Friday, January 16, 2009

John Schneider offers a one-of-a-kind collectible

Our own Bo Duke of "The Dukes of Hazzard," Mr. John Schneider to the rest of the world, muses in a new email blast to fans that when he's asked to sign one of those 1:18 scale General Lee model cars, "if one of the other actors hasn't already taken it, I try to claim the trunk area for my signature." Well, now he's kicked the car-collecting game up a gear: He's now offering to fans his own "Bo Duke Special Edition" model General Lees, with a few rather interesting custom touches. Let's just say ... ever wonder what the General Lee really looked like after it made one of those harrowing jumps? (Hint: It wasn't driving away merrily, unscathed, with the boys laughing in the front seat!)

"These are the rarest of the rare -- and really special -- as I had a blast creating this for the fans," Schneider says of his new custom model cars. "I am quite proud of them!"

Schneider is offering up the very first custom car -- the 01 -- on eBay, in an auction closing next week. Bidding had just leapt from $157.50 to $290 as we were posting.

Get the whole deal on "Bo's Jumpyard," including a highly entertaining and instructional video (cute as ever -- like a little boy playing in the sandbox!) at Schneider's official site.

Schneider also notes the recent hospitalization of renowned stunt driver Al Wyatt Jr., and BRBTV adds in our own prayers for strength and healing for Wyatt and his family.

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