Monday, January 07, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: "Dukes" and O'Hurley

If it weren't for that zany John O'Hurley guy, it'd be all-"Dukes", all-the-time, in today's edition of our occasional Bits 'n' Pieces From Around the Web feature ...

- He was so dashing as the almost-winner on "Dancing With the Stars" a couple years back, and we just saw him on a "Seinfeld" episode the other day as the quirky J. Peterman (boy, he sure was a heckuva a lot taller than Julia Louis-Dreyfus!). But us "Santa Barbara" fans remember John O'Hurley best as one of the Stephen Slades, a quite serious role. Now, O'Hurley has a new instructional dancing DVD, based on his time on the ABC hit show:

- Didya miss the Lee 1 appearance on Spike TV this past weekend? All is not lost:

- What do you do when the sale of your high-end classic car falls through in a widely publicized eBay auction? You take it to the famous Barrett-Jackson auto auction, of course! That's what John Schneider is doing with the beautiful General Lee he built himself:

- And did you know that Schneider appeared at the World of Wheels in Atlanta this past Friday? The WOW sure is ripe with "Dukes" stars, on a regular basis. Ben ("Cooter") Jones, for instance, will be appearing at the World of Wheels in Grand Rapids this coming weekend ...
And in Indianapolis next month ...

- Sonny Shroyer, meanwhile, hits the road for a monster truck event in Lexington, Kentucky, later this month:

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