Thursday, January 10, 2008

Michael Praed, Simon MacCorkindale take to the stage in Windsor

So where on earth has that Michael Praed been, anyway? Our own Prince Michael of Moldavia of "Dynasty" does have something new brewing. He's performing in the play "Sleuth" in Windsor, Ontario, later this month.

Praed's role is Milo Tindle, the lover of the main character's life (you may recall the movie version of "Sleuth" with Michael Caine in this role).

"TV opened a lot of doors for me," says Praed in the Bucks Free Press. "I really do look back on those years with fondness."

The play also stars Simon MacCorkindale (he's the guy at odds with Praed's character!), known to us "Dynasty" fans as Billy Dawson and us "Dukes of Hazzard" fans as Gaylord Duke in the episode "The Duke of Duke."

Find out more about this production of "Sleuth" at the Theatre Royal Windsor's site.

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Celeste said...

Sadly, the performance of 'Sleuth' is not in Windsor, Ontario or I'd be there! It is in the UK, not Canada. The Windsor gig is part of a six month UK tour of the play presented by Bill Kenwright LTD. Early comments from the audience are good. said...

Hmmmm .... Strangely enough, that link to the Bucks Free Press is not working anymore ... Anyway, thanks very much for the clarification, Celeste.