Monday, July 02, 2007

Fredric Lehne: "Claire" and more

So ... whatever happened to ... that guy who played Eddie Cronin on "Dallas"? You know, mid-'80s? Lucy's buddy while she was working at the restaurant? Well, Fredric Lehne hasn't dropped off the radar, that's for sure. He's peppered his resume with all kinds of good TV in the years since he left "Dallas": "Wiseguy," "Matlock," "Babylon 5," "CSI," "Touched By An Angel" and much more. Now, Lehne is working on a couple new projects, one of which you'll see on your small screen in August.

"Claire" stars the trimming-down Valerie Bertinelli, no doubt riding the wave of her weight-loss campaign with Kirstie Alley. "When her neighbors are suddenly murdered, Claire Bannion (Bertinelli), a widowed mother with a unique psychic gift, must assist the police in locating the killer," says the press materials from the Hallmark Channel, where the movie will air on Saturday, August 11. "As the pressure intensifies to find the murderer before new victims are claimed, it is those closest to Claire who are in the most danger -- and under the most scrutiny." Lehne plays the character of David.

Lehne then takes a scholarly turn in "Apology," a tale of coed Sophie Hoffkind, who's "in search of her sexual identity," and who "spins into crisis after she sleeps with her professor and he unexpectedly dies the morning after," the IMDb says. Lehne portrays Professor Michael Slateman. The drama, from Longtale Films, is written and directed by Leah Yananton and is classified as in postproduction.

Also this year, Lehne has had a recurring role as a janitor and demon (!) on the CW's creepfest "Supernatural."

Photo: Kevin Lynch/© 2007 Crown Media; courtesy of the Hallmark Channel

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