Friday, March 17, 2006

See My Lee!

OK, it's not "my" Lee -- it's somebody else's fine Lee! And we've given today's post that title because we'd like to make it an occasional feature here on the BRBTV News Blog ... "See My Lee!" We know there are just TOO many General Lees out there to count. (Just check out the photos of DukesFest at!) So if you've got a General Lee you want to share here at the BRBTV News Blog, feel free to email it on in to

First up, though, we have the fabulous fiery orange beauty of Jeff ("Jett") of Buffalo, N.Y. He's been working on the interior of this baby lately, he says. He also proudly admits that his life "revolves around the Dukes" and tells us he's part of the Confederate General Lee Fan Club.

Rock on!

1 comment:

JETT said...

Hey there Billie Rae!!!
I just wanted to stop and say HEY!!! I absolutely love the new book -Them Dukes , Them Dukes!!! I wanted to say thank U for putting up some pics of my General Lee ( U can say it's yours - I won't tell!!! LOL)
But most importantly -thank U for sharing in my passion with your time,effort and dedication to bring us something so awsome to add to the wonderful world of Dukes!!!
" Keep it 'tween the ditches!!"