Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pamela Sue Martin speaks out about hair loss

Did you have any idea that Fallon's beautiful, flowing hair was a wig? Pamela Sue Martin, who originated the role of Fallon Carrington on "Dynasty," right from the bite of the wedding-cake sugar couple in the pilot episode, is now speaking openly about her hair loss.

"My hair was always thin, but at some points in my life, such as when I was working on 'Dynasty,' it got more severe," she told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "What made things worse was that it was the era of big hair. The 'Dynasty' producers insisted I wear a wig when I started the show in 1981."

But that wasn't the only stress-aggravated symptom the actress struggled with. "During 'Dynasty,' I was washed out and developed pneumonia," she said. "I had a fever and a chesty cough. I had to go to hospital and take antibiotics. I recovered, but whenever I am stressed, I now get pneumonia. I developed it shortly after I left the show in 1984 and again when my son was two."

You can read the whole candid story of the 54-year-old actress here:


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