Monday, December 31, 2007

Bits 'n' Pieces: Diahann Carroll, General Lee

We've got a couple from the "Dukes" and a couple from "Dynasty" in today's Bits 'n' Pieces From Around the Web ...

- "Entertainment Tonight" did a countdown of what they consider the top 20 TV stars of all time, unleashing one half of the results this past weekend. Coming in at No. 18 was Diahann Carroll, our lovely Dominique Devereaux of "Dynasty." For her segment, she discussed how she got out of an abusive relationship, she touched on her fight with breast cancer and she fondly remembered "Dynasty" as a fabulous time to enjoy great clothing. "ET" announces the second half of the countdown this coming weekend, and we just bet there are a few other BRBTV stars in the mix ...

- More "Dynasty" DVDs are on the way ... TVShowsonDVD sets the record straight on release dates and contents of the next DVD release of our beloved "Dynasty," which will focus on the third season of the show:

- With the new "Knight Rider" movie coming up on NBC in February, TV muscle cars are generating buzz. KETV Channel 7 of Omaha, Nebraska, compiled a list of the top TV cars of all time, and you guessed it, that fabulous blazin' orange beauty, the General Lee, factored in. We won't tell you where in the countdown; you'll have to read it yourself:

- And finally, the restored original General Lee, fondly dubbed Lee 1 and so closely watched by "Dukes" fans everywhere, is featured in Spike TV's "PowerBlockTV" show this weekend. Watch a promo video featuring the car on their website:
You can also read more about the car and its restoration in this story in one of the hometown papers of Maine native Jim Shine, who helped in the Lee 1 project:

Tune in to the BRBTV News Blog tomorrow, when we'll have a special New Year's Day announcement!

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