Friday, March 14, 2014

Spotted: Ted Shackelford

What do you get when you cross Daisy Duke with Gary Ewing? Well, from the "Young and the Restless" perspective, you get the character of Chelsea!. And while we've been enjoying watching Catherine Bach in her rather flamboyant role as Chelsea's mom Anita on the daytime soap (she's had more airdates since Christmas, with everything that's been going on in Chelsea's life lately), we were tickled earlier today to see Ted Shackelford sweep in as dear old Dad.

It wasn't so dear a reunion, really. He raided the closet of Chelsea's husband Adam (assumed dead right now, but they're hinting at a typical soaps return from the dead for this one), and in his dapper suit he just couldn't stop talking about his shortcomings as a father. Shackelford is handsome and rather stately in the role, though there's a touch of the down-and-out about him. Still, we're signed on. Bring on more! And while you're at it, Ted, come back to the new "Dallas"! Like all the other originals, you're just fab there.

And speaking of the return of the classics ... Donna Mills popping up today on "General Hospital" as Silas' former wife's mom? Seriously. That magic soaps lighting strikes again! Will these people age, already????

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