Monday, March 17, 2008

Tina Louise shines on, and a new Bat-take?

Didya ever know that Tina Louise is an author? Sure enough, she has two books, a children's book titled "When I Grow Up" and the autobiographical "Sunday: A Memoir." Beyond that, Louise's daughter Caprice Crane (by Les Crane) is a novelist.

Those fun little tidbits and more (including lovely black-and-white photos) can be found at a blog tribute to the actress, whom we fondly recall as Julie Grey on "Dallas." Click on over to The Most Beautiful Women 2 Blog.

On a completely different subject (!), Toon Zone is reporting some rumblings about a new Bat-animated series. Tentatively titled "Batman: The Brave and The Bold," the series apparently would be the next project for our favorite Bat-crew after the "Legion of Super Heroes" animated series soft-lands at the end of this season on the Kids WB!.

Spotted: Joanna Cassidy, Wanda DeJesus and Rosemary Forsyth

... All in the same movie; can you believe it? John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars," airing as the creature feature of the week on our beloved Sci Fi this past Saturday night, featured a nice bevy of classic TV stars. Joanna Cassidy, who was the sweet blond Sally Bullock on "Dallas," was Dr. Arlene Whitlock here. Wanda DeJesus, who was one of the Santana Andrades on "Santa Barbara," portrayed Akooshay. And Rosemary Forsyth, the original Dominick / Sophia Capwell on "SB," before Judith McConnell took over, as well as Ann McFadden on "Dallas," portrayed the Inquisitor.

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