Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spotted: Kerry Sherman and Russell Johnson

We have to admit -- we recognized her smile immediately, though her hair was a bit fluffier and her voice a little higher and sweeter. Six years before she came to "Santa Barbara" as big sis Amy Perkins, Kerry Sherman guested on an episode of the classic "Wonder Woman." All decked out in blousey attire befitting the '70s (a peasantlike top that's back around now, for sure), Sherman plays a con in the episode, titled "Disco Devil." She lures a hapless victim to a mysterious mirrored room at the disco, then later pulls the old broken-down-car routine on another (in a hot floral dress).

That would be enough, certainly, but then up pops Russell Johnson in the episode, as well. In addition to being the "Gilligan's Island" castaway BRBTV would most like to be stranded with, Johnson was Sheriff Wyatt Mansfield on "Dallas," Earl Thompson on "Dynasty," and Roger Wainwright on "SB." Here, he has brief airtime as a nicely uniformed colonel at a military facility researching nuclear equipment.

See it for yourself at the WB, and read the BRBTV synopsis to this and the other "Wonder Woman" episodes at the IMDb.

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