Monday, March 10, 2008

Joan chats, Cazenove returns to the stage, and it's unmistakably John Forsythe

Joan Collins chats with Toronto's Globe and Mail about a few assorted fun things: her skin-care regimen, plastic surgery (she says no, she hasn't), even how much she weighs now compared to when she starred as Alexis Colby on "Dynasty."

And fashion, too. For instance, her favorite fashion of the myriad imaginative creations she had the good fortune to wear on the show.

"It was a grey silk jersey dress with long sleeves like a 1940s dress, and I wore it with a grey cloche hat and a grey cape trimmed with fake fur," she says.

Ahhhhhh. Indeed, we remember that one.

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Collins is also generating some ink for her purchase of a condo in Sierra Towers in West Hollywood. The San Francisco Chronicle has more.

Collins' "Dynasty" castmate Christopher Cazenove, meanwhile, who played her ex-brother-in-law Ben Carrington, is in the news for his role as Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady." The stage production is stopping in Philadelphia, and tells the story.

And ... to make this a full "Dynasty" day ... how about a fun little "Spotted" feature on our favorite patriarch?

Spotted: John Forsythe

Our "Dynasty" patriarch was such a young'un in this one: the first-season "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episode, "Premonition." In it, he played a young man returning from overseas to his small peaceful town, only to learn that his father died years earlier and no one told him. His hair is dark, his gait is steady, but his voice -- so unmistakable. You can view it yourself on MSN's TV site.

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