Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eileen Davidson chats on BlogTalkRadio

Eileen Davidson talks soaps, more specifically, she talks her current soap, CBS' "The Young and the Restless," on the Internet-based Buzzworthy Radio. The interview, airing last night, is available for your listening pleasure at Buzzworthy's site at BlogTalkRadio.

Davidson is currently immersed in her role as Ashley on "Y&R," but we, of course, remember her as the fourth and final Kelly Capwell on "Santa Barbara."

"It's a whole different ballgame out there," she said of the soaps business, saying that some of the shows are scrambling to try to figure out how to stay on the air. "I've seen it in its heyday." Davidson, in the context of her firing from "Days of Our Lives," added that she doesn't take anything too seriously.

"I was on 'Santa Barbara' the last year of its life," she said, "and it was an interesting time then, because Paul (Rauch) just -- he was getting the heavy hitters from every show ever known to mankind. ... I was on the show at the same time as A Martinez, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Gordon Thomson, who was just amazing, Nancy Grahn, just like these terrific people. The unfortunate thing is that we didn't have that much to do. We had some storylines, but ... it was not working out that well."

She added that "A is an exceptional human being" and was wonderful to work with. "It was a really, really great working experience," she said of the show, where she remarked that morale was even good at the time. "I was probably going to leave anyway, if it hadn't been canceled."

Davidson was frank in the interview, noting that it was very difficult to play the role of Kelly after other people had, and that her own personal history on the show was not long, so she didn't have as much of a feeling of loyalty toward it.

(We must say, it's nice to see a star taking time out of their schedule to chat with an Internet fan site / radio channel -- it truly shows the growing power of the Internet.)

BRBTV News Blog Blip: We know what a huge pop-cultural influence our beloved "Dallas" was. knows it, too, naming it the first of their "10 TV Shows that Changed the World." The post at their site discusses, in particular, the show's influence on communist Romania.

BRBTV News Blog Blip, Too: Look, they can criticize her face all they want, but we just dig the fact that she's on the show! Track the progress of Priscilla Presley, our third and final Jenna Wade of "Dallas," on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," at ABC's official site for the show. (Didya see her on last night's show? She's still alive!)

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