Sunday, March 16, 2014

John Wesley Shipp will be "Flash"-ing once again, but as who?

OK, we have it on good authority that Mr. John Wesley Shipp, whom we know as Martin Ellis on "Santa Barbara" and who we talked to at an event in Nashville a couple years back will be appearing on the new "Flash" series. We have it on the same good authority that the pilot for said new "Flash," series, which will air on the CW network, possibly in the fall if it's picked up (which, really, it should be picked up), is being shot right now, as we type.

Sure enough, Shipp is credited for the pilot episode of the series, for a role not yet named. You can get a little more at TV Guide. Our good authority thinks it may be the main character's dad. That would be a fine tribute to Shipp's work on the original "Flash" series, which sadly only lasted a season but was good enough to go longer!

Grant Gustin plays the title character in the new series. He originated the role on the CW's "Arrow." See a photo of Shipp on the set with Gustin at

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