, who played cross-dressing mobster Bunny Tagliatti (a time period now being featured, by the way, on the Mason Chronicles on Lane Davies' official website).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eric Radomski's new job, a fab Bat-promo ... and a meow!!!

Eric Radomski, a name that's familiar to us fans of "Batman: The Animated Series," has gotten a new gig. He's serving as the chief creative officer of the Canadian-based Throwback Entertainment. Radomski has directed, produced and done visual effects for not just "B: TAS" but also its 1993 theatrical offshoot, "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm."

You can read more at the Wired Blog Network:

Also in Batnews ... Wanna get a glimpse inside the new Warner Bros. animated feature, "Batman: Gotham Knight"? The official site is up and running:

In the smashing video at the site, you'll hear from a few DC / Warner Bros. execs, including Bruce Timm, one of the masterminds behind the original animated series. From our own Bat-perspective, we're thinkin' if you weren't motivated to get the DVD or Blu-Ray (due on July 7), you will be, after checking this out. You can certainly see the Anime influence in the film, and the promo video speaks heavily to that, but when we watched it we couldn't help thinking ... This is no cartoon -- this is comic-book panels come to life! Fab!

(And is that Gary Dourdan of "CSI" we see in the voice credits? We had no idea! Major meow!!!!! Welcome to the Batworld, Handsome!!!!!!! Stay as long as you like!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John O'Hurley continues to butter us up

Maybe we knew, when we saw John O'Hurley play the oh-so serious and cinematical Stephen Slade on "Santa Barbara," that he wasn't truly in his element. Comedy is evidently his calling, we saw when he went on to star as the wildly popular J. Peterman on "Seinfeld." He's continued that comedic thang as a pitchman for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." And now he's gettin' all crazy in I Can't Believe It's Not Butter's latest web fun: the game "Now You Know Better."

Head over to and you'll find the zany O'Hurley, so charming, welcoming you to this interactive trivia game where you compete with other players from who-knows-where to accumulate points as well as entries in a sweepstakes for a high-dollar annuity. He's a little more gray, and a little differently shaped, since his days as the filmmaker who wooed Sophia Capwell, but he's all O'Hurley, that's for sure.

You can make up to five entries per day in the online game, which picks your brain on all sorts of quirky little pop-culture elements.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Run, don't walk, over to the May 26, 2006 post of the BRBTV News Blog, where you'll find (are you ready???) a ****celebrity comment**** (cue blinking lights!). Ms. Lydia Cornell speaks up to thank us and defend the honor of her lovely and delightful "Too Close for Comfort" costar! That is so fun! Thanks, Ms. Cornell. We appreciate it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Joan chats, Cazenove returns to the stage, and it's unmistakably John Forsythe

Joan Collins chats with Toronto's Globe and Mail about a few assorted fun things: her skin-care regimen, plastic surgery (she says no, she hasn't), even how much she weighs now compared to when she starred as Alexis Colby on "Dynasty."

And fashion, too. For instance, her favorite fashion of the myriad imaginative creations she had the good fortune to wear on the show.

"It was a grey silk jersey dress with long sleeves like a 1940s dress, and I wore it with a grey cloche hat and a grey cape trimmed with fake fur," she says.

Ahhhhhh. Indeed, we remember that one.

Read the interview at

Collins is also generating some ink for her purchase of a condo in Sierra Towers in West Hollywood. The San Francisco Chronicle has more.

Collins' "Dynasty" castmate Christopher Cazenove, meanwhile, who played her ex-brother-in-law Ben Carrington, is in the news for his role as Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady." The stage production is stopping in Philadelphia, and tells the story.

And ... to make this a full "Dynasty" day ... how about a fun little "Spotted" feature on our favorite patriarch?

Spotted: John Forsythe

Our "Dynasty" patriarch was such a young'un in this one: the first-season "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episode, "Premonition." In it, he played a young man returning from overseas to his small peaceful town, only to learn that his father died years earlier and no one told him. His hair is dark, his gait is steady, but his voice -- so unmistakable. You can view it yourself on MSN's TV site.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Frank Runyeon is busy spreading the Good Word

We've reported on the BRBTV News Blog about the modern-day antics of Frank Runyeon, our former Father Michael of "Santa Barbara." How comfy Runyeon was in that role of a priest, because he's a man of the cloth, so to speak, in real life, as well.

Runyeon, who terms himself a "Biblical actor," portraying a variety of stage roles from the pages of Scripture, has a whole slew of engagements coming up in the next several weeks:

- Saturday, March 8: First Lutheran Church, Torrance, CA
- Sunday, March 9 - Monday, March 10: St. Joan of Arc Church, Lisle, IL
- Sunday, March 9: St. Joan of Arc Church, Lisle, IL
- Monday, March 10: St. Joan of Arc Church, Lisle, IL
- Tuesday, March 11: St. Christopher Church, Saginaw, MI
- Wednesday, March 12: Infant Jesus Church, Port Jefferson, NY
- Thursday, March 13: St. Patrick Church, Pelham, NH
- Friday, March 14: St. John Church, Cromwell, CT
- Saturday, March 15: First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon, OH
- Sunday, March 16: Immaculate Conception, New Hartford, CT
- Monday, March 17: St. Charles Church, San Carlos, CA
- Thursday, March 20: First Presbyterian Church, Chipley, FL
- Good Friday, March 21: Grace Heartland Church, Elizabethtown, KY
- Wednesday, April 2: Our Lady of Grace Church, Brooklyn, NY
- Thursday, April 3: Nativity of Our Lord Church, Monroe Twp, NJ
- Saturday, April 5: St. Patrick Church, Farmington, CT
- Sunday, April 6: St. Agatha Church, Milton, MA
- Wednesday, April 16: St. Michael Lutheran Church, Canton, MI
- Thursday, April 17: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Aurora, OH
- Friday, April 18: St. Raphael Church, Naperville, IL
- Sunday, April 20: St. Francis of Assisi Church, Wichita, KS

To see which Biblical characters he's playing at each site and for other information, check Runyeon's schedule on his official website. Our handsome priestly actor is also working on an autobiography, "Escape from Hollywood: An Actor's Journey."

BRBTV News Blog Blip: What's in a name? Apparently a whole lot of association, if this stunt-driving family in the U.K. is any indication. The name is Duke, and the game is daredevilin' kinda like that precious Bo and Luke we know. Check it out, at the Swindon Advertiser.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spotted: William Windom and John Randolph

On "Dallas," William Windom was Amos Krebbs, wayward assumed father of Ray Krebbs. On Rod Serling's classic "Night Gallery," he played a disillusioned sales director celebrating 25 years on the job in "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar." Windom's resume is long and vast, dating back to 1950; he even played Commodore Decker in the original "Star Trek" episode "The Doomsday Machine."

One of Windom's "Dallas" castmates plays his boss in that same "Night Gallery" episode: John Randolph, who not only portrayed Lincoln Hargrove on "Dallas" in 1981 but also Judge Henry Kendall on "Dynasty" in 1983. Incidentally, that "Night Gallery" episode also featured John Ragin, who was Dr. Grant Jameson on "Santa Barbara" as a policeman.

Also spotted ... Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear!

OK, the whole juicy Hollywood gossip thing is not something we aim to deliver, here at the BRBTV News Blog. We'd rather report on our stars' more professional pursuits. But when we saw this one wandering the web, we figured we had to make an exception, since both the parties involved are firmly entrenched BRBTV stars.

Heather Locklear, of course, is our fabbo Sammy Jo Reece of "Dynasty." Post-"Dynasty," she played the on-screen love interest, Amanda Woodward, of Jack Wagner's Dr. Peter Burns on Fox's '90s "Melrose Place." Now, Wagner we know as the final Warren Lockridge on "Santa Barbara."

In these reports, the two are evidently rather good friends ...

(Though we have to note to TMZ that the "B*tch is Back" episode title on "Melrose Place" actually referred to Marcia Cross' character, Kimberly Shaw, when she returned from the supposed dead. That mirror scene at the end ranks right up there for chilling TV moments!)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ian McShane: Breaking taboos and on a "Death Race" and beyond

On "Dallas," Ian McShane, as Sue Ellen Ewing's lover, Don Lockwood, had the delicious task of creating a film on J.R. Ewing's life. His on-screen persona also had the good fortune of riding off into the English sunset, so to speak, with Sue Ellen. So what's McShane been up to, these days?

For one thing, he's front and center in's "15 Taboo-Breaking TV Moments," for his role as Al Swearengen on HBO's "Deadwood." Beyond that, he's brimming with new movie projects.

"44 Inch Chest" classified as in pre-production and scheduled for release next year, has McShane playing a character named Meredith. The drama's plotline: "A jealous husband and his friends plot the kidnapping of his wife's lover with the intention of restoring his wounded ego."

"Coraline," also due next year but further along, gives McShane some voicework as Mr. Bobo. It's based on a novel by comic-book king / "Sandman" mastermind Neil Gaiman. Directed by Henry Selick ("Nightmare Before Christmas," "James and the Giant Peach") it's the first major stop-motion animated feature to be shot in 3D. Its cast also includes Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher.

"Death Race," due out later this year, takes McShane on an action adventure. The plotline: "Set in a future version of America, a prisoner who is weeks away from being released is forced by his warden to compete in a brutal, deadly car race alongside his fellow inmates."

"Kung Fu Panda," another 2008 voice project, has McShane portraying Tai Lung. It's an IMAX film with an amazing all-star cast: Jackie Chan, Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu and others. The plotline: "Po the Panda is the laziest animal in all of the Valley of Peace, but unwittingly becomes the chosen one when enemies threaten their way of life." Release date is in June.

Finally, "Case 39," classified as completed by releasing next year, casts McShane as Detective Mike Barron. Renee Zellweger plays a social worker who "fights to save a girl from her abusive parents, only to discover that the situation is more dangerous than she ever expected."

BRBTV News Blog Blip: The New Zealand Herald has a fun feature about that blazin' orange American icon, the General Lee.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coming up in Archie Comics

From Archie Comics


Yes, it’s another great entry in the ARCHIE CLASSICS reprint series, now with a new 6 x 9 trim size that lets us pass the savings on to our readers! Over the years, we've received countless requests to reprint the classic LITTLE ARCHIE stories. In 2004, we honored that request with a special edition focusing on some of the greatest Little Archie adventures ever written and drawn by Archie Comic’s equivalent of Carl "the Duck Man" Barks, our own Bob Bolling! Now, we’re back with another heaping helping of thrilling tales from the mind of Bolling, along with hysterical slapstick tales by Dexter Taylor! Included is a brand-new tale from Bob Bolling called "Dragon of Doom": Mad Doctor Doom and Chester are back to bad ‘ol tricks, this time using a giant dragon fly to steal armored cars! It’s up to Little Archie, Chic and Kimberly to stop the dastardly duo in this 22-page epic!
SCRIPT AND ART: Bob Bolling.
PLUS: Classic tales of Little Archie!
SCRIPT AND ART: Bob Bolling, Dexter Taylor.
On sale on newsstands: April 8, 2008
96-page, full-color graphic novel
$8.95 U.S.

"The Big Draw": Archie stumbles upon a new trick to get dates: have Chuck draw portraits that Archie presents as gifts to the girls!
SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Truck Stop!": When Archie offers to personally deliver a huge piece of art to the Lodge home for Mrs. Lodge’s birthday, it’s Archie himself who once again proves what a work of art he is!
SCRIPT: Angelo DeCesare. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Smooth Talker": A weekend at Mr. Lodge’s lake resort is sunk for Reggie, unless he can talk his way out of the special job he promised to do for Coach Kleats.
SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Big Man on Campus": When Archie dreams, he dreams big – so big that he dreams he is a giant!
SCRIPT: Angelo DeCesare. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale on newsstands: April 15th, 2008
32-page, full color comic
$2.25 U.S.

"Archie World Tour Part 1 of 4: Double-A Seven: When Archie and friends embark on a whirlwind world tour, their first stop is London, where they soon find themselves embroiled in an international spy mystery! This is the first Archie Comics story by acclaimed writer and children’s art advocate Alex Simmons. In a career spanning 20 years, Alex has written juvenile mystery novels, stage plays, documentaries, biographies and more. Additionally, he travels the country as a guest speaker and a teaching artist conducting creative writing workshops, and is also the Educational Outreach Director for New York City’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. In the midst of all this, he somehow finds the time to be a voice-over artist for commercials and podcasts, AND runs a family-friendly kids comics convention each year!
SCRIPT: Alex Simmons. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale on newsstands: March 26, 2008
32-page, full-color comic
$2.25 U.S.

"Career Fear": Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Betty each spend a day with a family member to determine if they really want to follow in their footsteps. Needless to say, those are days their family will never forget!
SCRIPT: Bill Golliher. ART: Tim Kennedy.
"Pop Goes the Pizza": Pop Tate longs to impress his father, a famous chef. Can Dilton’s "Pizza Popper" invention help, or will it just "cheese" up matters?
SCRIPT: Angelo DeCeserare. ART: Tim Kennedy.
PLUS: Other new and classic tales, including the "animated" Sabrina!
SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents.
BONUS: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!
On sale on newsstands: March 26, 2008
Full-color digest format
$2.49 U.S.

"Happy Birthday… NOT!": Tired of being pulled at like a stick of taffy, Archie decides to spend his birthday apart from Betty and Veronica… but for how long?
SCRIPT: Barbara Slate. ART: Pat Kennedy.
"Cold Shoulder": Archie discovers he has seasonal allergies – namely winter snow shoveling and spring cleaning!
SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Bob Bolling.
"Trouble in Store": Mr. Andrews decides to take up a new sport: competitive grocery shopping!
SCRIPT: Bill Golliher. ART: Pat Kennedy.
PLUS: Other new and classic tales!
SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents.
BONUS: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!
On sale on newsstands: April 8, 2008
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

BETTY #173
"Fantasy Girl": The girls imagine what it would be like to have extraordinary powers… instead of extra ordinary powers!
SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Unstable Table!": It’s service with a smirk for Archie when he shows up at a restaurant with a new date… and Betty as his waitress!
SCRIPT: Bill Golliher. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Getting the Message": Modern technology has given today’s teens numerous ways to communicate – except for direct communication, that is!
SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Stan Goldberg.
"Decision Maker": Betty learns that when springtime arrives, plans become as unpredictable as the weather!
SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Stan Goldberg.
On sale on newsstands: April 15, 2008
32-page, full color comic
$2.25 U.S.

"For Better or For Worse": Betty and Veronica are shocked to find Archie attending a wedding with Cheryl Blossom as his date! Things get even worse for Veronica when Betty gets upgraded to bridesmaid. Will Veronica find a way to take center stage at this event? Does Archie have freckles?!
PLUS: A peak into Betty and Veronica's romantic futures - according to them!
BONUS: Fashion pages, fun quizzes, puzzles and games for hope(ful) romantics everywhere!
On sale on newsstands: April 1, 2008
32-page, full color comic
$2.25 U.S.

"The Inspiration": Looking for a female counterpoint to Chuck’s cartoons, school paper editor Betty decides to let reporter Carol take a shot at cartooning, too. Told to observe her fellow female students, Carol comes back with a strip about two girls infatuated with the same guy. Now where did she come up with an idea like that?
SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Jeff Shultz.
"Flagged Downer": Betty and Veronica raise their flag of curiosity as they stroll through town observing all the flags hanging from their neighbor’s homes.
SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski.
"Birds of a Feather": Betty takes Veronica bird watching, but she’s more interested in boy watching!
SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Tim Kennedy.
PLUS: Other new and classic tales!
SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents.
BONUS: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!
On sale on newsstands: April 1, 2008
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

"Soft in the Head": Leave it to Jughead to create the perfect (for him!) utilitarian fashion – a hat that’s a pillow, so he can nap on the go! "The Wrong Stuff": In a story "stuffed" with a unique teen, his baby sister, a stuff-your-own teddy bear, and a token good for a year’s supply of corn dogs, what could possibly go "wrong?" "Dressed for Distress": The unimaginable has happened: Archie convinces Jughead to buy a suit, and the shirt and tie crowd will never be the same! "Go Nuts Donuts": Just what is making Jughead mysteriously run off whenever his beeper sounds? You "donut" want to miss yummy answer!
SCRIPTS: Craig Boldman. ART: Rex Lindsey.
On sale on newsstands: April 8, 2008
32-page, full color comic,
$2.25 U.S.

"Future Shock": Betty and Veronica find a "Mr. Predicto" toy at a flea market – and it doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict they’ll soon be mistaking coincidences for predictions!
SCRIPT: Mike Pellowski. ART: Bill Galvan.
"The Image": Archie is exasperated by his fellow band members, who don’t leave their ego’s at the door but invite them up on stage instead!
SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Pat Kennedy.
"The Gadget Man": Dilton shows off the latest gadgets he’s invented for his friends and faculty – but with friends like these, some of the gadgets are more science fiction than science!
SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Bob Bolling.
On sale on newsstands: April 15, 2008
Full-color digest format
$3.69 U.S.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: From a "Bat"-voice to a Bach and beyond

Warner Bros. animation crew sticks to tradition

Kevin Conroy is the man for the job, Cinematical and World's Finest Online report, on the new animated feature from the crew that brought us "Batman: The Animated Series," et. al. Conroy, the longtime voice of Batman throughout the animated series of the '90s to the present (as well as Bart Fallmont to us "Dynasty" fans), will voice the Caped Crusader for the "Batman: Gotham Knight" collection of vignettes, to be released straight to DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. (see earlier posts of this blog).

Catherine Bach's legacy lives on

It's an understatement, isn't it? That Catherine Bach's lovely, leggy legacy in those short-shorts will live on and on, the length of her legs and beyond? Well, we're obligated to state the obvious once again when we come across a fun feature item like this one in Canada's Calgary Herald.

Diahann Carroll: Thanks for letting us know!

The "Dynasty" diva Dominique Devereaux is releasing a new autobiography later this year, and we're glad to hear that "The Legs are the Last to Go" (Daisy Duke aside, we rather like our own, too). You can pre-order copies of Carroll's "The Legs Are the Last to Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, Mothering, and Other Things I Learned Along the Way," released this fall in 304-page hardcover by Amistad.

Spotted: Louise Sorel and Larry Hagman

Our own Augusta Lockridge of "Santa Barbara" and J.R. Ewing of "Dallas" are featured in the second episode of Rod Serling's delightfully, darkly delicious 1970s "Night Gallery," now showing on's TV viewing area. In "The Dead Man," the sweet little Sorel is stricken by the death of her young lover. In the episode's second segment, "The Housekeeper," Hagman has a fluffy head of hair and a full beard, as well as a rather formal manner of speaking, as he sets about switching his beautiful wife's sniper personality with the warm heart of the haggardly housekeeper. We dig Serling so much, we're going to keep watchin' those vintage episodes, so we'll let ya know who else we spot on the BRBTV radar ...