Friday, March 21, 2008

Ken Farmer, a tough guy of many talents

Texas-born Ken Farmer moved effortlessly through several roles on our beloved "Dallas," particularly one where he almost started a brawl at the annual Ewing Barbecue over J.R.'s machinations with gas prices. Farmer, who is a seasoned actor, turns his attention these days to mentoring the younger ones coming up behind him. He's an author and workshop leader who has some skillful advice on being in front of the camera.

While researching the BRBTV reference book "Destination: Dallas," we had the opportunity to get to know Ken Farmer. He's a guy with a tough persona who's quite nice to talk with! During our lively January 2007 interview, he told us about a screenplay he was working on, "Damn You, Bone!" It's the story of a 6-foot-7, 300-pound cop in north Texas who has an interesting way of doing business.

Farmer has also written "Rockabilly Baby," a story on the birth of rock 'n' roll that was shot in Texas last year. Farmer directs this one and takes on a role as an announcer, too. You can read the official press release and see photos of the cast at the movie's site.

To keep an eye on Farmer and his work, which includes the book "Acting is Storytelling," check out his website.

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