Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spotted: William Windom and John Randolph

On "Dallas," William Windom was Amos Krebbs, wayward assumed father of Ray Krebbs. On Rod Serling's classic "Night Gallery," he played a disillusioned sales director celebrating 25 years on the job in "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar." Windom's resume is long and vast, dating back to 1950; he even played Commodore Decker in the original "Star Trek" episode "The Doomsday Machine."

One of Windom's "Dallas" castmates plays his boss in that same "Night Gallery" episode: John Randolph, who not only portrayed Lincoln Hargrove on "Dallas" in 1981 but also Judge Henry Kendall on "Dynasty" in 1983. Incidentally, that "Night Gallery" episode also featured John Ragin, who was Dr. Grant Jameson on "Santa Barbara" as a policeman.

Also spotted ... Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear!

OK, the whole juicy Hollywood gossip thing is not something we aim to deliver, here at the BRBTV News Blog. We'd rather report on our stars' more professional pursuits. But when we saw this one wandering the web, we figured we had to make an exception, since both the parties involved are firmly entrenched BRBTV stars.

Heather Locklear, of course, is our fabbo Sammy Jo Reece of "Dynasty." Post-"Dynasty," she played the on-screen love interest, Amanda Woodward, of Jack Wagner's Dr. Peter Burns on Fox's '90s "Melrose Place." Now, Wagner we know as the final Warren Lockridge on "Santa Barbara."

In these reports, the two are evidently rather good friends ...

(Though we have to note to TMZ that the "B*tch is Back" episode title on "Melrose Place" actually referred to Marcia Cross' character, Kimberly Shaw, when she returned from the supposed dead. That mirror scene at the end ranks right up there for chilling TV moments!)

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