Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy anniversary, BRBTV!!!!!!!

Birthday, anniversary, however you call it, it's 10 big years of BRBTV this year, in 2008! It's 10 years of loving "Dynasty," "Dallas" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" ... 10 years of research, writing, photography, graphic design and much more to express that love ... 10 years of building and maintaining websites on multiple platforms, learning HTML in the evening hours, losing information in computer crashes and nearly sending desktops hurling through the window ... 10 years of embracing this wonderful thing called the Internet! Yea -- 10 years of all that!

It was 1998 when Billie Rae Bates -- in the evening hours from her job at a daily newspaper in downtown Detroit -- first decided to sit down in front of a computer, create a free account on the Geocities site, and start entering information about "Dallas," a show she dearly loved in the '80s. Fan sites for TV shows were all the rage, and BRB took this format and made it more, until reference books, feature stories and reports burst forth. (She is first and foremost a journalist, after all.)

And now, as BRBTV wishes you a fond and happy new year, we also announce that we've got some fun stuff in store to celebrate this milestone. From signed copies of the BRBTV fact books to original press kits from a variety of TV shows and movies both well-known and obscure, you can check out all the quirky stuff at our special BRBTV anniversary page:


Check out the special deals on the page, and help us celebrate the anniversary of BRBTV all year long in 2008!

And you can read more on the BRBTV anniversary in the official press release.

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