Monday, July 16, 2007

Merete Van Kamp returns to acting with three new projects

Well, here's "another country heard from," as the cliche goes, for the BRBTV News Blog: Ms. Merete Van Kamp, the lovely blond Grace Van Owen of "Dallas" who seemed to remind us so much of Michelle Pfeiffer (and we're not the only ones, we've heard). It looks like Van Kamp has just come out of a semiretirement in the acting world, having kept a quieter career since her days in the Dream Season of our beloved primetime soap.

The Danish sweetie has three new projects brewing for 2007, the first since a brief acting stint a decade ago. One is "Westbrick Murders," a crime drama scheduled for release at the end of this year. She plays Rebecca Sommerson in the film, written and directed by Shaun Rana with filming locations in England. The story deals with a young rookie cop who must cross paths with two notorious serial killers. Hottie Eric Roberts (recently so smashing on NBC's "Heroes") also stars.

Also on tap for Van Kamp is "Craig," another thriller flick with roots in Denmark, like our actress, who portrays a character named Leila. The plotline from the film's IMDb page: "Craig is left all by his own when his parents die in a fire, and when he loses his medication, his world is turned into terror and fear." Craig is played by Kim Sønderholm, who's also writing and directing this one. The production company is Apotheosis Film, with filming locations for this one in Denmark. The film has a MySpace page, where you'll see a photo of Van Kamp.

The trio of projects rounds out with "Næste skridt" (translated "next step"), where Van Kamp plays Jordemoder. The plotline from the IMDb: "Thomas, Dennis, Mads, Søs and Kirsten have all been friends through many years in spite of their differences. In common for them all is the big step they need to overcome to enter adulthood." Sønderholm joins her in this film, as well, portraying Thomas. This one also films in Denmark, for Ursa Major Productions. It's written and directed by Morgan Nørgaard.

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