Monday, July 22, 2013

Spotted: Louise Sorel

Her sweet lilting voice is unmistakable, and she has all the lovely innocence she had for the "Star Trek" episode she did a few years earlier. This is the divine Louise Sorel, many miles from the bite of Augusta Lockridge of our beloved "Santa Barbara."

In the 1970 episode of "Night Gallery" called "The Dead Man," she plays Velia, the young and pretty wife of a researcher who has mastered the art of bringing a young, strapping man out of the psychosomatic disorder he's been suffering from, and even making him appear dead only to make him magically come back to life. Unfortunately, however, this researcher's pretty wife Velia picks up with the strapping young man. Then things take a turn, and you see where the priorities lie for Velia, so appropriately reflecting '70s fashion in her soft, periwinkle blue, flowin gown.

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