Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Spotted: Jared Martin

As soap opera ploys go, Jared Martin made good use of the ole return-from-the-dead routine on "Dallas." On "Wonder Woman," however, Martin got to play out a different soapy twist -- the long-lost twin.

Well, OK, truth be told, the two characters he played on the two-parter, "Phantom of the Roller Coaster," weren't actually twins. They were two years apart (just to extend that "two" thing a little further!). But they looked just alike, except for the scarring brother David Gurney suffered from a napalm blast in Vietnam. With that disfigurement, and a limp, Martin differentiated David from little bro Leon, as if the latter's moustache and tie-clashing polyester suits weren't enough. The two are partners in the Fun Universe amusement park, which sees mystery and sabotage as part of this September 1979 "Wonder Woman" outing, just two months before Martin made his first appearance as Dusty Farlow on "Dallas."

Read the whole story at the IMDb, where you'll find meaty BRBTV synopses for this and all the other "Wonder Woman" episodes.

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