Monday, December 07, 2009

"Dallas" project gets a(nother) new approach

For years BRBTV has been of the opinion that the only real way to revisit the "Dallas" property -- and give it fresh life, great continuity, honor, respectability and a whole new generation of fans -- is to center it around the boys, John Ross and Christopher. Throw in some Pamela Rebecca Cooper, too, of course. We've been dyin' to know what those kids have been up to, after all! And so much time has elapsed that nobody has to pull one of those cheesy daytime-soap manuevers and hyper-age the kids too rapidly. John Ross just turned the big 3-0, Christopher is 28, and cute little Pammie is 25. Perfect prime age for cuttin' a few corporate deals, cheatin' a few poor widows, runnin' a ranch, hostin' a few barbecues or rodeos, and throwin' all kinds of people into the Southfork pool! Heck, even Margaret Krebbs and Lucas Ewing are 22 -- fresh out of college, ready to attack the world! They're half-cousins, so we can picture them as good friends, despite the complicated relationships of their parents. And twins Bobby and Betsy Ewing -- they're at a nice, prime age, too. Even little Jimmy Beaumont is probably around 20.

Yea, we're likin' this. We're likin' this a lot. And we would look forward to seeing how the city of Dallas itself has changed since the oil-rich '80s. How would this fresh set of faces wear their 2010 Texan surrounds? Hmmm ...

So bring it on, man! Tell us their story!!!! Hire on the original actors to play 'em, if possible, and bring on a Hagman or a Duffy every other episode or so!!! Sounds like heaven!!!!

Well, we're encouraged by what we just read in the Hollywood Reporter. The rumors have been swirling for a couple months about TNT's "Dallas" project, such a long way, it seems, from the whole big-screen John Travolta thing. Now TNT has tapped Cynthia Cidre to write the script. She has some experience with primetime dramas; she created 2007's short-lived "Cane."

"The initial idea was to have the series revolve around J.R. and Sue Ellen's son John Ross and Bobby and Pam's adopted son Christopher," THR says, "but the studio and the network are waiting for Cidre's take on the Ewing clan and want to read her script before making a decision."

OK, if we say pretty please with sugar on top??????????????

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