Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spotted: David Hedison

BRBTV has been powering through the classic "Wonder Woman" episodes on DVD in order to provide synopses at the IMDb (and in order, of course, to indulge our love of classic TV!), and whom do we spot the other day but a star from our beloved "Dynasty" spinoff, "The Colbys." David Hedison portrayed the dashing Roger Langdon, a lord by title and the onetime commander of Francesca Colby's heart.

On the second-season "Wonder Woman" episode "The Queen and the Thief," Hedison is every bit as charming and every bit as indicative of that international verve'. Cloaked in the cover of a secret agent, he quickly wins the trust of an enchantingly-blue-eyed Juliet Mills as Queen Kathryn, American-born monarch of the exotic Malachar (is that where they mine malachite? OK, sorry). But Hedison's character, Evan Robley, is really a suave thief after the queen's jewels! He sure makes Wonder Woman work hard to convince the queen he's a phony! Ooooh-la-la!

A decade before he returned to Colbyland to try to win back Francesca, Hedison is young, refined, cultured, and all classy-crook in this role. See the October 1977 ep for yourself at the WB, and read the full BRBTV synopsis at the IMDb.

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