Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ian Abercrombie in "Bentley and Max"

We reported last July that our faithful Capwell butler, Phillip, of "Santa Barbara," had defected to the Dark Side -- to the "Star Wars" realm. Well, it looks like Ian Abercrombie's new series has been postponed to this coming fall or the next fall. In the meantime, though, Abercrombie has been working on another project.

Now, you've gotta love "Bentley and Max," not only because it features Abercrombie, but also because it's set in the comic-book convention circuit. Could anything be funner? It also will feature Deborah Van Valkenburgh of the old "Too Close for Comfort" sitcom (when's the last time you've seen her? BRBTV did have the opportunity to meet her on-screen sis, the very gracious Lydia Cornell, at the Motor City Comic Con; see our May 26, 2006 post).

Written and directed by Michael Allen Angel, "Bentley and Max" is a comedy that's filming in Las Vegas. The plotline, from the IMDb: "Set against the world of comic book conventions and traveling from West Hollywood to Sin City to the Big Apple and back again, BENTLEY AND MAX follows that rocky road to romance where insecurities become tall buildings, faith becomes more powerful than any locomotive, and love is the ultimate speeding bullet."

The movie is scheduled for release this year.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Warner Bros. has issued the official word on the next DVD installment in the "Dallas" series. TVShowsonDVD has the goods.

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