Friday, January 11, 2008

Announcing the print edition of "Destination: Dallas"

Ahhhh, what a long, wonderful road it's been, developing the BRBTV realm of classic '80s TV show websites into a set of reference books and shortie reports ... "Destination: Dallas," celebrating all that is Ewing, was actually the first of the websites to be built within BRBTV, and now it's the third BRBTV fact book to hit the hot presses.

Brand-new on Amazon, BookSurge, and other e-tailers:

The new print edition of Book 2 of the BRBTV fact book series

Destination: Dallas

"Destination: Dallas" is the largest of the three print books of the BRBTV series, with 314 whopping pages. Its detailed cast list, character guide, episode guide and all sorts of "fun and useless" information about the show and its stars make it a must for anyone who can't get enough of J.R. Ewing. Plus, "Destination: Dallas" includes an expanded celeb interview section. You'll read about how Sasha Mitchell, Audrey Landers and other cast members have lived in the "Dallas" lore since the show went off the air and what they're doing now.

"Destination: Dallas" is available for $18.99 retail at:
And other e-tailers ...

You can also order a signed copy directly from BRB on the BRBTV 10th Anniversary page.

Learn more about "Destination: Dallas" at BRBTV's official press release:

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