Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Dynasty" secrets ... revealed! And a "Dallas" tidbit!

OK, that's what they used to call a "screaming headline" in the history of the journalism biz, and it's certainly a method well-used today (!), but this particular screaming headline does have a point ...

"Entertainment Tonight" will be doing a special segment, "Dynasty Secrets Revealed!" (OK, we added that exclamation point), with Linda Evans and Joan Collins. In coordinating, rabid-red gowns, Evans and Collins pay tribute to their on-screen catfighting ways in rehearsals for the "Legends" production that so closely mirrors their "Dynasty" days. So check it out, tomorrow, and you can check out the online report of it now, with video:

Meanwhile, John Travolta went on record today to happily say he's got Larry Hagman's approval to take on the role Hagman made famous on "Dallas." Travolta was interviewing on "Entertainment Tonight," when the subject of the "Dallas" movie came up, amid the other movie projects Travolta has going on right now.

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