Monday, March 24, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: A couple "SB" hunks, and a car that's truly an icon

- His character on "Santa Barbara" might have gotten iced early on, but Eric Stromer has recovered quite nicely, years later. This actor, who portrayed Michael Adams in the 1984 earthquake storyline of "SB," then went on to a few other TV roles, wields a hammer and saw these days. He's the host of HGTV's "Over Your Head," and now he's written a new home-improvement book: "Do It Yourself Family." CBS' Showbuzz has more on the hunky Stromer and his current projects.

- And speaking of "SB," we've been reporting here on the BRBTV News Blog on Frank Runyeon, our own Father Michael Donnelly, and his modern-day more real-life evangelistic efforts. The News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has a neat feature story on Runyeon that sheds a little more light on that fun thing he does.

- We, of course, know just how much of a TV icon our beautiful, blazin'-orange General Lee is, besides being the star of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Well, the Trib knows it, too. The General Lee came in nicely on their list of the top TV icons, according to reader votes. Among the write-in candidates was the Batphone from "Batman." Coolness. Check it out at the Chicago Tribune's website.

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