Thursday, March 16, 2006

John Schneider will be teacher for a day!

This little item popped up on Business Wire: The schoolkids in Rogers Park, Ill., are in for a real treat next Tuesday, March 21, as our own Bo Duke, John Schneider, is going to help promote a new software program by teaching for a day! He'll join author Peter Kline and characters from BrainWare Safari, the new software, at the Jordan Community School. According to Business Wire, Schneider will help "engage students in learning about cognitive skills and how they enable students to perform on the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT), as part of Brain Awareness Day." Developed by Chicago's Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC), BrainWare Safari puts children aged 6-12 through a "mental workout," developing their underlying learning skills, using clinically-based exercises embedded in a videogame format.

"Every night my youngest daughter Karis and I spend time together with BrainWare Safari. I've never seen anything so obviously advantageous in my life," Schneider said for the writeup. "I fully expect BrainWare Safari to revolutionize the way people think. I started seeing results in not only Karis' cognitive skills, but mine too! Immediately!"

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